Five Faves- September 2016

I tend to like things in spurts. A while back I became obsessed with Mumford and Sons… their songs are sadly no longer enjoyable because I played them into the ground. I went through a hat phase and was rarely seen without one… now I feel much like Kathleen Kelly, most hats are a mistake. The point is that at any given time, there are some things I am really into and are current favorites. I thought it would be fun to list 5 of my current favorites!¬†Hopefully I don’t wear any of these things out!


  1. Thieves essential oil. I have dipped my toe into the sea of essential oils this summer, and I am glad I did. I ordered a starter kit from Young Living, and have used my oils for cleaning, fighting off colds, healing burns and rashes, and battling anxiety. My current favorite oil is Thieves, because I don’t go a day without using it. I keep getting a sore throat, and after using my Thieves roller, it goes away every time. PLUS it smells super good. ūüôā
  2. Brie cheese… best if paired with Salami and Red Grapes. Seriously, this is a delicious combination. My love for Brie cheese began in France, so obviously it makes me feel very cultured, but it also brings back such happy memories. (Please note this hilarious and hidden joke referring to cheese cultures. Thank you.)
  3. LuLaRoe Carly dresses. Yes, I sell them- but I don’t love them because I sell them,¬†I sell them because I love them. ūüôā This dress is seriously so comfortable that I wear it on days I’m not “doing” anything. I have NEVER been one to wear a dress just because… but the Carly is the exception. (If you want to shop, I have a weekly Popup on Thursdays in my Facebook group!) I cannot wait to layer these dresses with leggings, boots, and long cardigans!!!!
  4. Pumpkin French Toast Bake. I made this last weekend for our growth group retreat, and I am a fan. I am someone who struggles to make breakfast happen every morning, so I love making casseroles like this that I can just warm up. Minimal effort, people.
  5. Cam’s album Untamed. This ALMOST turned into a Mumford & Sons situation… but I quickly realized my trajectory (and remembered the graveyard of albums I used to love)… and took a break. So, now I’m back to loving the album. Even if you don’t like country, just listen to Burning House… and if you don’t cry, I’m not sure you’re human.

A Time to Rest

On Friday, I went home early. I got home, got into comfy clothes, and got into bed. I pretty much stayed in bed until Tuesday morning when I forced myself to go back to work (and then left early, went home and got back in bed). It has been a long week. A week full of bed-rest, chicken noodle soup, The Property Brothers, movies that have been in my queue¬†for over a year, LOTS of water, and LOTS of cough drops. It’s really hard for me to rest like that and not feel guilty.

Most likely, I’ve been fighting off bronchitis. Today is the first day that I thought “wow, I might be getting better. Hey, breathing isn’t so hard!” … I also sounded like Marcel the Shell this morning… and now my voice is cracking like a teenage boy.

Between Friday afternoon and Tuesday morning, IT BECAME FALL. I missed it. (But, welcome Fall. I’m sure it was my decorations that prompted your arrival.) Ok it feels like Fall in the morning… by afternoon it feels like summer again. If someone can tell me how to dress for Fall and Summer at the same time, I’m all ears. The morning is too cold for skirts, and the afternoon is too hot for pants. GAH.

I think I did some Target shopping from my bed… so I’m excited to see what arrives at my door in the next few days. Ha!

As far as movies go, I watched The Age of Adaline with the boys. We actually all 3 loved it… and highly recommend it. We were totally sucked into the story and it was so well done. I watched Aloha… and well I don’t recommend anyone to see it. It was disjointed, boring, and the only thing I can say is at least the marriage was respected because I was worried about the love triangle. If I hadn’t been sick, I probably wouldn’t have finished it… but I was very much so, so I did. The third movie I watched was The Nanny Diaries, which was funnier than I thought it would be, and I liked the ending.

catchingfireI also finished reading the second Hunger Games book (Catching Fire) so I watched the movie. The movies are good… and I think part of that is because the author also worked on the screen plays. However, the books give you such a different experience. So much of the story is told from what is going on inside¬†Katniss… what she’s thinking, feeling, and her memories that really round out the story. Especially her relationship with Peeta… it’s pretty confusing in the movies because you don’t know all the conflict going on in her head. Obviously that’s lost in film. I love the books… and I think the movies are fun because you get to SEE what you’ve imagined while reading it, but it’s just different. Different, but I’m able to appreciate both forms of the story for what they are… and that doesn’t always happen when books I like are turned into movies.

Even though it has been a rough couple of days, I am extremely thankful for my husband and my job… two things I am not always as thankful for as I should be. My sweet husband has refilled my water bottle, run to the store, slept on the couch, sat and watched movies/tv shows with me, and been so loving no matter how grumpy and snippy I’ve been. My job has been flexible, my bosses and coworkers understanding and helpful, and I have been able to ease back into work. I don’t feel obligated to stay if I am miserable, and I feel very fortunate to have a job where I am valued and play an important role, but I matter more as a person than I do¬†a person here to accomplish a list of tasks.

I didn’t make enchiladas this past weekend and I actually had a cancel a lot of plans this weekend… which was a bummer. So we’re moving enchiladas to this weekend, and hopefully I’ll be feeling even better so we can do something fun. ūüôā Also, hoping I get to spend some quality time with my sewing machine!


Dear Josh,
Thanks for taking care of me, always, but especially this past week. I haven’t been this sick since Mono, and I have appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I am really looking forward to feeling better and getting out of the house again! Like date night tomorrow!!! Seriously though I’m looking forward to feeling better so we can take walks and enjoy our favorite season. But… I guess the road to recovery is paved with Mucinex and nasal spray… bleck.
I miss you. Let’s go home and watch Once Upon a Time.


Labor Day Weekend 2015 (and other happenings)

Last week,¬†Josh and I had planned¬†was to celebrate his birthday on date night. I felt terrible because I really didn’t do anything for his birthday this year. So… the plan was try a new-to-us Mediterranean restaurant (highly recommended by our friends), Aladdin’s, and get Sweet Frog frozen yogurt for dessert. The reality was that I wasn’t feeling well (no, I am not pregnant… let’s get that out of the way); I was feeling extremely nauseous and I had a horrible headache so we opted for an evening in. We got CFA for dinner and spent the evening watching Once Upon a Time. We had decided to do Aladdin’s and Sweet Frog this week instead, but low and behold I’m like super sick… so that didn’t happen. Instead, we opted for another night in with Moe’s and Once Upon a Time. Then we ended up reading and falling asleep like old people.

MAJOR victory the last two weeks, I organized my closet.¬†Granted, Josh has been pushed way over in the closet (he volunteered!)… but I have all seasons of clothes unpacked, and ready to transition. My sweaters are on a SHELF instead of in a plastic tub in the bottom of my closet (first time for everything), my boots are under the edge of the bed, and my scarves are begging the weather to cool off so they can be used. Suddenly… all my outfits seem like they would be better with a scarf.

I’m trying to decide if I want to sign up for this year’s craft and bake sale at the seminary. If you remember, last year I signed up and was diagnosed with Mono in the midst of prepping/right around the actual sale. I felt like CRAP the actual day of the sale, didn’t sell all my stuff, and came out just breaking even. I have a bit of stuff left over, so anything I sell would be a profit… but my confidence has been a little shot. I thought about trying to get into the baking part of the sale this year and making samples of cheesecake or pumpkin bread, and taking orders… but I’m afraid of getting overwhelmed filling the orders, especially since November/December is usually so busy for us.

Labor Day weekend was full of celebrating Josh’s birthday in Columbia with my family! It was a pretty monumental weekend for my family… they upgraded to smart phones, and they have texting for the first time ever. While they were getting phones, I went shopping! I finally found a pencil skirt and pair of jeans- and they were on SUPER sale. YAY! On Monday, I went shopping again and scored a bunch of fabric on mega sale. If I hadn’t hit sales, it would have cost me almost $65… I think I spent around $25. Other highlights of the weekend: I got to see my BFF and her new house and I got to spend time with my mom.

The weekend was wonderful, but I came home exhausted and have been really sick this week. Hopefully a quiet movie night and a good night of sleep will make me feel better. My goals for the weekend are very few: wash new fabric, start a blanket, watch at least one movie, make enchiladas, eat enchiladas. Oh, and read. I am still in the Hunger Games series, and still loving it!


The only other thing worth noting is that I decided to decorate for Fall. So, here’s our new mantle (and boxes that need to be unpacked). Our living room has super high ceilings, but such a cozy feel. Y’all, I seriously love how our house is coming together. It’s far from finished, but I am loving it. ESPECIALLY my kitchen… it’s so big¬†that we can all visit while I’m making food.¬†I have so enjoyed cooking for friends, and having many game nights around our table. ¬†(Plus let’s give three cheers for an awesome landlord and the absence of neighbors!)

Dear Josh,
I am really looking forward to our movie night tonight! Leftover pasta and a night on the couch never sounded so nice. I’m excited to be home and do home things this weekend. I’m excited about the sewing projects I get to start, and I’m excited you’re excited about them too.
See you soon!

Not What I Expected

Oh boy. This weekend was nothing like I expected. I expected to get a good night of sleep on Friday, wake up refreshed, have my energy back, and do something fun! Well… we did some fun stuff, but I still haven’t seen that energy.

I got home on Friday, and I was wiped. I mean… like totally wiped. I concluded it was a great night to use our Chick-fil-a calendar cards… so we did. I was still sneezing my head off, my head was pounding, and I had zero energy.

I thought, a good night of sleep… that’s what I need.

The plan was that Aaron was going to attend a class at church, from 8:30-noon. Josh and I had planned to get up and take him together, then make a robust breakfast at home (including roasted potatoes, eggs, and sausage in burritos). Best laid plans… I was up for a few hours in the night, just sneezing my head off. Ohh it was bad. Every time I sneezed,¬†it felt like I had just sneezed my brain out. Needless to say, I woke up when I heard the car doors slamming, and the boys backing out of the driveway. That was 8:30. I think I slept more, and then began a morning of Nashville watching in bed. I ended up getting up and eating breakfast with Josh, though I told him (complete with my dazzling morning hair) that the big breakfast was clearly not happening.

We proceeded to watch Netflix, I continued to sneeze, and I was quite sure that nothing productive was going to happen. I was, indeed correct. We picked Aaron up, along with soup, and Red Box movies. That is basically a summary of the rest of the weekend… movies. We watched Captain America 2, Josh and I went to see Inside Out at the drive in, and we watched some of Interstellar. We were also very thankful for the 5pm church service. I loved that sleep-in time!

I¬†did manage to clean our¬†room, and go through some boxes. I¬†did¬†manage to feed everyone. And I¬†did manage to get multiple naps and over 8 hours of sleep a night. So, this weekend didn’t turn out like I thought… but I also think I needed the rest.

Tonight, we’re having pancakes because I didn’t cook this weekend, so we don’t have leftovers. Oh well.
And… no, I’m really not feeling better. Hopefully this short week isn’t too stressful, and the weekend comes quickly!



Dear Josh,

Thanks for taking care of me this weekend! It was a very tv-intensive weekend, which I don’t like to have all the time… but this restful weekend was so needed. I’m thankful for our room darkening curtains, broccoli and cheddar soup, and Chick-fil-a calendars. ūüôā Seriously though, I’m thankful for all the ways you helped me straighten up the house and get the clutter under control. Thanks for resting with me this weekend… and thanks for coming to have lunch with me today!

A Time for the Doctor’s Office…

Oh Wednesday, blessed Wednesday, the last work day before Thanksgiving, has finally arrived.

Monday, I got home to the smell of barbecue sauce (a good thing, since I asked Josh to stick dinner in the crock pot). As I got into comfy clothes, I heard an “uh-oh” from the kitchen. I walked in and discovered some very very very charred pieces of chicken and very very very burnt barbecue sauce. This, logically, resulted in a tearful meltdown on my part. Why? I didn’t make dinner. I didn’t burn it. But it was this nice meal I had imagined… our only alternative to frozen pizza. Instead we got Moes. After all, it was Monday. It was coupled with Parks and Rec, and followed with the making of Pumpkin Cheesecake, my contribution to the Crutchfield Thanksgiving. It’s funny, we haven’t really had many meal flops in our marriage… I tried Brie soup when we were engaged (it was awful), and I’ve failed¬†bread on several occasions. I think I was crying because I WANT to be home, making meals but I just haven’t been home long enough to meal plan, shop, and cook. There will be cooking in December.

Tuesday, I woke up at 4 am. Unable to breathe well, and coughing uncontrollably. Actually let’s not go into the details… let’s just say it was gross, I still feel gross, and I need to go to the doctor. Somehow, after waking up at 4 am, I worked a whole day non stop… so I worked about 9 hours.¬†Let’s not mention that to HR, ok?¬†Honestly, I’m really glad I did. I got a ton done, and I made a doctor’s appointment for Wednesday afternoon. If I hadn’t worked like a mad woman, I would have had to use PTO to go to the doctor… now I don’t have to. I had to skip Growth Group, and stayed home laying around getting some much needed rest and sleep.

Today, I am leaving early to start my Thanksgiving holiday at the doctor’s office. I’ve had this¬†cough and congestion for¬†over a week, and it’s kind of a big deal being so sick since I just had Mono. Honestly,¬†I’m not terribly surprised. I feel like I’m usually sick at Thanksgiving. Whether this is true or not, I’m not sure… but it feels true.
Tomorrow morning, we’re heading to Columbia! I can’t wait to see my family; it’s been 2 and 1/2 months! (Which means I’ve been sick for over 2 and 1/2 months, on a depressing note.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Due to the holiday, I will not be blogging on Friday. Tune in Monday!

This turkey is relevant because every year my family names the turkey after someone we disliked this year. This year the turkey is named after my previous employer.


Dear Josh,
I am so so so excited to go to Columbia with you! There will be no burnt chicken (I’m really not mad at you), but lots of laughter and time with some of our favorite people on the planet. Thanks for taking care of me, and assuring me it’s not my fault that I’ve had to go to the doctor so much recently. I’m really looking forward to being healthy again… I know you want a healthy wife too.
To sum it up: I’m thankful for you. Happy Thanksgiving, love.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

“Sit In” Movie

Friday evening I picked up Josh after work and we went to our new place to look at the dining set! It is gorgeous. I’m so excited to finally have a real dining room table… eating at the coffee table is just not fun anymore. Our new table is solid, and has plenty of character. Check out this beauty:





We headed home, and I was met by the sweetest date night surprise. I mentioned that we had planned to go to the drive in movie, but with me being sick, and it being so cold outside, we decided it wasn’t the wisest thing to do. I was greeted with admission tickets stuck to the front door, and Josh had created a “Sit In” movie in our living room! It was super cute… he had a reel of vintage commercials going, like they do at the drive in, a concession stand, a menu, and Redbox movies. It was SO fun to do something fun- and also be able to be at home since I felt like crap. We watched Peabody and Sherman (pun CITY- so funny!), and Edge of Tomorrow (which was pretty weird).





wpid-20141121_181433.jpgSaturday, I was up for a lot of the night. My husband ran out and got me Chickfila for breakfast (our food is seriously lacking since we’ve barely been home this month), and we headed to see his family around 11:30. He and his dad changed the oil, and it was so good to hang out with the family, and talk (though I did sound like a teenage boy. Thankfully today my voice is mostly back.).

Sunday we spent time with the fam jam and headed back home mid-afternoon. It was a good weekend, but I felt so yucky. Hopefully I am better by Thanksgiving!

Today, work is pretty slow– and I’m not complaining. Tonight Josh is going to put in some extra hours at work, I’m making pumpkin cheesecake to take to Columbia, and hopefully getting more sleep than I did last night! There are so many things to be thankful for (despite being sick) including family- both mine, and the family I’ve been blessed with through marriage, a thoughtful husband who finds joy in doing things for me, and all the things we’ve needed for the new home.

20 hours of work left until Thanksgiving!

Dear Josh,
I’m glad I have a blog where I get to brag about all the ways you show me you love me. Thanks for planning an alternate date night on Friday- it was so fun, special, and creative. Thanks for taking care of the car, making sure it’s safe, and saving us money. Thanks for making my sandwiches so I can get a couple more minutes of sleep. You are my biggest encouragement, and I love you so much. I have to get better soon so I can take care of you during all the craziness of the next couple weeks! I love you. Thanks for making life so fun.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

In Sickness and Health

Wednesday evening I met my husband (and a couple of friends) at our new place- and hugged my new (to me) washer and dryer. They’re gorgeous, you guys. Exactly what I asked God for, and the price that we could afford. Also, our friends are awesome. Thank you guys for moving those monsters upstairs for me. You’re my heroes.
After I realized I had to stop staring at my beautiful counter tops, wood floors, and spacious dining room, Josh and I went to Red Robin for our date. Banzai burger- it has a teriyaki glaze and a pineapple slice- and mango margarita for me. (I didn’t sign a covenant at the seminary!) After that we headed to Walmart…. to get cold/flu medicine for me… yeah that’s a hot date, huh? We concluded our date night with The West Wing. I demanded we watch it sitting in bed because I was too tired to be anywhere else… and I proceeded to sneeze¬†my brains out. Because my husband loves me, he sat next to this sicko and even held my hand. Also, he watched Love It Or List It with me in the middle of the night when I woke up, medicine having worn off, coughing up my guts. All the things he does say I love you; picking up a washer and dryer, sitting with me in the middle of the night, packing my lunch… he makes me feel like the most special girl in the world.

Thursday, I made my sick self go to work. I was in a major fog… but I paid the bills, answered the phone, did AIA billing. I basically took comfort in the fact that every minute I sat feeling miserable, I was getting paid. That make everything a little better. I spent the day counting down to 5pm. Thursday night I made carrot cake, one for us and one for our neighbor. Then we headed to have pizza with our friends! It was SO good to spend time with them. Life has been so busy, and I’ve been so sick the past couple of months that I haven’t spent time with friends in a long time. I was up for a while in the middle of the night… I left my medicine at work, accidentally, and was pretty miserable. (Not to be graphic here but I have a pretty intense sinus infection/cough thing going on…. it’s… just… gross.)

Today, I’m at work… wishing I was home sleeping. We had planned to go to the drive in movie tonight (they are playing the 3 Hunger Games movies)… but I don’t think it’s a great idea to be out in the cold while I’m so sick. So instead Josh is planning something at home. ALSO he’s picking up the dining set today. I am SO excited. I’m coming to the realization that there’s really not much to pack up in our house… which is both nice AND frustrating because I feel like I should be packing and there’s nothing to pack.

That’s it… I have no other words, I’m just barely here.

I lost my voice and sound like a teenage boy.

I feel like I’m going to be sick forever.

I’m going to go make some tea.


Dear Josh,

I am so thankful for the way you’ve taken care of me.¬†I know we vowed in sickness and health, but I don’t think either of us expected so much sickness this year. I know it’s temporary, and it will get better… meanwhile, I’m so glad I have you to take care of me and make me laugh.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Timesheets and Wisconsin

It has been a very long day, and blogging was not an option this morning. My boss is on vacation this week, and I have assumed some of his responsibilities… including time-sheets. Today, time-sheets have been the bane of my existence. It looked so easy when he explained how to do them, but then my program didn’t act like his did… the computer decided to call all office time “personal,” therefore not paying us… and all I have is office time so when I pulled my time sheet and it said “0” hours I almost screamed. THEN I realized what had happened, after I had approved everyone’s time-sheets, which had locked them so I couldn’t edit them. (That was a very short sentence that summarized about 3 hours of confusion, agony, and manual adding of each employee’s time.)

Friday. We were on the road by 6pm. The last time we went to see Josh’s family, we got hit by a deer. No, we did not hit the deer. The deer literally rammed the side of the car. Yes, the car was totaled. Yes, insurance covered half of our “new” car. Yes, I love my new car. Anyway…

On the way to see them, we saw at least two deer. One was just standing in the middle of the road. Josh honked, and after our hearts started beating again, he said at least it acted like a normal deer and ran away from us. ūüôā
We got to hang out with Josh’s family, and slept very soundly.

Saturday. After a big breakfast, we went up to Virginia Beach, spent some time at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and went to the parents weekend events at Regent (with an actual Regent parent, my mother in law). That included bounce houses, face painting, and animals! I got to hang out with Lucy, she’s 1 and 1/2 and sooo cute. She loved the bunnies, scared the goat, and wanted everyone’s food. I know she probably likes me because I look kind of like her mom, but I’ll take it. She wanted to be held a lot, and I loved it. After the Regent festivities, we had lunch at Chick-fil-a.
In the evening we had a birthday celebration for Grace (12) and Kaity (21)! Birthday Celebrations= mom’s lasagna, cake and ice cream, and presents.
Late Saturday night, Josh’s parents and sister decided to go up to Wisconsin to see Josh’s grandpa, who is in the hospital and not doing well. Lots could be said, but it boils down to this: everyone is worried about him. This weekend was filled with indecision, pros and cons, and lots of opinions. In the end, they decided to go, and I think that’s what they needed to do.

Sunday. The night was especially short, as we went to bed late and got up early. Josh and I got our stuff packed up so we could help everyone else get packed and ready to go. Josh and I ran errands- bank, Walmart, loaded vehicles, and went back to Virginia Beach. Around 4:30, mom, dad and Kaity headed to Wisconsin, and Josh and I headed to Wake Forest.

Yes, this weekend was hard, but I’m glad it’s the weekend Josh and I had planned to spend with his family. Sometimes it’s hard being a couple of hours away from family, because we want to be there for them. This weekend we were. I’m so glad I got to play with Lucy, run errands, give rides, and help people process and make decisions. We’re in constant prayer for the family in Wisconsin.

Monday.¬†As I mentioned, today has been a challenge. My “to-do” list has been insanely long, and I barely put a dent in it today. No, I haven’t been bored, but I sure am tired. Also, it’s been a WEIRD day. Just a few minutes ago, someone came in a told me that they locked their keys in their car and wanted to use my phone because his cell phone died. Of course I did, and then also told him not to park in our parking lot again because he would be towed. Anyway the guys friend couldn’t help, so he called the police.
At least I got my file folders, highlighters, sticky notes, etc today! I ordered a box of office supplies last Thursday, and on Friday I received 15 20-oz containers of sugar instead. Whooops. Now we have a ton of sugar AND office supplies. (And I have a bunch of moving boxes!)


Dear Josh,

I’m so proud to be your wife. Even though it was a hard weekend, it was such a blessing to me to see you loving on your family this weekend and serve them alongside you, whether that meant making Lucy laugh, working on the car with your dad, or buying your mom’s favorite candy. I am proud of you¬†for bringing up the hard conversations and¬†grateful that you value my opinion so highly.
Tough situations always reveal character, and we’ve had a lot of tough situations lately. I’m blessed to have a husband with such high character- I’m proud of you and glad I stalked you after class until you asked me out. ūüėÄ

See you tonight for some of that leftover lasagna! It’s been a LONG day without you!!!!
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen


At this point, I am quite behind on my blogging. I have a great excuse though– mono. Nevertheless, a lot has happened in the past week so I’ll catch you up.

Friday, 17th. Friday, was a long and hard day at work. I gave it all I had, but I felt like crap. After a long day, I came home to my sweet husband my sister in law Kaity! Those two dears went straight to Walmart with me to get some more cough drops and things from my “sicko” list. We had leftover lasagna, played Cacassone, and enjoyed being together.

Saturday, 18th.¬†We took the morning really easy… I had a really hard time sleeping, and Saturday I hit a wall of exhaustion. We made breakfast, played games, showed Kaity what we hoped our new place, and then we went to Raleighwood to see Malificent! The movie was sooo good… but Kaity and I were a little rusty on our Sleeping Beauty. (Actually- I don’t think Kaity had ever seen it!) So when we got home, Josh did some dishes and Kaity and I watched Sleeping Beauty. We had planned to do Steak and Shake for dinner, but the movie got out at 4:30 and I didn’t feel good… so changed that plan. We ended up getting Chinese food for dinner, which we never do, and hung out. The night was long and miserable. I woke Josh up, crying, because I was in so much pain and SO tired. In that moment- I’m sure Josh felt helpless and I felt like I would be sick forever- we got some awesome news. Our application for the townhome was approved! It was SO comforting, and it felt like God was saying “See? I’m taking care of you.”

Sunday, 19th. Sunday was the worst day, health-wise, of the entire mono saga. My throat, lymph nodes, and tonsils were so sore and swollen that I could barely open my mouth, and could barely swallow. It hurt to talk, but that didn’t matter because my voice was gone anyway! I don’t even want to write about this day… so let’s say it was miserable… there was lots of crying… and Josh and Kaity are saints. Also, I bought some spray for my throat that numbs… and I was terrified to try it because it’s cherry flavor. BLEEEECK. So, in an act of solidarity, Josh tried it too. I almost died laughing¬†from the way he reacted to¬†it numbed his tongue! (I tried it and it didn’t taste that bad… but I sprayed my tongue too.)

Monday, 20th. I stayed home. All day. And did nothing but watch Netflix. I felt like a bum. It still hurt to talk so I wrote everything out to Josh. BUT I had gotten sleep. Blessed sleep. And I napped a lot of the day. Also I watched Cupcake Wars and might have cried because I wanted to eat a cupcake but I was too tired to make them, and still too swollen to eat them. Agh.

Tuesday, 21st. I stayed home again and spent another day watching Netflix. I felt so much better, night and day from Sunday, that I went to growth group and EVEN ATE REAL FOOD THAT WAS NOT PRIMARILY A LIQUID. Seems like nothing, but it had been over a week since that was really possible.

Also, I think it’s worth stating that one of the biggest issues was that not only did it hurt to eat, but I didn’t WANT to eat. I had no appetite, and had to make myself eat. Tuesday was the first time in 2 weeks that I even¬†wanted to eat. Big big big step.

Wednesday, 22nd. I went back to work for a half day, arriving for the staff meeting, and got teased my all my co-workers (all guys) for having mono. I definitely wanted to run away when I saw my desk covered in paper, my phone flashing with voicemails, and my email inbox overflowing. Regardless, I left by 12:30 and was home- back on the couch- by 1. I was SO thankful I decided to do a half day.

Thursday, 23rd. I did the morning at work and spent the afternoon crafting/sitting on the couch. I signed up as a vendor for the SEBTS craft sale on November 1st, if you forgot… before I got mono. That seriously cramped my crafting style for 2-3 weeks, so I had to really bring it this week. Our friends brought us dinner, which was a huuuge blessing.

Friday, 24th. I did the morning at work and had a lunch date with my love at Olive Garden. Those are a rare occurrence, so we seized the opportunity! I spend the afternoon crafting/watching Netflix as per usual.

Saturday, 25th.¬†crafting. Crafting. Crafting. Everything is almost ready for the craft sale… and I feel really good about it.

Sunday, 26th. I did more for the craft sale… Josh and I planned our Halloween costume… and we talked to our landlord! Also, under my obsessive watch guiding help¬†my husband made a batch of soup to take to work!

Monday, 27th.¬†Today is first full day back at work in 2 weeks. I feel SO much better. I’m so thankful that I have a job where I am missed in my absence, but they also care about me as a person… and that I knew they’d understand I needed time to rest and get better. Tonight Josh and I are going to spend some time doing homework/crafts, and go meet our landlord! WE GOT THE PLACE- so we’re meeting tonight to sign the lease and make our housing deposit. I don’t think I could be more relieved or excited. I had in my mind that I would have this big blog post about it, but life is busy.

The Cornelissen’s home, come December!


Dear Josh,
Mono stunk. What didn’t stink is the stellar care you gave me. Thank you SO much for all you did… the grocery shopping, the hand holding, the bumming around with me, the water fetching, the tear drying, the encouraging, the silliness¬†to make me laugh, sitting up in the middle of the night with me,¬†making me gargle with salt water, peeling me away from webmd, and taking care of all the housing stuff in the midst of it all. I’m so glad you’re with me through it all- craft sales, sickness, moving… it’s only making our relationship stronger, and I’m thankful.
Also, I’m super excited about our plan when we move in…. 1. Decorate for Christmas 2. Put in Christmas movie 3. Start fire 4. Watch movie with dip, popcorn, hot chocolate. Looking forward to spending another Christmas with you, hanging our stockings on our mantle, and making a new place feel like home.

Can’t wait to come home to you at the end of this super long day. It feels like the 2nd day of school- when the initial excitement is gone and the classes seem to last forever.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen