Why Blog?

Growing up, I had a notebook of love letters that I wrote to my future husband.  But… these letters didn’t have any name.  It was kind of “Dear ____” situation.  I also lacked creativity in writing the letters, since I only wrote when I was lonely, excited for the future, or brokenhearted because I realized the guy I liked was NOT the future husband and would NOT be receiving the notebook bearing my soul.
So, I began to contemplate my old tradition. That notebook has since been lost, but now I know who I will be spending my future with. And, I still want a special collection of writings created only for him.
Josh, this is the modern form of my adolescent future husband letter notebook… my reflections on our story, our time together, and the reasons I love you.

This blog has been my little secret. I hope you enjoy perusing it as much as I enjoyed composing and compiling it.
[I started the blog in October, 2012… but entered journal entries and momentous occasions on the dates they occurred.]

Sometimes love is awkward.


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