Ever-growing To-Do Lists

I took an unintentional blogging break… I guess partially because life is super busy and partially because I don’t have a super strong desire to blog.
This semester, Josh is taking a Biblical Counseling class and I am going to try to read the material so we can talk about it. I have my Bachelors in Psychology, and I believe in a balanced, holistic, integrated approach. I think there are good, beneficial Biblical Counselors, but I don’t believe the Bible-only approach is the most effective. I am super interested to see where Josh’s professor comes down on the scale, and to be able to discuss the course with him.

So… it’s been two weeks. How did my to-do list work out?

-Bake something.
I wanted to make Carrot Cake Cheesecake, but I need to buy some cake pans and I already used up the “Household” budget this month with curtains and such. So instead I made Monster Cookies! Obviously there were no complaints in the house… and I made extra to take to our friend’s “welcome back” party since he was unexpectedly gone for like the entire summer. I also made rolls! I’m not sure what happened, but I had to add a TON of flour. I was so sure they were going to be a flop…. but they were delicious. I also made an Apple Cake this weekend.

-Have someone over for dinner.
In the past two weeks, we have had a lot of people over! We had Joe Tom over one night, and my long-lost Capernwray friend Derek over the next. It was so fun catching up with both of them, and so nice for Josh to finally meet Derek. This past week, we did breakfast for dinner with other friends. THAT WAS SO FUN. We don’t usually have people over for breakfast food… but it was awesome- and a combined effort! We made pancakes and had strawberries and our friends brought sausage and orange juice.

-Unpack a few boxes.
I still have more to do, but I made a ton of progress! The kitchen stuff is unpacked, the pictures are getting hung up, things are finding homes.

-Hang some pictures/brainstorm where pictures will go.
On Monday night, Josh and I decorated the study! I have been telling Josh that “when he has an office” he could hang up the stuff he has from his trips, and his Redskins pictures. So, true to my promise, I helped him hang up stuff from his trips and created the study he’s been wanting. I have my desk in the room as well, so I have my own wall! It’s fun to have our own spaces in the same room… they are so distinct and unique.

-Read for fun.
I have been reading the second Hunger Games book! I am reading a few “serious” books, so it’s nice to have one that I am able to use as an escape and just enjoy.

-Family time, maybe a movie night?
Both weekends since I last blogged we have watched The West Wing and The Office together. Ahh what good shows. 🙂

Update on my purchases, I got my dress and it’s perfect! I feel like it’s a great dress to transition through seasons… it’s classic by itself but will also look so cute with boots, a cardigan and tights moving into Fall. I say, $14 well spent.
The curtains arrived, and finished off our office space! Here’s some pictures of our almost-finished office space below… we’re so excited about it.
I also got my Lilly Pulitzer planner. I’ve already filled it with our life happenings… it is so fun to write things down. I have sticky notes of to-do lists, and all my thoughts go in one place. Plus it’s beautiful. 🙂

Welcome to the study! This is Josh’s desk…
This is my desk and craft corner…
The reading chair (her name is Badonk-adonk Belinda because she is serious HUGE.)

Two Wednesdays ago, Josh and I went to Chipotle for date night and he went to the fabric store with me after. Our friends in growth group are having a baby, so naturally I went to JoAnn fabric. 🙂  I am SO excited about this project. It feels really good to have another project… and I love making baby things. I feel like I get to be part of the joy and excitement, and it’s a way for me to take my thoughts off myself. As I pick out fabric, sew the pieces together, and admire the finished product, I’m praying for my friends as they are entrusted with this precious soul. I’m praying for the baby, that they will grow up to honor and love Jesus with their whole heart. I pray for people to encourage my friends in each season of parenting. I love doing this way more than picking out the fabric (though I picked this fabric out because I feel it has real meaning)… for me it’s a way to love and serve. And, like each child, every blanket I make is unique.

Life is full. I feel like there isn’t enough time to rest, get all the chores done, make all the meals, and be a good friend. I feel like no matter what I do, something is going to suffer. This week, it’s the chores… but they needed to be ignored. I need to make sure I’m making time to do things that will refresh me (like baking a cake or buying fabric or making this place a home and spending time with the Lord), or it won’t matter how much time I’m spending with others… I won’t have anything to give.

This week’s date night is going to be a Josh’s birthday celebration! 🙂 His birthday is actually Friday, and we’re going to celebrate with my family this weekend. Gosh, have I mentioned how happy it makes me that my family LOVES Josh? It’s seriously the best. It makes me so happy to see the people I love loving the person I love most.

Dear Josh,
I am excited our house is starting to come together… I love our study! I’m so excited you finally have your space to do homework. Thanks for all you’ve done to pick up my slack the last few weeks. I’ve been thrown for such a loop and I’m so thankful for you starting crock pot meals, going on walks with me, and doing laundry.
I’m looking forward to celebrating your birthday tomorrow and this weekend!


Settling Back In

Time to blow some dust off this little space. Life has been insane. We found a house, Josh and I had a weekend away, we moved into the new house (over the course of several weeks), and we left the keys on the counter of the old place. I have been a roller-coaster of emotions. We have had a steady diet of takeout and fast food. I have started to unpack, I’ve hung a few pictures, and cried a few tears of exhaustion. I’ve gotten bruises from running into walls and furniture because I’m so tired. I’ve caught a cold. I read The Hunger Games (finally).

Honestly, I felt I’ve had nothing to blog about… even in the midst of such insanity.  The truth is, I didn’t want to blog about what has been going on. The past few weeks have been so very difficult. I have struggled with real sorrow and real anger. I’ve had to humble myself and ask for help. I’ve experienced true joy and people going out of their way to help me. All in all, I am so grateful for our new home. I am so grateful that we have been an encouragement to family and friends, through the crappiest summer. God is faithful… and we are so weak, and so desperately need Him.

So what else have we been up to?
-We made dinner for growth group this past week. Stir fry and honey garlic chicken recipe here. The chicken was amazing. The marinade gets thick and wonderful when you fry it in the pan… oh yeah. I didn’t go to Growth Group, because I was sick, but Josh said it was delicious and everyone loved it!
-Putting lots of holes in the walls, hanging things up and making it look like home.
-Preparing for Josh to start classes on Tuesday (WHAT?!?!?!!), and we’re trying to have patience with ourselves (and each other) as we adjust to our new home.
-We paid off the last student loan that is accruing interest while Josh is in school. We have a ways to go… but we have done major damage since we got married. 🙂
-I took my first sick day since I had Mono last year.
-Internet obsessions (as of late):
.LILLY PULITZER. I want it all. What? I can dream.
.Sam and Nia’s Youtube Channel. Last week they posted a video of the husband surprising his wife with a positive pregnancy test he did, and it was sooo sweet. A few days later, they posted that they had a miscarriage. It was heart breaking, but they are also Christians and it has been so cool seeing their video go viral, and them glorifying God in the midst of their sorrow.

I am really struggling with the constant changes in schedule. Our summer was insane, and now Josh’s schedule is changing again with school. I keep telling myself that Jesus is constant, and He does not change… but my emotions are having a hard time.
Obviously, I’ve been a little down but there are some exciting things to note. First of all, our house is perfect. I am so thankful that Josh and I have our own bathroom, everyone has their own space, and I’m loving the huge kitchen. I’m looking forward to getting back into cooking our meals. I wasn’t kidding… we have eaten out SO much this month… and I’m pretty much over it. It may be easier to pick something up, but I don’t like the way it makes me feel. We’re going out of town this weekend, so I don’t get to spend as much time cooking as I wanted… but next week I’m going to be spending some time in the kitchen! Our house is functional. Honestly, it was functional as soon as we moved in because we had done so much work ahead of time… I’m very thankful for that.




I glossed over this, but Josh and I spent the weekend before the move at the beach! Chris and Katie (Josh’s Uncle and Aunt) graciously let us have a weekend at the Eastern Shore in Virginia. We soaked up the sun, silence, and sleep. It was refreshing and so nice for us to spend uninterrupted time together. For those that don’t know, Josh and I make it a priority to go away (just the two of us) 2 weekends a year. We think it’s really important to spend quality time together, and also FUN time together! I’m already looking forward to our next trip.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my family came and helped us knock out the final part of the move and cleaning the old place. They were such a blessing, and it was done in less than 5 hours! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

Dear Josh,

You have done so much these past few weeks that has gone without thanks. So, thank you. Thank you for moving so much stuff, thank you for putting furniture together, thanks for picking up food, thanks for cleaning, and thanks for being here. I have been a mess, and you have shown so much grace. Thank you for encouraging me to get back to writing, even though I have tried (many many times) and all I have are unfinished drafts to show for it.
I love you. I’m so excited about our progress on your loans, so excited about our new home, and can’t stinking wait to cook again.

Snow Day

It snowed ALL night Wednesday night. I woke up, very early, to 8 inches of fluffy snow. I got a text from my boss that the office was closed, and I was instantly wide awake. (WHY is it that if I don’t have to go to work, I’m wired at 6 am but if I DO have to go to work it’s like torture?) I woke Josh up… sorry, honey… and we came up with a very rough snow plan. Josh went downstairs to get some homework done, and I did very important things like surfing Pinterest, and catch up on American Idol. Around 10/10:30, we decided to go play in the snow and made Aaron come with us. (He growled at us like a bear at first, and I thought he was going to eat me… but that’s probably because we were singing “Do you wanna build a snowman?”)

We had SO much fun. We build a “snowman,” who we realized really looked like a goblin. The boys had a snow ball fight/competition, I build a snow woman, who ended up looking like a snow puppy, we went on a short walk, we shook snow off tree branches so it fell on our heads (sounds dumb but it was a ton of fun), we laughed at a couple of stupid guys trying to sled down a (non) hill in a plastic tub, and headed inside.
wpid-20150226_101411.jpg The snow goblin…


The snow puppy!
Once inside, I made pancakes, Josh made sausage, and we had a feast. The only way to respond to a feast is relaxation, so we watched a couple of episodes of 24 (by relaxation I mean sitting on the couch… watching 24 isn’t exactly “relaxing”).
The snowplow caused some heartache at my house. It took the snow from the neighborhood and plowed it right into our driveway. :/  Josh and Aaron spent at LEAST an hour outside shoveling, so we would be able to get out this morning. Well, this morning we found our driveway blocked… again. Thanks a lot, snowplow.
While the guys were shoveling, I made a batch of homemade rolls. My mom taught me, and gave me a recipe, over Thanksgiving… and yesterday was the first time I made them by myself! They turned out so perfect that I made a second batch. At one point, I was making dessert, our dinner (mac and cheese from scratch and asparagus) as well as Shepherds Pie (mashed potatoes and the meat filling). BASICALLY, I was Wonder Woman.
In just a little bit, Josh and I are hitting the road and heading for the Gilmores. I can’t wait to see our dear friends, and love on their sweet baby. Happy weekend!
Dear Josh,
I loved our snow day. I love that we made the most of it- doing things together, and that I was able to do so much cooking! Thanks for spending the day with us, being goofy with me, and for giving me freedom to enjoy the day instead of trying to get some work hours in, by checking email and such. The snow day was SO refreshing for me, even though I was absolutely exhausted by the end!
Can’t wait to see you loving on Joseph. It is always so sweet to see you with kids!
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Budgets, Burlap, and Bookin’ it to Columbia

Some people dread doing their monthly budgets… I do not. In fact, I enjoy it. I do not usually feel constricted, rather, knowing the exact parameters for my spending is a breath of fresh air for me. A new budget says “here are the new boundaries, now enjoy yourself within them!”


Josh and I are working to save for the move and things for the new apartment (washer/dryer, dining table)… putting money back in savings from buying the car… and chipping away on Josh’s student loans. A lot going on. Basically, a lot of reasons to feel like we can never do anything fun or spend anything on ourselves. Thankfully we balance each other out. (And use Groupon like crazy. This month we have 2 movie dates, a pub date, a free pizza, and a meal at Olive Garden that have already been paid for.)


This month, a portion of our monthly budget was allocated toward supplies for the upcoming craft sale! I have changed my mind several times, but now that I’ve submitted my application there’s no going back. I’ve already bought the majority of my materials and spent half the amount I thought it was going to cost. Yesterday I bought $50 worth of canvases for $20. BOOM. (Thank you Michael’s coupons and sales!) I just need a couple of evenings at home! I’m pretty insecure that people won’t want to buy the things I’m making (earring holders, coasters, paintings, Christmas snow globes), but all my profit is going towards those loans! Wednesday night (date night) we made October’s budget, and went shopping for craft supplies… and got ice cream.


Yesterday (Thursday) and today the office has been a-buzz with work. My favorite days are ones where I have envelopes to stuff and checks to cut. I love paying bills at work. (I know that’s so weird. It’s a good thing I have the job I have. I’m one in a million.)


Today Josh is meeting me after work and we’re headed to Columbia! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE MY FAMILY!!!!! My parents have become friends, and my siblings less annoying (just kidding, we’re just more tolerant now). I just miss my family so much when I’m not with them. I’m excited to be in my old home, to wake up and have coffee with my mom, to stay up too late laughing hysterically, and snuggle with this one….

ZOEY! Picture taken by my talented sister, Amy. Shamelessly stolen from Facebook.
Picture taken by my talented sister, Amy.
Shamelessly stolen from Facebook.


But most importantly it means a road trip with my very favorite man. We are going to get Chick-fil-a for dinner and listen to more WOW! hits, and probably give in to the power of the Frosty Waffle Cone (let’s be honest).


We don’t know what the weekend holds, but we know it’s going to fun… and we’re going to be exhausted on Monday. Watch out family, we’re coming for you!


Dear Josh,

I think one of the greatest ways we’ve grown over the last nine months is in creating our monthly budget. We’ve learned by trial and error. Thank you for working hard to communicate the numbers clearly to me, and being patient when I get frustrated with myself. You always say I’m your priority, and I appreciate you showing me that with the way you’ve been “all in” with the craft sale. I’m so thankful I have a husband who thinks I’m creative and not only appreciates it, but goes to Walmart to compare bumpers, cork circles and felt feet for coasters! I’m so glad you are going to sit next to me during the whole craft show, our road trips, and life.

Work is seriously dragging today. Come get me soon.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen


This weekend didn’t happen exactly like I thought it would. Friday night we didn’t eat a nicely put together meal like I envisioned. We watched Alias and Parks and Rec. I felt wiped out from a long week.

Saturday we went across the street to the SEBTS yard sale (got a book Josh has been wanting, some movies, and a hanging shelf for our games-update: it doesn’t actually fit in our closets… so maybe one day we can use it!). Then we were having so much fun we kept yardsaling. We even stumbled across a new donut heaven- Daylight Donuts- it is like the Main Street Grille but EMPTY. Seriously, Wake Forest has donuts figured out. I’m not sure we’ll ever go back to Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme. Buttermilk donuts have changed our lives (another example why Josh deemed it critical for me to get new walking shoes). We weren’t terribly successful in our yard saling… I got a pair of Danskos, but that’s really about it.


After we inhaled “calmy enjoyed” our donuts (and went to about 10 yard sales), we realized two things: (1) we needed to eat something more substantial, and (2) we may as well go shoe shopping while we were out.

So we got Chick-fil-a biscuits and headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods.


As I have mentioned before, shoe shopping is actually a difficult task for me. (And being confronted with a display wall of neon colored tennis shoes, as well as 15 rows didn’t make it easier… lets say someone got a little panicked.) Somehow Josh found the perfect shoes for me, in fact he found TWO perfect pairs. And he made me get both so I feel spoiled. (And a fellow shopper laughed when I exclaimed, with a little bit of disgust, “Josh, explain to me how YOU found the perfect shoes for me, and all the ones I tried were awful. That’s just obnoxious! …. thank you.”)


After another discombobulated meal, Josh went to do his homework, and I actually folded the entire pile of clothes in my room (on Sunday they actually got put into drawers.) Then I spent a LONG time looking at local rentals. We drove by a few, and had a really long conversation/meltdown/getting-on-the-same-page session.
We found this house, and I just think it’s adorable. However, it’s at the top of our budget, involves a lot of upkeep responsibility and doing a lot of maintenance (for goodness sake we’re renters not home owners), and I wasn’t wild about all the agreement I read… it really looked for every possible chance to blame the renters for problems and protected the owners of the house. So, even though it looks perfect we have to pass. Growing up. Making the hard choices.


Josh and I have been living in a 575 square ft apartment. While that may seem small, I have LOVED it. My only complaint is that I am out of wall space to hang things. If that’s my biggest complaint in life, I think I’m doing ok.

I’m a pretty sappy, sentimental person… and the thought of moving out of our first little home is sad.

This is the place we had our first Christmas… the place I’ve decorated, made extremely functional, the place we’ve hosted friends and family, my safe-haven at the end of every long and difficult day, the place we got snowed in for days and we drove ourselves crazy singing songs from Frozen even though we hadn’t seen it yet… the place I lit my first dish towel on fire (that was like last week), made my first (and only, honestly) miserable failure of a meal… the place we’ve had all our major fights, and made up again. This tiny place has seen us through it all. And it’s sad to leave the closets. I mean the apartment, as a whole. (But the closets are amazing.)


For many reasons, we have decided to move.

-We have free wifi- but the campus internet stinks.

-If we have 4 people over, it’s hard to breathe, and forget moving. We had my family (5 people + me and Josh + my grandparents over, total= 9 people) and it felt like those times we used to take all piled into the van when the boys got big and we all felt claustrophobic and wanted to kill each other…. on the way to church. Just kidding, I meant roadtrips…. but we did fight a lot on the way to church too. Rabbit trail. What was I talking about?

-My oven is big enough for ONE pan- unless I take that small round one, and the small square one, and put them in JUST RIGHT.

-I am convinced our upstairs neighbors are elephants.

-We have enough space for 2 people to stay with us, on the sleeper sofa… which works, as long as we have cleaned the apartment spotless so that we can fit the coffee table between the closet door and the armchair in our bedroom in front of the 3 bookshelves.

Isolated, these reasons are almost insignificant. But combine the qualities of my extraverted husband (I call him Mr. Social) and my love for feeding people and hosting (I didn’t know I was so into hospitality), and we have outgrown this tiny little place with our big love for people.

I am a seasoned hunter.

Clothes. Deals. Recipes. Perfect gifts.

Did you think I was talking about animals? Gross.

But I’ve never hunted for a place to live.


There are so many things to consider.

The cost of the move, increased rent, location, apartment/townhome/house?, 2 bedrooms? 3?, would living by the train tracks really be that bad?, when do we start inquiring?, what if we don’t find a place?

It is overwhelming.


Saturday night was pretty intense. I had a bad dream, and was up for a couple of hours, scared, crying, worried that we wouldn’t be able to find a place, that I’m not capable of doing this… and my sweet husband sat up with me and reminded me that we’ve only been married for 9 months- that I need to give myself some grace, and that we’re a team. He did such a good job of calming all my fears.

Unfortunately it continued into Sunday.

I’ve been struggling a lot with fear and anxiety, especially this weekend. All weekend, I felt under attack- all my fears, insecurities, etc seemed to come up. In the middle of the night, I remembered a song I grew up hearing by Steve Green. “When I am afraid, I will trust in you, I will trust in you, I will trust in you… when I am afraid I will trust in you, in God whose word I praise.” It is so easy to focus on how hard this is, and how unprepared I feel. I’m trying to focus, instead, on how BIG God is, and how able He is to handle this.




I am so glad I don’t have to do any of this by myself. I’m so thankful for the year we’ve had in our tiny apartment, and I’m also thankful that we’re outgrowing it because of our love for people. I think every couple should have to live in such a tiny space starting out… it has been such a good team building exercise for us- and I’m glad we’ve learned to respect each other’s space while sharing such close quarters.

I’m thankful that we haven’t stretched our finances during our first year of marriage by living in a bigger place. Our apartment has been such a blessing, with the fixed rent. Although moving is scary, we’ve already started learning how to trust God to provide for all our needs, and we have always had what we needed- even in times of unemployment, a totaled car, and times of sorrow. Thank you for giving me grace and reminding me that we’re still learning how to do life together. Yes, there have been a lot of life-changes this year, and I went to living with my family to being on our own. That’s a big deal, and most days I feel I’m not doing a good job. Keep telling me I’m doing a good job… and keep working with me to improve our communication and team vision.

I love you. Thanks for being on the greatest adventure- LIFE- with me.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Weekend Victories

I am taking a sanity break at work. Today has been insane. I’m dealing with a lot of conflict, which I hate, and they really chewed me out last week. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s being yelled at. It is completely unnecessary. So, I am taking a sanity break to remind myself why I am here. WHY I am working this job. It’s for my family.

(Disclaimer: the people I work with did not chew me out. Vendors and Customers. I love the people I work with and they are SO nice to me.)

This weekend was great, so let’s talk about that instead, ok?



I got home after a crazy day, and wanted to do something exciting. You know what I came up with? Going to Walmart to buy Josh something he needed, to look for a chair cover for my desk chair, and to get RedBox movies. Great plan. 6 RedBoxes, and 2.5 hours later, we got home and ate dinner. (At 8:30.) Maybe we should have eaten and then gone shopping. Maybe we had a completely irrational fight in the middle of Lowes Foods. But we got over it and had a wonderful night with leftover spaghetti and The Muppets 2.


We made a huge breakfast of Pancakes (plain, blueberry, and chocolate), hash browns (Josh learned that you shouldn’t put that much oil into a pan on high… I cried because I thought he burned himself), and sausage. Seriously my blueberry pancakes… I’d pay money for them. In the afternoon, Josh went to the library and did homework all afternoon while I planted myself on the couch and watched a mwpid-img_20140811_174649.jpgovie and worked on a project.

A little while ago, I found the most beautiful desk at a garage sale, but didn’t want  to spend the money on it. Josh- sneaky man- bought it for me and surprised me. He put our desks next to each other, because that’s where the desk fit, but I wanted to put it in our bedroom. Usually if Josh is watching football or doing homework, I want to be in a separate room so I can do my own thing. Well… having a desk, “my own space” didn’t really work being in between HIS desk and the TV. So Josh got home and I suggested moving around the furniture. We made it work- and now I have my own space and he has a big bookshelf by his desk. Everyone is happy.

We had a gourmet dinner of frozen pizza… and spent the evening with friends eating apple pie and playing games.



Sunday morning we ate leftover pancakes and went to church. We’re starting a new series, on evangelism, and it’s really challenging. Maybe I’ll write more on it later.

We had another gourmet dinner… mac and cheese… and spent a couple of hours in our respective “spaces.” Josh watched football- it was a great day of victory… the Redskins AND the Browns won!- and I worked on a craft for my kitchen. There is a super ugly breaker box in our kitchen, and I’ve been wanting to cover it up… and concluded I didn’t have money to spend on such a project. THEN I found a frame in my craft stuff that is exactly the right size… and used my time, thank you football, and craft station, thank you Josh, to create this beauty. I’m pretty happy with it (even though my writing is off-center).wpid-20140914_163912.jpg

Before we left for church, I got that pot roast… well… roasting. I don’t know why I was scared. It was delicious. No one got sick. No one hated it. It was perfect. And we’re eating leftovers tonight. I thought about putting a picture of it here but let’s be honest it doesn’t look as good as it was. So I will refrain.

We had a little bit of an Alias marathon and then folded and put away our laundry (all credit goes to Josh for this one… I voted for staying on the couch, even for sleeping there since I was so tired).



I love weekends with you. They are so refreshing, and I am so thankful we get to have fun together. Thanks for surprising me with the most awesome desk, and for helping me create a space for me. I love being with you, but I also love doing my crafts and having me time. And thanks for making us put away our clean clothes. Basically, thanks for loving me and all my craziness. I’m glad we’re a team, and that we have so much fun together. Thank you for being all my happy thoughts during this frustrating day.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Disney Event

Last night was the Disney Extravaganza, put on by Senate. I helped set up, but you took point on the food. I also dictated our costume, and it was AWESOME. The evening was really fun, though we didn’t spend much of it together… since you were running the event. Regardless, it was fun. Everyone had a really good time, and I was proud of be by your side. AND proud to be a couple costume! First time ever!!! I was so excited that it came together and it was fun to see people go “Awww! You guys are perfect!”

carl & ellie

I made the book, our nametags and the sign for our jar! Phil & Elise got your sweater vest, I got my dress at Goodwill, and the whole outfit cost us a whopping 10 bucks. We’re the bomb.

carl & ellie2

Seriously. Look at us. We are too cute.

carl & ellie3

Let’s have a love story like Carl & Ellie.
Adventure is out there!
231 days until I’m your Mrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hobbit, Christmas Parting, ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!

The week after finals was pretty hit and miss. We both worked a lot… we hung out on Tuesday, made lunch together and had dinner and watched some How I Met Your Mother. I made a Blueberry Breakfast Cake— it was SO good and I will definitely be making it again. At dinner, we talked about our favorite Christmas traditions and decided what we want Christmas to look like with OUR family. We’re going to rotate families for Thanksgiving & Christmas while it’s just us– but when we have kids we’re going to be home for Christmas. I loved talking with you about our future and our kids. It is so scary to me, but there is no one else I would rather have a family and raise children with. You are going to be such an awesome father.

Thursday, you left for Virginia to spend Christmas with your family. BUT before you left, we went and saw The Hobbit! It was so much fun!!! And we had lunch at Chickfila and then went to the library downtown. I was mad because you got The Dark Knight Rises to watch at home with your family… I got you a box set of the Batman trilogy for Christmas. I hope you love it. Before you left, you covered me in kisses. I love your kisses.

After you left, I was pretty bummed… so I watched a movie and searched Pinterest. I designed possible layouts for our bedroom next year, and pinned recipes for making my own dish & laundry detergent, and tons of decoration and cleaning tips. I am so excited about making a home with you.

I like these pieces. My Starry Night painting over the bed... love these curtains... and love the bed spread... but I would paint the night stands.
I like these pieces. My Starry Night painting over the bed… love these curtains… and love the bed spread… but I would paint the night stands. I like the idea of using as much stuff as we can that we already have– and thrifting to find the rest.
Option 1!
Option 1!
Option 2!
Option 2! I think I like this one more… but we’ll see!