Snow Day

It snowed ALL night Wednesday night. I woke up, very early, to 8 inches of fluffy snow. I got a text from my boss that the office was closed, and I was instantly wide awake. (WHY is it that if I don’t have to go to work, I’m wired at 6 am but if I DO have to go to work it’s like torture?) I woke Josh up… sorry, honey… and we came up with a very rough snow plan. Josh went downstairs to get some homework done, and I did very important things like surfing Pinterest, and catch up on American Idol. Around 10/10:30, we decided to go play in the snow and made Aaron come with us. (He growled at us like a bear at first, and I thought he was going to eat me… but that’s probably because we were singing “Do you wanna build a snowman?”)

We had SO much fun. We build a “snowman,” who we realized really looked like a goblin. The boys had a snow ball fight/competition, I build a snow woman, who ended up looking like a snow puppy, we went on a short walk, we shook snow off tree branches so it fell on our heads (sounds dumb but it was a ton of fun), we laughed at a couple of stupid guys trying to sled down a (non) hill in a plastic tub, and headed inside.
wpid-20150226_101411.jpg The snow goblin…


The snow puppy!
Once inside, I made pancakes, Josh made sausage, and we had a feast. The only way to respond to a feast is relaxation, so we watched a couple of episodes of 24 (by relaxation I mean sitting on the couch… watching 24 isn’t exactly “relaxing”).
The snowplow caused some heartache at my house. It took the snow from the neighborhood and plowed it right into our driveway. :/  Josh and Aaron spent at LEAST an hour outside shoveling, so we would be able to get out this morning. Well, this morning we found our driveway blocked… again. Thanks a lot, snowplow.
While the guys were shoveling, I made a batch of homemade rolls. My mom taught me, and gave me a recipe, over Thanksgiving… and yesterday was the first time I made them by myself! They turned out so perfect that I made a second batch. At one point, I was making dessert, our dinner (mac and cheese from scratch and asparagus) as well as Shepherds Pie (mashed potatoes and the meat filling). BASICALLY, I was Wonder Woman.
In just a little bit, Josh and I are hitting the road and heading for the Gilmores. I can’t wait to see our dear friends, and love on their sweet baby. Happy weekend!
Dear Josh,
I loved our snow day. I love that we made the most of it- doing things together, and that I was able to do so much cooking! Thanks for spending the day with us, being goofy with me, and for giving me freedom to enjoy the day instead of trying to get some work hours in, by checking email and such. The snow day was SO refreshing for me, even though I was absolutely exhausted by the end!
Can’t wait to see you loving on Joseph. It is always so sweet to see you with kids!
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Floral Shorts

Deborah, it’s snowing. Why is your post called “Floral shorts?” I will tell you: it has been a very strange week. And, since I can’t call it I had an unexpected day off so I literally did nothing but check my work email in bed, eat, try to talk myself out of eating ice cream since it is literally freezing outside and watch Netflix, I am encompassing the weirdness of this week in an unexpected, and strangely timed purchase, of floral shorts. Now you know; let’s carry on.

Like I said… this week has been, well, weird. I had a long day on Monday, but left early because it was snowing. (I left early but I still worked a 9 hr and 15 minute day.) Tuesday, we had a snow day. I got some work in from home, but it was a weird day. I don’t know what to do with myself on a day off in the middle of the week. It was WEIRD. Since I’ve been fighting a cold, I didn’t go out in the snow (for the first time ever). Josh spent most of the day doing homework, which was necessary and I told him to, but it stunk. We watched The West Wing and 24, we had BLTs for lunch and soup for dinner, and I bummed around all day. It was weird.

Let’s clear something up. I work with a lot of people from the North. My family is from the North. I am from the South. I have fought it, but it’s true… I moved to South Carolina when I was 10, and I learned to drive there. I have never driven in the snow (Monday was a first, as it was snowing on my way home). So this morning, I was terrified. I decided to get a late start, but our driveway is covered in snow, which is covered in ice… so Josh drove me to work. I felt ridiculous… the main roads are totally fine. It’s just our driveway, and the driveway/parking lot at work. Oh well. I’m a Southern girl, and now I am admitting it.

The snow isn’t over! They’re calling for more tonight and the temps are staying low low low (as in the negatives!). Good thing my man is coming to get me tonight. 🙂 So, I have been humbled today, having to ask for and accept help from my husband. It’s good to be humbled. We were planning on going to Olive Garden tonight for date night, but since it looks like we have another storm coming, we’re opting to hit the grocery store instead. We’re going to get everything necessary for homemade burrito bowls, have salsa and guac, and have a cozy night in. (I do not even feel cheated as long as I get guac in my mouth STAT.)

Also, I ordered short sleeve shirts and shorts from Old Navy this weekend (in prep for DISNEY!). They shipped this morning. Yes, this contributes to the weirdness of this week. One minute I said to Josh “I need more sweaters, I have nothing to wear in this cold.” The next, I said “I just bought this adorable tank and these floral print shorts!”

Rightfully so, Josh looked at me like an alien. This time I understood that look.

I feel like I have nothing to say. I have been pretty down, tired, not feeling good this week, and it has just been weird. I have worried about getting my hours in. I have worried about the snow. I have worried about whether or not our budget is good enough this month. It is, and we’re fine. But the raw truth is that I have spent the last few days lonely, worrying, and not feeling good. I haven’t said nice things to myself, and I’m working on it.

floral shorts
These shorts are on their way to my house. Think I can wear them next week?


Dear Josh,

Thank you for making some time to snuggle with me yesterday. I’m sorry for complaining about the work you had to do, instead of being thankful that you had the extra time, which you needed. I’m looking forward to a cozy date night. Thanks for driving me into work, and for not making fun of me. Even though this week had been a little stressful, trying to figure out how to get our work hours in, etc, I’m glad I don’t have to do it by myself. I’m so thankful that we do our budget together, and plan conservatively. Meanwhile, as long as we have power, I will be making yummy food. Hope you’re ready for some out of this world burrito bowls tonight, and some chicken alfredo pasta tomorrow!

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen