Better with Buttercream

Wednesday night I straightened up the house, baked 3 loaves of Pumpkin bread, enjoyed a delicious dinner of chicken alfredo lasagna and garlic bread, and watched Alias. (We have one season left!!!) I feel like everyone needs this recipe… so click on the picture below!

Click on picture to see recipe!

The sudden change in weather has left my body confused and I am fighting a cold. Or maybe the cold has won, and I am finally admitting I’m sick. Not sure. I am sure that I feel like being home- not sitting at my desk, surrounded my people, answering the phones and doing work.

This week is preview week at the school, and the housing department usually asks people in our building if we’ll do an open-house, so people can view an apartment (our building is usually full). It knocks $20 off our rent for the month, and I get a clean house. 🙂 Win-win situation! We did that last night, and then made some icing for the pumpkin bread. Yes, the bread is good without it… but it is heavenly with a pumpkin buttercream icing! Amongst all that craziness, I packed for the weekend! We’re headed to Virginia Beach to spend the weekend with Josh’s family. After 3 years, I am FINALLY going to a show my sister-in-law is in.

In other news, SEBTS is having a craft and bake sale in November, and I think I am going to be a vendor. Do I have anything for it yet? Not really. Do I feel confident? Not in the slightest. I don’t even feel like people would pay for the things I make… but I’m going to give it a whirl. At the very least, I’ll have fun making things. (And I will be doubting myself about 26,485,611 times a day.)

Not much to say today. The email for the entire company was down yesterday and there’s a LOT going on today (well, for everyone but me… I caught up on all 5 emails. Whoopie!). Here’s hoping for a weekend of rest.


Dear Josh,

Thanks for all the help you are at home. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t willing to sweep the floors, wash the dishes, and do the laundry while I’m at work or sleeping. (And I am really really glad you like to hang out with me while I’m baking.)

I’m also really glad you’re driving tonight because I’m beat.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Falling for Fall

Suddenly, Fall is upon us. The last day of Summer was warm and bright, and the first day of Autumn was dark and cold. I thought about wearing a jacket and scarf… didn’t, and spent the whole day regretting it. Monday was Summer weather (talking 80 degrees), and Tuesday it was full-out Fall (50s).


Monday night we finished the movie Winter’s Tale. Weird, weird, weird. No other words. I’ve been struggling to get rest- I’ve been so stressed lately- and finally slept most of the night (but had weird dreams).


All day Tuesday I wanted to be home, in a big hoodie and slippers, baking to my hearts content. In one day I promised 3 separate parties Pumpkin bread. (Oh what have I done?!) The day had a steady stream of work, approving invoices, printing, folding, stuffing, stamping, and sending. (Invoice day is my favorite.) Let’s go back to my Pumpkin bread. I found a recipe last winter, with a pumpkin butter-cream icing. It is perfection. Josh and I made many loaves during the first months of our marriage. It was the perfect companion to our days snowed in!

Josh takes our neighbor grocery shopping every week, and this week he heard about my pumpkin bread. Not only did he buy what I needed to make it, he payed me for the bread. So yes, there’s going to be a baking storm. (And I have to decide what to get. Flannel sheets? Lamp? New shirt? Haven’t decided yet.)


There is just something about Fall. I think it is this: I love being cozy (also, it’s the season I started falling in love with Josh, if we want to be sappy). Everything about Fall and Winter screams COZY. Blankets, boots, sweaters, scarves, fires… how can you not love it? Autumn has arrived, and has wrapped me in a great big hug.

I hope you’re here to stay.


On a random note: last night I dreamed that I made a pan of chicken alfredo lasagna for our friends, the Pollocks, but they were in another state, so I needed to mail it to them…. but I didn’t have money for postage, so I decided to put it on the side of the highway so a trucker could pick it up and mail it for me. Well, when I arrived back at Capernwray Hall (in downtown Chicago- that’s where I was…) I found my brother, Matthew, and told him in a panic that I had to go back and find my lasagna because what was I thinking?!?!?! One – it had to be refrigerated, and two- I didn’t put their address on it! The trucker would eat it all himself!! (Plus I should have used a disposable pan, instead of my nice Pyrex pan with the cover and I said “Josh will KILL ME!”.)

I have no explanation.


Today, I want to bake, then devour some pumpkin bread, drink some hot chocolate, snuggle up with my favorite man, and watch You’ve Got Mail (classic!). I guess, theoretically, that could happen since tonight is date night!!!  I know that I need to do a little baking tonight, as well as tomorrow night, because our oven isn’t very big and I promised our neighbor, Josh, and my sister in law loaves of the legendary Pumpkin bread! 🙂 PLUS there are some apple cookies that I’m dying to make.
The apartment/home search? It goes on. We have an application to the apartment complex we like, but it’s pretty involved and we haven’t had a chance to do it together. Meanwhile, the town-home I love is still available and I want to take a visit!


Dear Josh,

Our favorite season has arrived! Sweet Autumn. I am so excited that THIS Autumn we are married. I get to fill our little home with the aroma of baking, and snuggle up with you. I’m glad you like to take walks, and let me stop and soak in the air, the smells, the beautiful changing leaves. I’m also glad you enjoy the things I cook and bake. (You are SO fun to feed.)

I’m looking forward to a quiet, cozy date night with you.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen
PS. Thanks for telling me I looked like I belonged in a fashion catalog this morning! The power of the scarf and blazer.