Catching Up

Our date at Chili’s last week was quite nice. I compared their mango margarita to Red Robin’s… and Red Robin wins. We just had FUN being together. We didn’t talk about anything super important, we just enjoyed being out, and we enjoyed each others company.

We needed to go to Walmart I wanted to go to Walmart to get some nail polish (the gel polish I mentioned), so I checked out some Walmart coupons earlier in the day. GUYS. I was flabbergasted to find coupons for our my razor blades, my deodorant, Josh’s deodorant, and Aaron’s body wash. Since these are things we are always going to have to buy, and we are running low on most of them, it made sense to go ahead and get them and we saved $9 in the process. So… that was awesome.

Since that was almost a week ago, some summaries….

We’ve been making…

. A disappointing- but easy- alfredo sauce with shrimp. Definitely not my favorite (the chicken alfredo from a few weeks back was better), but it fed the guys and I heard no complaints. [Find the recipe here.]

. My mom gave me a cake decorating kit for Christmas, but because of my fitness kick I haven’t wanted to make baked goods… because we will consume them in massive quantities and wave good-bye to progress. I used this recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes and Icing this past weekend to celebrate my in-laws 25th wedding anniversary! First, decorating was so fun, and second the cupcakes were just so good.

. Egg casserole, which I need to make again and tweak some. It’s my mom’s recipe, it just took longer to bake than I anticipated.

. Zero progress on my crochet. Well, that’s not true… I made a lot of progress and realized that it looked like a trapezoid so I destroyed it. That was a serious blow… but I will rebuild..

. Plans for Disney. I submitted my vacation request at work (I still can’t believe they are paying me to go on vacation), we have a packing list going, and we’re ready.

. A rather intimidating pile of laundry. Guests= bedding to be washed. A small price to pay!

Been busy…

. Hosting Josh’s family this weekend! We had 8 people in our little house, and it was fun! I was worried about feeding that many people and finding places for them all to sleep… but it went very well!

. At work. Monday morning, I got recognized in our little meeting because a customer remarked to my boss about how helpful I was. It was a huge encouragement to me because I didn’t treat this customer any differently… so it spoke to me that I am doing a good job. I am also seriously on top of our billings– and I’m doing a lot independently which is huge. AIA documents don’t scare me anymore… I even think they are fun.

. Making plans for the next few weeks… between Growth Group, nursery, a blogger get-together, babysitting, providing the GG meal, traveling, packing for Disney… I’m a little overwhelmed but also excited.

. Trying to get rid of ants. Since the torrential downpours this weekend, we have had an ant problem. Thankfully (?) the ants are only going to the trash can. I guess I said “thankfully” because I don’t feel like my house is a dirty dump… trashcans are literally dirty dumps so it makes sense ants would flock there. HOWEVER, I HATE THEM AND WOULD LIKE THEM DEAD. Yeah, so working on that.

. Paying off those student loans. We are making some serious dents, and I know we won’t be able to every month… but right now we are so encouraged by the progress.

Looking forward to…

. Date night tomorrow.

. Date night round 2 on Thursday, my first blogger meet up!

. Seeing my family this weekend.

. Going to Mickey’s house (obviously).

. A house without ants.

. Babysitting, nursery, and all those other things packed into our schedule in the next few weeks. Life is busy and full, and full of serving, and potential exhaustion. But… I’m already exhausted. Praying- daily- that I will be refilled.


Dear Josh,
We are preparing for the last leg of the semester, and I’m exhausted. I’m ready for a break! I know that Disney won’t exactly be rest… but it will be FUN. And it will be refreshing to have a break from the daily grind. Plus, it’s an adventure. I love our adventures. 🙂 This rainy weekend was so fun. I loved sharing two of my favorite movies- An Affair to Remember and The Shop Around the Corner- with you, and I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I am also thankful for giftcards and a simple meal plan this week… not cooking this week was the best plan I could have ever made!
I love you so much. See you tonight!


Rainy Days and Mondays*

Early Sunday Morning:

I am lying awake at 4:30am listening to the rain on our roof. Yes, I wish I was sleeping but I’ve tried to go back to sleep with no success. There’s so much to think about… but thank goodness I’m not laying awake thinking about work again. (Thursday night I got only a few hours of sleep because I was awake, stressing out over work and a bunch of added responsibilities.)

I’m thinking about the people living under this roof and how thankful I am for them. I’m thinking about what a blessing this very house is. I’m thinking about what has happened this weekend and how much fun it has been… I expected it to be hard, not this much fun.

Laying here, I’m finding it hard to view our new living arrangement as a sacrificed though it is, and I’m sure tomorrow I will feel much differently. It’s different but not horrible. It’s new but not impossible. Yes, there are going to be challenges. Yes, there are going to be times I want to give up. But in the middle of the night right now I’m overwhelmed by my awesome God and how He uses people to bring him glory… if our obedience brings God glory than that’s what matters. Josh and I are not completely selfless… when Aaron pulled up I was drying years shed because of my intense selfishness. We’re not perfect, but we’ve followed God’s call on this season of our life.

It’s fitting that it’s raining because all I can think is “God please water my thirsty soul.” I pray that all three of us are made to be more like Christ as we live together… and I pray we love each other like Christ as we grow.


“Happy” Monday. Mine started way to early with a staff meeting. We’ve enjoyed a weekend of good food – baked oatmeal, baked pasta, chili and a pizza ring, a new game- kingdom builders, and movies- Guardians of the Galaxy & How to Train Your Dragon 2 (watching tonight). Also, I wanted a good smoothie but Tropical Smoothie is like 25 minutes away… so we tried Starbucks Orange Mango smoothies. We were NOT impressed. Where do you go for a good smoothie? (Yes, I know how to make them but sometimes you just don’t want to have to make everything yourself.)

This weekend has been the beginning of a transition. Transitions are funny things- depending on how to look at them, they can be difficult, challenging things, or they can be fun, joyful changes. So I continue to ride that roller coaster of difficult and fun changes. But, no matter how frustrated I may get or how invaded I may feel at times, I know that this is good and I know that we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

Yesterday the sermon was about finding God’s will, and making decisions. After the service, we (Josh, Aaron and I) were talking about the biggest decisions we think we need to make this year. For Josh and I, the decision is what to do next Spring after Josh graduates. Through discussion, we realized the three of us have already made a huge decision for 2015, and that’s the move that happened this weekend. (That thirsty soul I mentioned above? So watered by our corporate worship. How refreshing to take my eyes of myself, my feelings, needs, and selfishness, and focus on God’s goodness, mercy, and redemption.)

I have my annual review at work this week, which is good timing. I’m excited to see what happens.

I am really feeling the need for introverted time recently… and trying to be ok with asking for it, and then following through on protecting it. Sometimes it’s hard to say what you need… I tend to see things that need to be done as “needs,” and diminish my “need” to lay on the bed staring at the ceiling processing my day. This is something I’ve been working on.
Sometimes I need to watch a tv show, walk in place to get my steps in, and not feel bad about it.
Right now, I am obsessed with the Spotify playlist “Totally Stress Free”… because I want to be just that: totally stress free.


Dear Josh,
Thanks for being strong when I’m weak. Thanks for affirming me. Thanks for leading us.
I know this is a year of unknowns, and that yesterday’s sermon was really timely for us. I know that there are going to be a lot of things we need to figure out this year. I get really overwhelmed if I focus on all the decisions that need to be made.
So instead I’m choosing to focus on the facts that we found the perfect desk for Aaron, that the sun is shining today, that I get to come home to you, and that I have already made dinner for most of this week.
I’m proud to be your wife… and I’m looking forward to kicking your butt in Kingdom Builders again.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen


*Only Mondays get me down. I love rainy days! But hey it’s a song title ok? I was trying to be clever.

Pancakes, Cheesecake and Rainy Days

During the week, Josh and I usually have quiet date nights at home. I love to cook, and usually we prefer that to going out. (I say usually, but sometimes life is just too busy. I want going out to be special, so we don’t do it a lot.) Wednesday night, we decided to have a cooking-intensive date night together. I had a long day at work, and used my lunch break to go grocery shopping. (I bought the pot roast- we’re having it on Sunday! Kinda threw off the meal plans for the rest of the month. Yes I am such a cooking enthusiast that I usually plan the whole month out in advance.)

We love breakfast. However, we usually only eat breakfast together on Saturdays and Sundays. Most mornings 6:20-7:15 is a crazy marathon getting ready for our days and we don’t have a chance to sit down together. So we decided to have breakfast for dinner. I made blueberry pancakes, and Josh made the hash browns and sausage (spontaneous purchases on my lunch break, but man it was worth it). It’s been so fun to learn to cook together. I feel very prideful saying it’s come naturally for me… but it has. Josh, however, has really blossomed. He expressed the desire to cook me a special meal once a month. He’s done one so far- and I almost quit as the primary cook. He made Chicken Alfredo, asparagus and garlic bread- and has become a master breakfast chef.

Anyway, we settled into our comfy couch (our couch and coffee table is our dining room) with our delicious breakfast, and an episode of Alias. After the episode ended, it was back to the kitchen. We made the peanut butter cheesecake bars- Josh made the crust and I made the filling… team work! Then I chopped some veggies for our spaghetti and salad for Thursday night.

AND back to the couch. I would love for someone to explain to me how I can sit at a desk all day long, and come home utterly exhausted and just want to sit on the couch for hours.

This weekend is supposed to be a stormy one. Josh usually does homework on Thursday evenings, but this week we had a friend over. So it looks like a homework saturated Saturday for my Josh… and an introverted day for Deborah. I’m looking forward to watching a movie, working on a craft, and having some time to myself. I love time with Josh, and friends, but I love my time alone. We had a delicious dinner of spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and the cheesecake bars…

Update on those cheesecake bars: they’re awesome… I mean LOOK AT THIS:

Not my picture. Find the recipe at
Not my picture. Find the recipe at

We are planning on moving in December (more on that in a future post), and I tend to get very anxious and worked up when I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I’m trying to remind myself to take one day at a time (and I am preaching to myself as I check my email every 5 minutes waiting for someone to email me back about an adorable cottage). Enjoy today… find joy in this day… and be thankful.
Also this morning, Josh and I jumped out of bed before the sun and started the day taking a walk together. Pretty good way to start the day, and instead of scuffing into work, I practically bounced into work. Maybe something’s true about exercise being good for you. Hehe.



I am SO thankful for date nights. I know that no matter how crazy things are, Wednesdays are always set apart. And I love that we don’t have to spend money to have fun together. Thanks for making my cheesecake crust, and for being game to jump out of bed in the morning and go on a walk, and for being my best friend (shh don’t tell Mary Grace or Elise! You’re ALL my best friends!).
I’m excited about the weekend with you- even if we have a big chunk we’re spending apart. I’m thankful that you enjoy the things you’re studying and are diligent to spend time in your studies, and that you are intentional about spending time with me at the same time.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Everyday Joys- Rain

It’s raining outside. I love the rain… and the colder the day, the better. My desk is under an air vent, and right beside a wall of windows… so I pretend it’s a cold, rainy day (it’s really 70 degrees and super humid).

Rainy days are just perfect. They bring life to the flowers, and to me. I long for a rainy day to myself.  A day of watching old movies (maybe that’s why I decided to read Breakfast at Tiffany’s in my down time today…), curling up with a good book, painting, baking, sewing… all indoors.
Rainy days are also perfect for putting on rain boots and puddle stomping. One time while I was in England, my roommate and I were on a walk and I jumped in a puddle and splashed water up to her face. I didn’t know she was so close, or that I jumped with such force. Frankly, I was impressed. (And.. well… she was very wet.)

Edinburgh, Scotland. I have never been so cold and wet in my life.
Edinburgh, Scotland. I have never been so cold and wet in my life.

The amount of complaining in the office has been overwhelming today. Why does everyone hate the rain?

I’ve had a hard time being at work today, with all the negativity and especially the boredom. I often find myself sitting at my desk, bored, for hours.. and often find myself discontent. Today, I’m choosing to be thankful. I’m thankful that it is raining.


Part of the reason I’m writing this blog is so that I can focus on things I’m thankful for. I will be posting more Everyday Joys on occasion, to make myself re-focus and to reflect on the things that nourish my soul.