Back To School

We wrapped last week up, as you may remember, with a monumental loan payment. Ironically, we celebrated by spending more money. Haha. I bought a dress I’ve been watching for a while, waiting for it to go on clearance, and we bought curtains. Curtains? This is a big deal, people. Maybe you don’t know this, but I loooove floral prints. However, the wonderful man I am blessed to be married to and get to spend the rest of my life with doesn’t appreciate them quite as much as I do. He’s fine if I wear them, or have my own things in floral print, but he really doesn’t like to decorate with floral prints. Those floral lampshades in our bedroom? That was a win for Deborah, and part of Josh’s soul dying. (Over-dramatic for comedic effect.) Back to curtains….
So, our new house has a study! Josh and I both have desks in there, our bookshelves, I have plenty of craft storage, and we both have our own little corners to decorate. But… I felt I needed to involve him in the curtain decision since it is both of our spaces. You can see the curtains of compromise (as well as the dress I am anxiously tracking) below!

Dress- Curtains of Compromise- Lilly Planner!

Last week, I tried a new recipe: mango salsa! It was my first attempt, sparked by Josh seeing mango and jalapeno salsa at Moe’s and made a comment that it sounded interesting, but can’t handle the “Hot” level salsa. How did it turn out? Honestly, I wasn’t as excited about it as I hoped it would be. Maybe I need to try it today, since the flavors have had a chance to blend… but if you are interested in trying it here’s the link. Even though it wasn’t an instant favorite, it was fun to try a new recipe, especially after the month of take out!

Josh is starting classes TOMORROW. Ahh. Yesterday, we sat down and planned out a new schedule, at least as well as we can. Weekends are filling up, homework time is being scheduled, and I’m trying to get back in the mindset that Josh isn’t as flexible as he has been all summer. He has due dates, more meetings, and our nights of Netflix will have to be spread out a little more.
Along these lines, I have ordered a planner. You may remember me mentioning my Lilly Pulitzer preoccupation. Well, I have stepped into the world of Lilly today! I ordered my first Lilly planner (see above picture) after reading raving reviews, and thinking about how nice it would be to have a physical planner I can write in again. I am such a list-maker, I think it would be good for me to have a central planning center again.

Real-talk, I have had really high expectations for myself recently, and have pretty consistently disappointed myself. So, instead of setting lofty goals and trying to accomplish everything by myself, I’m trying to ask for more help, and to set realistic goals. So, here are a few things I want to do/accomplish this week:
-Bake something.
-Have someone over for dinner.
-Unpack a few boxes.
-Hang some pictures/brainstorm where pictures will go.
-Read for fun. I checked out the second Hunger Games book!
-Family time, maybe a movie night?


Dear Josh,

We’ve made it! YOUR LAST YEAR OF SEMINARY HAS BEGUN. It is always a stressful transition for us at the beginning of a semester, but I feel like we have learned so much doing this together. I pray that despite the stress, deadlines, un-met expectations, late nights, and blocked-off weekends, you enjoy it. I pray that you soak up all you can, filling your toolbox with things you can use in the future. I pray that we’re able to learn and grow together, and that the Lord uses our investment in each other and in seminary to glorify Him.
Meanwhile, be patient with me… I struggle with these transitions. Communicate what you need, and communicate your expectations. Most importantly, take your studies seriously. I’m not working full time for you to goof off. 😉

Settling Back In

Time to blow some dust off this little space. Life has been insane. We found a house, Josh and I had a weekend away, we moved into the new house (over the course of several weeks), and we left the keys on the counter of the old place. I have been a roller-coaster of emotions. We have had a steady diet of takeout and fast food. I have started to unpack, I’ve hung a few pictures, and cried a few tears of exhaustion. I’ve gotten bruises from running into walls and furniture because I’m so tired. I’ve caught a cold. I read The Hunger Games (finally).

Honestly, I felt I’ve had nothing to blog about… even in the midst of such insanity.  The truth is, I didn’t want to blog about what has been going on. The past few weeks have been so very difficult. I have struggled with real sorrow and real anger. I’ve had to humble myself and ask for help. I’ve experienced true joy and people going out of their way to help me. All in all, I am so grateful for our new home. I am so grateful that we have been an encouragement to family and friends, through the crappiest summer. God is faithful… and we are so weak, and so desperately need Him.

So what else have we been up to?
-We made dinner for growth group this past week. Stir fry and honey garlic chicken recipe here. The chicken was amazing. The marinade gets thick and wonderful when you fry it in the pan… oh yeah. I didn’t go to Growth Group, because I was sick, but Josh said it was delicious and everyone loved it!
-Putting lots of holes in the walls, hanging things up and making it look like home.
-Preparing for Josh to start classes on Tuesday (WHAT?!?!?!!), and we’re trying to have patience with ourselves (and each other) as we adjust to our new home.
-We paid off the last student loan that is accruing interest while Josh is in school. We have a ways to go… but we have done major damage since we got married. 🙂
-I took my first sick day since I had Mono last year.
-Internet obsessions (as of late):
.LILLY PULITZER. I want it all. What? I can dream.
.Sam and Nia’s Youtube Channel. Last week they posted a video of the husband surprising his wife with a positive pregnancy test he did, and it was sooo sweet. A few days later, they posted that they had a miscarriage. It was heart breaking, but they are also Christians and it has been so cool seeing their video go viral, and them glorifying God in the midst of their sorrow.

I am really struggling with the constant changes in schedule. Our summer was insane, and now Josh’s schedule is changing again with school. I keep telling myself that Jesus is constant, and He does not change… but my emotions are having a hard time.
Obviously, I’ve been a little down but there are some exciting things to note. First of all, our house is perfect. I am so thankful that Josh and I have our own bathroom, everyone has their own space, and I’m loving the huge kitchen. I’m looking forward to getting back into cooking our meals. I wasn’t kidding… we have eaten out SO much this month… and I’m pretty much over it. It may be easier to pick something up, but I don’t like the way it makes me feel. We’re going out of town this weekend, so I don’t get to spend as much time cooking as I wanted… but next week I’m going to be spending some time in the kitchen! Our house is functional. Honestly, it was functional as soon as we moved in because we had done so much work ahead of time… I’m very thankful for that.




I glossed over this, but Josh and I spent the weekend before the move at the beach! Chris and Katie (Josh’s Uncle and Aunt) graciously let us have a weekend at the Eastern Shore in Virginia. We soaked up the sun, silence, and sleep. It was refreshing and so nice for us to spend uninterrupted time together. For those that don’t know, Josh and I make it a priority to go away (just the two of us) 2 weekends a year. We think it’s really important to spend quality time together, and also FUN time together! I’m already looking forward to our next trip.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my family came and helped us knock out the final part of the move and cleaning the old place. They were such a blessing, and it was done in less than 5 hours! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

Dear Josh,

You have done so much these past few weeks that has gone without thanks. So, thank you. Thank you for moving so much stuff, thank you for putting furniture together, thanks for picking up food, thanks for cleaning, and thanks for being here. I have been a mess, and you have shown so much grace. Thank you for encouraging me to get back to writing, even though I have tried (many many times) and all I have are unfinished drafts to show for it.
I love you. I’m so excited about our progress on your loans, so excited about our new home, and can’t stinking wait to cook again.

Fourth of July 2015

I am so happy to report I am feeling better! Now, don’t get me wrong- I’m still exhausted. Life has been full, we have been busy, and that is good… but I’m tired. Our 4th of July was not full of fireworks… but we did have burgers three days in a row. I don’t know if that is something to brag about, but it was good. How did you spend your 4th?

Friday, we went to Ikea. We had good conversation on the way, which I feel like we’ve been missing a little bit lately. Between being sick and being insanely busy, we have just been making life happen. Sometimes it is a challenge to slow down and make sure we’re connecting in meaningful conversation. It’s also difficult to have meaningful conversation when you feel like crap… so I am not pointing fingers, I’m just stating facts. Anyway, we had fun walking around Ikea. Last time we went, we were on a mission to obtain furniture for the new place… this time was a little more relaxed approach. We compared our styles, decorated fictional homes, and made lots of “that would be so nice to have, but we don’t need it so we’re not going to get it” decisions. One thing we DID get was a french press! I figured a cheap one would work for my cold brew? We’ll see.

After Ikea, we headed to the Gilmore’s house. We seriously had such a great weekend with our friends. Driving away, we commented how blessed and encouraged we have always been observing their marriage, and now there’s an added blessing of seeing them as parents. Obviously our weekends look a little different since they’re parents… playing board games isn’t as easy with a 6 month old. 🙂 BUT it’s so GOOD. Friends, thanks for letting us love on your son. I’m glad I taught him how to smack his lips like a fish because it is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks for showing us that parenthood is hard, but also a joy. Thanks for being a physical picture of how Christ delights in His children… as you delight in yours. Anyway, that’s the important stuff from the visit! I’m so thankful for these pause and play friends.


Last minute, we arranged for my youngest brother to come stay with us for the week! He just got his first job (WOOT WOOT), so that means he won’t be free to take a week later in the summer. We ended up going through Columbia on the way home to get Andrew, and we have basically had non-stop fun ever since. Obviously, I am still working every day… but going home is so much fun. We’ve been going on walks, playing games, and obviously eating. My mom will be coming up this weekend, and Andrew will go back with her then. It has been so so fun to see my brothers (Andrew and Aaron) and my husband enjoying time together. Naturally, I’m jealous that Josh’s schedule is more flexible and he gets to spend more time with Andrew. However, I’m thankful that Andrew wants to- and gets to- spend so much time with Josh. Today they’re at the Zoo, but tonight we’re spending time together. (I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to call in sick today.)

Like I said, life has been busy… but there are so so many things to be thankful for.
I’m thankful for friends that we’re so close to, we call them family…
I’m thankful for friends that show me how much JOY motherhood holds…
I’m thankful for positive family relationship we get to foster this week…
I’m thankful that we have the resources and space to open up our home….
I’m thankful for a job where I get to learn, grow, make mistakes, and ask questions…
The list goes on. What’s on your list today?


Dear Josh,

This week has been so fully of blessings. Quality time and encouragement with friends, so much fun with family, and deep conversation together. I’m so thankful that you’re my partner in life. I love that I can share everything with you- the joys like giggling with our godson, the sorrows- as I process losses, the uncertainty- as we look at the future, and our faith- as we challenge each other and work through things. Today, I hope you guys are having SO much fun at the zoo. You three share such a love for God’s creation, and it’s cool to watch you guys enjoy it.
See you for date night! Meanwhile, I’m missing you (and thinking about the 401-K plan we need to sign up for… we’re old!).


It’s Time for Veggie Tales!

Well friends, I have returned. I managed to leave Florida with minimal sunburns, less blisters than expected, and not wanting to see another steak for a while (weird, right?). I walked around 7 miles a day (around 17,000 steps)… which means-annoyingly- that I didn’t lose any weight, I just didn’t gain any… I blame the steak, fries, burgers, ice cream… ok it all makes sense now.

Seriously though it was a lot of fun. At the end of the week, it did not matter that my feet were blistered and sore, my shoulders burned, or that we had slept on a pull out sofa all week. I got to spend time with family, make memories, and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure.

I have been buried at work, and have not even begun to catch up on my work. It’s been encouraging, as well as overwhelming, because I have been able to recognize my role and value here. I do a LOT of tasks to keep the office running smoothly, and when I’m not here it matters.

Since we were gone for over a week there is just too much to tell you in one post! So instead, I’ve decided to break it down… over the next few days I’ll be talking about all things Disney, including food/restaurants, road trip meal planning, “must pack” items, souvenirs, and rides. I’ll probably do one about Universal as well… but that will be a small post, as the parks were likewise small. 🙂

So what are we eating after a vacation at Disney? Lettuce. Lots of lettuce. I’m not even kidding. Fruits and veggies, you are the best friends! We are making burrito bowls for dinner tonight… come to mama beans, corn, tomato, avocado, lettuce, cilantro, rice, and chicken! COME TO ME. [Official end of the ode to the veggies.]


Dear Josh,

I am so thankful we had the opportunity to go to Florida for a week. I’m thankful I have a job that paid me to take time off. I’m thankful we slept on a pull out sofa instead of the floor (which still would have been fine!). And I’m SUPER stoked about our fresh healthy dinner. Days at work feel super long and I’m glad we got to spend every day last week together. You’re my favorite.



Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Life has been so good, and busy, lately and there just hasn’t been time to blog. So a quick recap.

We have moved into our house. We love our house. Our clothes are not in boxes, but in dressers. Our books are on shelves. Our dishes are in cabinets. Our pantry still needs to be put in order… but everything else is good!

I left work early on December 23, and we took off to Virginia Beach. After a 3 hour frantic search in the greater area of Virginia Beach for a specific toy, on behalf of Josh’s uncle, we got to the Sims house. True story: I almost punched a grown man, with a beard, employed by Toys R Us who informed us that they did have the specific toy we were looking for… but HE PURCHASED THE LAST ONE. This entire experience was new for me. I’ve been one to have my Christmas shopping done in advance, and have never been out at the last second looking for ONE specific thing. I feel like Josh and I have learned a valuable lesson… keep doing things ahead of time. Hehe. No, we didn’t find the toy… but I feel like the toy that ended up being purchased was even cooler. And yes, I referred to the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie about a million times during our search.

Christmas Eve, I experienced my first Sims Christmas ever. It was SO fun. Huge breakfast, lots of presents, lots of laughter. Christmas was so exciting. My family doesn’t have the excitement over toys, and bubbling about what Santa (or Tinsel) brought them. Josh’s family does.
Going into Christmas this year was difficult because I have been feeling the stress of work, rather than the magic of the holiday… and the excitement of the little girls was not overwhelming, but refreshing. (Except for the fact that they woke us up before 6:30 on Christmas… that was exhausting.) I got things that I wanted, and things that I needed… a crock pot, a book of sewing patterns, a rain coat, sweater, jewelry, pictures, etc… honestly, what meant the most is realizing-again- that they really are my family. I’m so thankful for the way they have all loved and accepted me. This was probably the weirdest, but most wonderful part: it was strange not being with my family, but I didn’t miss it too much… because I felt like I WAS with family.

We went to the Christmas Eve service, went to the house in NC, and ended up exchanging gifts between siblings. My favorite thing was from Kaity– she gave each of her sisters a framed picture with a quote from Little Women: “I could never love anyone as much as I love my sisters.” – Jo March
Well, basically I wanted to burst into tears because it meant so much to me. I’m so very thankful for such wonderful sisters.

Christmas Day was spent at my in-laws house. We got up super early, and waited for Grandma and Grandpa Sims to get there. We sang happy birthday to Jesus, and got to see the tree. Again, I got so many things I’ve wanted/needed, including a dress, sweater, gifts cards for date nights, jewelry, and movies (Frozen, and Christmas movies!). It was just perfect. I did have to take a nap, since we had some sleep deprivation over the last couple of days, and talked to my family. Lunch was nothing less than a feast… London broil, ham, potatoes, fruit salad… heavenly. We spent the evening watching Frozen, to my delight and my father in law’s pain. 🙂 Unlike all the parents in the entire world, I have not been “Frozen-ed out.”


The day after Christmas, Josh and I headed to the Outer banks for our Anniversary trip. We checked into our hotel, got pizza, and enjoyed doing nothing.
The trip was perfect… just perfect. We slept in, laid around because we could, walked on the beach, had a poor breakfast experience-which we will not go into because it was very frustrating but the food was free, went to the Wright Brothers memorial, went to see Into the Woods (and got crazy— we got popcorn), went out for Mexican and reflected on the year, watched the sun rise, walked on the beach, had a wonderful breakfast on the 2nd day, went to a lighthouse, went to the aquarium, and I had the first big mac of my life (I am a little irritated that they taste so good).

Josh wrote out questions on index cards that we went through all weekend… “Favorite meal of this year? Favorite inside joke? Something you’d like me to work on?” etc. It was such a good time to escape together, reflect on the first year, make goals and plans for the second, and to enjoy being together.
No, we didn’t save the top layer of our wedding cake. But I’m glad… because eating old, stale cake doesn’t sound like much of a celebration of a momentous year of trusting God together, becoming unified in a budget, and of making two lives one. This year has been anything but stale… so we baked a fresh cake and ate that in celebration instead.

Beach. Wright Brothers Memorial. Sunrise. Bodie Lighthouse.


Since vacation, life at work has been very busy- hence the lack of blogging. My family came to visit last weekend– they actually surprised me with an early birthday party! We had too much fun with them- shopping, exploring a museum, walking, cooking, laughing, playing games… I’m always so happy to have them here, and always cry my eyes out when they leave.

Part of my Christmas/Birthday money was spent on a Fitbit, which tracks all sorts of nifty stuff, including my steps. It may seem like a typical New Years resolution, but my decision actually doesn’t have to do with that at all… I’m finally healthy, after Mono. I have some energy, and I want to get back into exercising regularly. So far- the Fitbit has been extremely helpful in motivating me, and I’m excited as Josh and I are taking this on together (plus I am finally realizing I am extremely competitive…. so that helps since Josh and I compare how many steps we’ve gotten).


Dear Josh,
I am so glad I finally got to participate in the legendary Corneli-Sims Christmas. Although it was new, it was wonderful and I’m so very thankful for your family. It’s the second year of marriage, and it’s only more fun. Thanks for loving me so well, and for keeping laughter as a staple in our relationship.

I’m looking forward to spending this weekend with you… and the rest of my life. I’m so proud of you, and it has been awesome reflecting on our growth as individuals and a couple. I’ll always be your bluebird, sweet frog. 🙂

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Thanksgiving 2014

Wednesday I left work early to go to the doctor. Thankfully, nothing is seriously wrong. She gave me a prescription just in case, but I didn’t have to use it. When I got home, I wanted to be in Columbia SO bad. Josh and I weighed the pros and cons of leaving early; then we packed up and hit the road. I am soooo glad we left early. It gave us extra time with my family on Wednesday night, and half the day on Thursday.

Thursday, we got to have breakfast with my family, hang out all morning, and enjoy a delicious turkey lunch. My contribution to Thanksgiving was a Pumpkin Cheesecake… I’m telling you- I’m not even interested in Pumpkin Pie after that beauty. No thanks…. Pumpkin Cheesecake for life. Also, we pulled the family member we’re buying gifts for this year.
I worked on my sewing project, of many months, and hung out with my family… we played board games, talked about shopping, and tried to stay up late. We ended up going shopping late– Andrew had been saving for the latest XBox and we went just for fun. My family downsized their Christmas tree… I may have gotten upset.

Friday was filled with sewing, shopping, laughing, coffee, baking rolls, and eating more cheesecake. My mom helped me out a TON with my sewing project, which is a quilt I’ve been working on since June for my godson, Joseph, and best friends, Phil and Elise. I’ll have to post pictures when I’m finished (which will hopefully be soon!), but it’s woodland animal themed, and I have put in massive amounts of time hand-stitching around all the little animals. It is so good to see it wrapping up. I’ve never been into sewing, and took this project on without knowing how it would go… I’m so proud of myself for tackling it, and I’m so proud of the product! Aunt Katie, thanks so much for the sewing machine! It’s been such a blessing, and I’ve had a blast learning to use it. I can’t wait to make more things! Mom, thanks for being such a patient teacher.

Saturday, I worked away on the quilt until our friends, Phil and Elise arrived. I had wanted to surprise them with the finished product, but decided it was better to show it to them so I could continue working on it. So I worked on the quilt while they played board games with Josh and Andrew. We ended up at CIU playing board games at the Alumni Center, where they stayed. Even though we played 7 Wonders like 15 times I’m still not sick of it. Ahhh I love that game. We went out for dinner at Mellow Mushroom, and I was struck with 2 emotions: missing Columbia, and realizing it doesn’t feel where I’m supposed to be anymore. I belong in Wake Forest now…. WAKE FOREST feels like HOME. Yes, Deborah that’s because it IS your home, you may say. I say this took a whole year to feel. After Mellow Mushroom, we returned to Phil & Elise’s room and played games. Most significantly, I beat all three of them (and by beat, I mean massacred) at Ticket to Ride, a game I usually resign to loss before we begin. We got home super late (which means past 10:30), and I went right to sleep.

Sunday, we didn’t go to church… instead we went to breakfast with Phil & Elise, I worked on the quilt while the guys played basketball, and we played more 7 Wonders. My mom helped me finish the front border of the quilt, and pin the back on. We had so many friends over for Sunday lunch- it was so good to catch up and laugh with you all!
We headed out around 4, and picked up a mattress/box spring from some friends that are also moving soon. The box spring didn’t fit in the car, so it was strapped to the roof… enter, the most interesting/slightly stressful trip back to Wake Forest. To add to the chaos, we had decided to stop at Ikea to buy a bed frame. Yes. So with a box spring bungee corded to our luggage rack, we prayed that no one would be dumb enough to steal it and went into Ikea to get my pretty bed frame. (It was still on the roof when we came out.)
That trip was the quietest road trip we have ever had. We couldn’t listen to music, so that we would hear if the box spring slipped on the roof, and we were both exhausted… I think I started singing everything I was thinking to a song, but I don’t even know what song it was. I started singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall– Josh changed the lyrics to “Take one down, pour it on the ground…” and called it the “Seminary Version.” At one point-about 30 minutes from home on a super dark road-Josh just kinda took his foot off the gas and we started coming to a stop… he could give no reason as to why. THANKFULLY we are ok. We stopped at the new house and dropped off all the newly purchased items, and went to the place all our belongings are currently. In bed by 10:45, sleeping by 10:50.

Today, I’m really wondering why I’m even at work. The email server went down at 10:49… and without email, and the other servers that crashed, my job is sitting here waiting for the phone to ring.

Tonight I’m planning on taking some stuff to the new house while Josh spends some time in the library. Moving next Saturday!


Dear Josh,

Thanks for being spontaneous and leaving Wednesday instead of Thursday! I enjoyed the extra time with my family, and really appreciated you driving (especially since I was sick). I’m so thankful you’re my husband, and that you get along so well with my family. Also, I am thankful for the great lengths you went to in order to get an extra bed for our new house.
I got some fake greenery for our house and I cannot wait to make it festive and cozy. I’m looking forward to making that empty, beautiful place our home.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

“Sit In” Movie

Friday evening I picked up Josh after work and we went to our new place to look at the dining set! It is gorgeous. I’m so excited to finally have a real dining room table… eating at the coffee table is just not fun anymore. Our new table is solid, and has plenty of character. Check out this beauty:





We headed home, and I was met by the sweetest date night surprise. I mentioned that we had planned to go to the drive in movie, but with me being sick, and it being so cold outside, we decided it wasn’t the wisest thing to do. I was greeted with admission tickets stuck to the front door, and Josh had created a “Sit In” movie in our living room! It was super cute… he had a reel of vintage commercials going, like they do at the drive in, a concession stand, a menu, and Redbox movies. It was SO fun to do something fun- and also be able to be at home since I felt like crap. We watched Peabody and Sherman (pun CITY- so funny!), and Edge of Tomorrow (which was pretty weird).





wpid-20141121_181433.jpgSaturday, I was up for a lot of the night. My husband ran out and got me Chickfila for breakfast (our food is seriously lacking since we’ve barely been home this month), and we headed to see his family around 11:30. He and his dad changed the oil, and it was so good to hang out with the family, and talk (though I did sound like a teenage boy. Thankfully today my voice is mostly back.).

Sunday we spent time with the fam jam and headed back home mid-afternoon. It was a good weekend, but I felt so yucky. Hopefully I am better by Thanksgiving!

Today, work is pretty slow– and I’m not complaining. Tonight Josh is going to put in some extra hours at work, I’m making pumpkin cheesecake to take to Columbia, and hopefully getting more sleep than I did last night! There are so many things to be thankful for (despite being sick) including family- both mine, and the family I’ve been blessed with through marriage, a thoughtful husband who finds joy in doing things for me, and all the things we’ve needed for the new home.

20 hours of work left until Thanksgiving!

Dear Josh,
I’m glad I have a blog where I get to brag about all the ways you show me you love me. Thanks for planning an alternate date night on Friday- it was so fun, special, and creative. Thanks for taking care of the car, making sure it’s safe, and saving us money. Thanks for making my sandwiches so I can get a couple more minutes of sleep. You are my biggest encouragement, and I love you so much. I have to get better soon so I can take care of you during all the craziness of the next couple weeks! I love you. Thanks for making life so fun.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Greenville (Easley)

My heart is just bursting with joy. Why? Because little people bring me joy, and I spent the weekend thinking about and celebrating a little person who happens to be my godson. Joseph Clayton, your mommy and daddy are two of my favorite people. They are SO excited to hold you, take care of you, and teach you about Jesus. I can’t wait to meet you either… you are already so loved… but especially by your fairy godmother. (Your daddy might tell you I’m a turkey… I’m NOT. I’m your fairy godmother.)

Yes, Friday was a long day and I spent most of it with no actual work to do… so I read more about Disney World. My husband picked me up from work, and we headed to Easley to see Elise. Of course on the way there we ate sandwiches, to save time and money. (Thanks for making them, Josh!) Traveling is exhausting, no doubt…. but he is my favorite person. The best thing about road trips is being next to each other for hours on end. We ran into tons of traffic (thank you, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Charlotte), got to the Gilmores late and stayed up even later.

Saturday, we started working on the nursery- spray painted a shelf, we went through gifts from showers, washed hung and folded Joseph’s clothes, organized things in piles, and framed art. After a busy morning, we had Chick-fil-a for lunch, and went to Elise’s shower! It was so fun… and not just because I won the game, which was guessing the names of nursery rhymes, and not just because there were amazing cupcakes… it was so fun to get to know some of Elise’s family, and some of Philip’s family, and to see all these people who love and are anticipating Joseph. The evening after the shower held more gift-sorting, more baby laundry, shopping (Hobby Lobby!), and grilled cheese.

Sunday, I made everyone keep working on the nursery. Not going to lie, I was pretty bossy, and felt a little bad about it (and then I reminded myself how much my friends have going on in their lives, and I wanted to do everything I could to help). After a weekend of teamwork, there is a place for the crib, the clothes are put away, everything is painted, the returns are ready to go, and things are ready to go up on the wall. Elise, I’m really not sorry for bossing you, your mom, your sister, and Josh around…. I hope it was a blessing and a relief that we were there to do the mundane tasks and that you are able to enjoy putting the finishing touches on the room.
Josh and I left around 2:30, and of course I cried all the way to Charlotte. Leaving people I love is SO hard, especially when all I want to do is help. Gilmores, whenever you need me I’ll be there (well, in about 5 hours).
I stopped crying in Charlotte because we got to IKEA! Josh had never been, and I had only been to the ones in Salzburg and Minneapolis. We had a few things on our hit list (such as spice racks and a dresser), and found more things (like the most beautiful Queen bed frame). It was super fun walking around together, although I was over-stimulated and at one point just wanted to like run out of the store because there are so many things to look at. When we got to the ware house, we had to determine what we could get based on the size of the packaging… since my Hyundai Elantra is not the largest. It was decided that we had to wait on the bookshelf and bed frame. We saw people destroying boxes and shoving pieces of furniture into tiny cars because I guess they just had to have it?… not us. We’ll be back, Ikea… with a bigger trunk.
We got home around 10, and I crashed for about 4 hours. Unfortunately, I was up most of the night and today I feel like I am getting sick. Bright spot: I brought soup for lunch. (That’s because we’re out of bread, but shhh.)


Dear Josh,
I’m glad we finally planned out the next month, but it is still insane. I know we’re both overwhelmed and dragging… but we’re going to take care of each other. Tonight I’m making baked oatmeal, we’ll pack our box, and you have time to get homework done.
Thanks for helping our friends this weekend- running out to get things, for doing all the laundry, and for doing all the driving… and Ikea was so much fun! I’m glad we stopped.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Moving right along…

Wednesday revealed itself to be a hard day at work. Wednesday evening proved itself to be just what I needed, a date night with my husband. We made/ate dinner together, packed a box each, got gifts for our friend’s baby shower, talked about our Disney vacation (in May), and enjoyed each other’s company. Can I brag on him for a second? (You don’t have a choice really so if you don’t want to read it skip it.) I was reading about the new Beauty and the Beast restaurant at Disney and told Josh I wished we could go. So he researched our dining plan and is making it happen. I’m so excited. We have a Disney date. 🙂

Honestly, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking and talking about this vacation. Josh’s Grandparents take the family on vacation every couple of years. Last time we did Disney- and Josh and I had been dating for like 6 months. 3 years later we’re doing it again but I’m officially part of the family! Anywhoos, Josh and I have looked at all the new additions to the parks, researched restaurants, and we’re even doing the Universal parks. (Go big or go home.) Last time we went, we were going full speed all the time. This time, we’ve agreed to slow down and enjoy it more. Plus I’m bringing more than one comfy shoe option. I’m sure my feet will thank me.

Thursday, work was slow but overwhelming because things had to be done that I don’t know how to do. (For example… I sent a customer a quote. No. Just no.) I need my bosses to come back.
Thursday evening we packed our boxes for the day, had dinner together, watched the West Wing and I finally fixed the buttons on my coat, packed for the weekend (which means I just added to the bag I never unpacked from last weekend), and got milkshakes at Chick-fil-a (PEPPERMINT IS BACK!!!!).

I feel like everything is out of control. This morning was a serious bad wife morning, and I owe Josh a lot of apologies. We still haven’t come up with a plan, and I don’t even know how to. Life is crazy. And just when I felt like I had some things accomplished and it was going to be ok, someone knocks on the door and offers me money if I bake him something. Normally, not a big deal. Right now, catastrophic. I don’t have time at home this month, and next month this apartment will not even be my home and I will have to be out. I want to just yell NOOO at everyone. Can I bake something? NO! Can I give you a Christmas list? Unless you can buy me some sanity of free time, NO! Am I doing ok? NO!
Was it really my idea to move the weekend after finals? Didn’t I learn from last year? (I graduated, got married, and moved in the same week.)

Our home looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. And it has… it’s called the mono craft sale moving tornado. It has to get better… it just has to. Also, Aunt Katie gave me a sewing machine, which is wonderful, but I now realize I know nothing about sewing machines and don’t have any free time to figure it out. January, I have big plans for you. They include sewing, cooking, baking, and decorating.

Also… after you pack your books, movies, and seasonal clothes… what’s next?

Moving in : 29 days
Boxes Packed: 7

Christmas: 41 days

1 year Anniversary trip: 42 days

Dear Josh,
I’m sorry for hurting you this morning. I’m sorry for being nasty, grumpy, and short-tempered with you and also with myself. I know we’re a team, and I know we’re going to get through… I’m just tired of getting through. The next 4 weeks are absolutely INSANE.  I know we’re going to feel like ditching the date nights for our to-do lists, but we can’t.
I love you. Yes, this year has been hard and we’re not through it all yet, but I’m glad we’re a team. (And the Outa’ Banks vacation trip is COMING!!!!)
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen