3 1/2 years together.
1 1/2 years married.

Cue the sap.

I married this man a year and half ago. I am so thankful for the ways the Lord has blessed us, in our marriage, with jobs, with the perfect home, good friends, a wonderful church, and adventures. I really had no idea what marriage was going to be like, but it is the best, and Josh is truly my best friend.

Before you, I didn’t know arguments could be productive. I thought disagreements meant there was a fundamental problem, and that the relationship was doomed but you have taught me that working through them can make a relationship stronger.
I was so excited to marry you, but I didn’t want someone hogging the covers… and you did. I think we have learned a lot from sharing the same blanket (aka we selfishly prefer an entire Queen Size blanket to ourselves and we probably fought a lot in our sleep).
I didn’t know if I could feed us… I was convinced every dish I made would give you food poisoning. I didn’t know if I could work full-time, but I knew I had to because we were literally living on wedding money. I was so scared I would be a terrible-horrible-no good wife, and I thought so many times that you were disappointed in me and had married the wrong person.
Thankfully I have been wrong on most counts (not sure corndogs count as a “meal” but sometimes it happens)… and I love my role as your wife. Since it’s a half-anniversary, I will write half as much as I want. 😀 I love you!



Wedding Site is up!

Babe, we have a wedding site… we have the church booked… I have my dress, and I cannot wait to marry you.
And kiss you.

284 days!


But seriously. Yesterday we made our wedding site.
Under the Honeymoon tab, you wrote “none of your business!” It cracked me up!! I am so blessed to spend my life with such a goofball.