Ever-growing To-Do Lists

I took an unintentional blogging break… I guess partially because life is super busy and partially because I don’t have a super strong desire to blog.
This semester, Josh is taking a Biblical Counseling class and I am going to try to read the material so we can talk about it. I have my Bachelors in Psychology, and I believe in a balanced, holistic, integrated approach. I think there are good, beneficial Biblical Counselors, but I don’t believe the Bible-only approach is the most effective. I am super interested to see where Josh’s professor comes down on the scale, and to be able to discuss the course with him.

So… it’s been two weeks. How did my to-do list work out?

-Bake something.
I wanted to make Carrot Cake Cheesecake, but I need to buy some cake pans and I already used up the “Household” budget this month with curtains and such. So instead I made Monster Cookies! Obviously there were no complaints in the house… and I made extra to take to our friend’s “welcome back” party since he was unexpectedly gone for like the entire summer. I also made rolls! I’m not sure what happened, but I had to add a TON of flour. I was so sure they were going to be a flop…. but they were delicious. I also made an Apple Cake this weekend.

-Have someone over for dinner.
In the past two weeks, we have had a lot of people over! We had Joe Tom over one night, and my long-lost Capernwray friend Derek over the next. It was so fun catching up with both of them, and so nice for Josh to finally meet Derek. This past week, we did breakfast for dinner with other friends. THAT WAS SO FUN. We don’t usually have people over for breakfast food… but it was awesome- and a combined effort! We made pancakes and had strawberries and our friends brought sausage and orange juice.

-Unpack a few boxes.
I still have more to do, but I made a ton of progress! The kitchen stuff is unpacked, the pictures are getting hung up, things are finding homes.

-Hang some pictures/brainstorm where pictures will go.
On Monday night, Josh and I decorated the study! I have been telling Josh that “when he has an office” he could hang up the stuff he has from his trips, and his Redskins pictures. So, true to my promise, I helped him hang up stuff from his trips and created the study he’s been wanting. I have my desk in the room as well, so I have my own wall! It’s fun to have our own spaces in the same room… they are so distinct and unique.

-Read for fun.
I have been reading the second Hunger Games book! I am reading a few “serious” books, so it’s nice to have one that I am able to use as an escape and just enjoy.

-Family time, maybe a movie night?
Both weekends since I last blogged we have watched The West Wing and The Office together. Ahh what good shows. 🙂

Update on my purchases, I got my dress and it’s perfect! I feel like it’s a great dress to transition through seasons… it’s classic by itself but will also look so cute with boots, a cardigan and tights moving into Fall. I say, $14 well spent.
The curtains arrived, and finished off our office space! Here’s some pictures of our almost-finished office space below… we’re so excited about it.
I also got my Lilly Pulitzer planner. I’ve already filled it with our life happenings… it is so fun to write things down. I have sticky notes of to-do lists, and all my thoughts go in one place. Plus it’s beautiful. 🙂

Welcome to the study! This is Josh’s desk…
This is my desk and craft corner…
The reading chair (her name is Badonk-adonk Belinda because she is serious HUGE.)

Two Wednesdays ago, Josh and I went to Chipotle for date night and he went to the fabric store with me after. Our friends in growth group are having a baby, so naturally I went to JoAnn fabric. 🙂  I am SO excited about this project. It feels really good to have another project… and I love making baby things. I feel like I get to be part of the joy and excitement, and it’s a way for me to take my thoughts off myself. As I pick out fabric, sew the pieces together, and admire the finished product, I’m praying for my friends as they are entrusted with this precious soul. I’m praying for the baby, that they will grow up to honor and love Jesus with their whole heart. I pray for people to encourage my friends in each season of parenting. I love doing this way more than picking out the fabric (though I picked this fabric out because I feel it has real meaning)… for me it’s a way to love and serve. And, like each child, every blanket I make is unique.

Life is full. I feel like there isn’t enough time to rest, get all the chores done, make all the meals, and be a good friend. I feel like no matter what I do, something is going to suffer. This week, it’s the chores… but they needed to be ignored. I need to make sure I’m making time to do things that will refresh me (like baking a cake or buying fabric or making this place a home and spending time with the Lord), or it won’t matter how much time I’m spending with others… I won’t have anything to give.

This week’s date night is going to be a Josh’s birthday celebration! 🙂 His birthday is actually Friday, and we’re going to celebrate with my family this weekend. Gosh, have I mentioned how happy it makes me that my family LOVES Josh? It’s seriously the best. It makes me so happy to see the people I love loving the person I love most.

Dear Josh,
I am excited our house is starting to come together… I love our study! I’m so excited you finally have your space to do homework. Thanks for all you’ve done to pick up my slack the last few weeks. I’ve been thrown for such a loop and I’m so thankful for you starting crock pot meals, going on walks with me, and doing laundry.
I’m looking forward to celebrating your birthday tomorrow and this weekend!


New Keys!

I have a crazy story for you. (It is not really crazy, it’s just a God story.)
12 days ago, we found out we had to move.
12 days ago, I cried my eyes out, and it was followed my anger.
The apartment we thought we were definitely getting fell through.
I cried my eyes out. I was angry.

Last week, while we waiting for an answer about the apartment, we saw a house for sale. We stopped and looked, and I dreamed about buying this house. But… it was for sale, and we didn’t want to buy.
Fast forward: Tuesday. We had several places on our list to check out. Josh said, “hey- that house on W Oak? It’s for Rent.” I -distinctly remembering looking it up online and dreaming about it- and then dismissing the dream- said (with irritation) “NO, it’s for SALE… and we don’t want to BUY a house.” Josh said, “Honey. I saw the For Rent sign. It’s for Rent!”
I…. said nothing because my jaw was hanging open.

Josh called on Tuesday evening, and we went to see the house on Wednesday evening. It is exactly what we wanted and needed. It is the location we wanted, it has the space/privacy we wanted, it even has the kitchen that I wanted. All in all, we are SO MUCH happier with this place… it blows the S Main Apartment out of the water.

Our new landlord, Joel, bought the house in the last week, and was painting it when we called on Tuesday. We were the first people to call, the first to see it, and we are signing the lease tonight. We couldn’t have felt more peace about the landlord- who is a cop, and everything he said felt so genuine and he feels so trustworthy and honest.

So, I was super upset that the apartment fell through… but while we were waiting for an answer, Joel was buying this house. And when we found out we needed a new place to live, Joel closed on it and put it up for rent.


Don’t even TRY to tell me that this is not a God thing. 

Anyway, tonight we are signing the lease, paying the deposit, and getting the keys! We’re hoping to be completely out of our current place on August 9th. I’m so excited to clean the new place and start moving in. 😀

Closed Doors

Unfortunately, the place we applied to last week fell through. In one sense, I am relieved because the kitchen was tiny, filthy, and like my worst culinary nightmare. We have called a ton of places, which my wonderful husband has taken point on, and we’re making some progress. Meanwhile, I’m trying to limit the number of searches I do per day. It is SO easy to become obsessive and hysterical because we’re not finding a place as quickly as we want. Our moving date has probably been pushed back, which means we may have to face the chaos of moving while Josh is in school… again.

This weekend, I went through a ton of our stuff and purged things we don’t need. Of course… I was picturing us living in the apartment that had almost NO closet space, so that was a great motivation. Nevertheless, I am not sorry I purged. I am not sorry I spent a day scanning college notes so that I could throw out the heavy binders. I am not sorry that Aaron and I watched Downton Abbey all day. It was a good weekend, I kept busy, but it was also a hard weekend. I missed Josh. I needed him here, and I needed to process all the thoughts/emotions/struggles, but he couldn’t be here.

There are things to be thankful for. I am getting a huge bonus from work, which will definitely cover our moving costs, the loan payment we wanted to make, and any application fees. I got rid of a ton of stuff that we didn’t need and now we don’t have to carry it! We are going to the beach next weekend. There will be a break, and there will be rest. The raises I have gotten since Aaron moved in mean that we can afford to pay a higher rent. We are in a better financial position now than December.

I am seriously so thankful for my job. My boss has been so understanding and so compassionate about our housing crisis, and I’ve been able to leave work early to look at places. Yesterday we knocked out a lot of options, and also found one that we really like… we’re going to view it tomorrow. It’s a little further out than we wanted, but it seems like a really really good situation.


Dear Josh,

This process has been such a challenge. This YEAR has been such a challenge. As you know, I’ve been struggling to see the positives, and the ways God has provided. It has been so easy to focus on the challenges of the past few months (years). Thank you for listening to all my processing, for holding me in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep, and for taking point on contacting people about rentals. I love you, and I don’t understand why we have to move, but I’m trying to view it as an opportunity to trust God together, and learn to follow where He leads. Forgive me, and lovingly correct me, when I lose perspective.


“Legal Address”

Last night I hit a new low in this process. Josh and I were filling out forms to enroll in my company’s 401k plan (which seems crazy since we just found out we’re moving and we may have an increase in rent but moving on), and I literally broke down sobbing because it asked for my legal address.
I’m homeless!
Have I mentioned that I am like insanely sleep deprived? Every time I sleep I have nightmares. This morning, my alarm went off as I was getting kidnapped.

I know that a lot of this stress is because we have gotten DAILY emails from our current landlady asking for our plans, and our timetable. I mean… it hasn’t been a week. Part of it is because I am so annoyed that people would be upset at me and not even talk to me about it. Part of it is because I had finally hung all my pictures and finally accepted the bathtub drain will always be slow, and the kitchen will never grow.

I have really thrown myself into this packing/purging process, and I think it’s good. It is also tricky because for some reason I dismantled my spice racks, and that made seasoning our pasta sauce tricky last night. Speaking of- we had spaghetti last night. The sauce was so chock full of veggies (zucchini, onion, green pepper) and sausage it was like a dream. There is something so simple and so delicious about spaghetti.

Weekend plans? Going through more closets, drawers, cabinets, etc and purging. Packing. Trying to calm the heck down. Searching for newly posted rental homes. Downton Abbey with Aaron. At least one margarita. Maybe a girls night. Definitely sleeping. Also, missing Josh- he’s going to Baltimore for a soccer thing.

Tonight we’re going to call and see where we are in the process with the apartment we looked at. Obviously I’m struggling with this process, and I am discouraged that there are so few options. I know we’re not homeless, and I know that we do have the right to stay here for now. We’re not going to be thrown on the street…. but it feels like it. I’m trying to speak truth to myself, though I’m struggling to hear and believe it.


This Past Weekend

This past weekend, we had a blast with my family.

This past weekend, we went to the drive in movie theater and saw Minions and Jurassic World.

This past weekend, we played a lot of board games.

This past weekend, I soaked up time with my mom- thrifting, cooking, talking, drinking margaritas.

This past weekend, we processed a lot of thoughts, feelings, decisions.

This past weekend, our plans were changed.

This past weekend, we were asked to move out.

Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense. It was a surprise to us, and it was handled very poorly by our landlords. The bottom line, is that they “offered” us the opportunity to terminate our lease and pursue a new housing option that would be more “suitable.”
Bottom line, we were asked to move out.
The only thing we know for sure is that our neighbors have complained about noise (stomping?!), and it has been bothering them since we moved in. Since we received a phone call from our landlord that ended with “It’s not a big deal, don’t worry about it,” which was followed up with an email less than an hour later asking us to leave, we’re done.
When it comes to conflict, we believe a direct approach is best: deal with it, work through it, and move on. Ignoring conflict does not make it go away. We truly wish that our neighbors had come over to tell us that they were being inconvenienced or disturbed, since we had no idea. We wish our landlords had respected us enough to give us an opportunity to address the issue. That all went down on Saturday night.

Obviously, we’re angry. We signed a lease through December. We feel wronged, we feel discriminated against (long story), and we could fight this. The truth is, no matter how much I loved this house, I now hate it. I hate living next to nasty neighbors, and I don’t want to give one more cent to this landlord than I have to.

Over the weekend, we left messages with several people concerning rental properties. On Monday night, we went to see one. On Tuesday morning, we dropped off the application. On Tuesday night, our potential landlord called and said she is checking out our references. As of right now, we’re fairly confident we’re going to get this place… but if not, I know there will be another.

So, that’s where we are. Honestly, this has been the stinkiest summer. I’m ready for a new season.

Busy and Rewarding.

Friday night Josh and I had dinner, hung out, and went on a Christmas light adventure. He planned out a route, based on tips from friends who have done this, and we found some real gems. Probably my favorite thing we saw was an inflated concrete roller truck, with a reindeer driving… on the roller, which actually rolled, was a picture of a grandma. I died laughing. Grandma got run over by a reindeer.  Driving around with Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album, a peppermint milkshake from Chick-fil-a and my husband was the perfect end to a busy work week, and a weekend of Christmas.

Saturday morning, Josh and I got up and went downstairs to turn on our little Christmas tree lights and the lights over the mantle. I made coffee, and we dove into our gifts. This year we decided to do categories of gifts; want, need, making a meal for each other, and planning a day together. Saturday morning we opened the “want” and “need” gifts. For my “need” gifts, Josh gave me a 4 qt crock pot (the one I have spews water and leaks all over the counter…) and wine bottle stoppers that also allow you to pour without taking the stoppers out. For my “want” I got pj pants, a tshirt (LION KING) and Despicable Me 2 (and a pack of gum but I really don’t feel like that counts because I put it on the grocery list).

I gave Josh a sophisticated tie as a “need” (if you saw his tie collection you would understand), and made a “Disney Preparation Package.” If you didn’t know, Disney owns Star Wars now… and we’re going to Disney World in May, which means we’re going to be there for Star Wars day. My husband is SO excited. So I made him a package that allows him to immerse himself in nerdy excitement, including a lightsaber toothbrush, a Star Wars tshirt and a countdown calendar AND a Harry Potter tshirt for our day at Universal.

After Christmas presents we made a big breakfast including roasted parmesan potatoes, sausage, eggs and cinnamon rolls. Then I made Josh watch Babes in Toyland with me. I hadn’t seen it since I was little, and frankly it was a little strange but I still like it. I don’t think Josh was sold on it. Also, on Friday night I made Josh watch Mr. Willoby’s Christmas Tree (google it) which involves a very young Robert Downey Jr. (aka IRON MAN) dancing and singing in a nightgown about the perfect Christmas tree.

We had planned to watch Christmas movies all afternoon… but the disorder of the house has been driving me insane so we made some progress on unpacking instead. Now, our room is almost completely set up- including our closet, my books are put away, all guest towels and sheets are clean, laundry is done and put away, we made some progress on the kitchen, and the extra bedrooom looks more like a bedroom than a dumping ground. We worked HARD. Since we had a big and late breakfast, we didn’t have lunch. And, since I was working so hard on the house, we didn’t end up making soup as I had planned. Around 4:30 Josh reminded me he was a human, and had hunger… and we decided to get Moes instead of making dinner. So we had burritos, queso, and enjoyed our comfy couch and The West Wing.

Sunday was our one-anniversary. I could talk about this year, the struggles, the joys, the lessons learned, but I think I’ve shared a lot of them already. It’s been a hard year… it’s been a year of growth… it’s been a year of thankfulness for each other.
It’s crazy to think that a whole year ago it was 80 degrees outside on the first day of winter… and I was meeting Josh at Riverfront park for wedding photos and our first kiss. Our wedding day was truly perfect, and so were the days following (except for the fact that Charleston was ridiculously hot and we had packed the wrong clothes, assuming it was going to feel like winter). One year ago, alarm clocks went off every couple of minutes until we got to the hotel. And, when we got to our super fancy hotel (a gift and surprise from Josh’s uncle), we got stuffed crust meat lovers pizza which we ate in bed and watched The Italian Job. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

This year, we learned about anniversary expectations and I think we had a productive conversation. We agreed to celebrate our anniversary next weekend, but I said I didn’t want our actual anniversary ignored, which was interpreted as “don’t forget to say happy anniversary”… I meant at least DO SOMETHING to acknowledge it. Yeah. We’ve both learned something- communicating exactly what I want, and learning to at least give a card or flowers… not just say “happy anniversary.” BUT-sign of growth- I was able to articulate my hurt without being hurtful, and Josh was not defensive. This is actually huge, and something we’ve been working on for a while. Next weekend we’re going to be super sappy and reminisce on the last year… but this past weekend we did a lot of unpacking.

After church on Sunday we went shopping for some house things, and had soup and grilled cheese for lunch. We enjoyed more of The West Wing, baked a cake, and tried to make some more progress on the kitchen. At the store, I bought a night guard… it just had to happen. Apparently I grind my teeth hard core, and man I’ve been feeling it in my jaw… so on our anniversary I bought a night guard. Haha we sure know how to celebrate.

We enjoyed an evening at home of one of our pastors with the other growth group leaders/ assistant growth group leaders he’s over. It was such a good time of fellowship, encouragement, and reflection on the past year. They knew it was our one year anniversary, and asked us to describe the past year of marriage in one word each. Josh said “busy” and I said “rewarding.” I think they’re both true. This year has been insanely busy, and rewarding in what it’s taught us.

This week, I am working for 13 hrs. Then it’s all about Christmas and our anniversary. Virginia Beach on Tuesday/Wednesday, Hertford on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, and the Outer Banks on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. The library at SEBTS is closed this week, so Josh is working on unpacking at home, and is blessing me by doing the laundry.


Dear Josh,
HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Despite the struggles and challenges we’ve faced, this year has been FUN. I love how completely ridiculous we are. I love laughing until we feel like we’re going to die, and I love the jokes that only we get. You’re my best friend, and I am so blessed to be your wife. Thank you for serving me, putting me first, and never leaving me. Hopefully this year we won’t face unemployment, destructive deer, mono, or taking two ancient languages at the same time (seriously what were we thinking?!)… but if we do, we know we can handle it together.

I’m so excited to celebrate Christmas with your family, and then our anniversary at the beach.
Also, I can’t wait to come home to you tonight. Thanks for all you’re doing at home today!!

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Making the House a Home

Monday night, Josh cleaned out our apartment and met me at home. We put all the fridge things away and got dinner ready. After dinner, I did the dishes, laundry, and baked cookies at the same time (loving this dishwasher and in-house washer and dryer)! Josh worked on unpacking and made some great progress on the office part of the living room. PLUS he set up our Wifi. It’s exciting to see the house becoming ours. Yes, the kitchen is smaller, but I love it. I LOVE the openness of the downstairs. I love that I could throw dishes in the dishwasher and save Josh the time of hand-washing every single thing.

Tuesday, I felt like a rock star at work. I’m slowly taking on more responsibility for creating the billing that goes to our customers, and the customers are getting to know me. And the guys in the office have really started coming to me to brainstorm, or when they have questions. When we got home, Josh and I cleared out the living room, swept, shifted boxes, laid down the rug, vacuumed, and set out the coffee table. Progress! We have a number of rooms at least mostly set up (bathrooms, our bedroom, living room) and 2 in at least partially working order (dining room and kitchen) and one disaster room (extra bedroom upstairs, aka the dump). We went to Growth Group in the evening, and I got my exhausted self in bed as soon as I could.

Today, the work day started off with our weekly meeting. I’m in the middle of some billing confusion, and answering a lot of questions in the office. Honestly, I’m having fun. We’re implementing a lot of organizational processes in the office, and I’m loving it. Unpacking, though it is a challenge to figure out where to put things, is definitely more enjoyable to me than packing. Unpacking is exciting and… packing is sad. Packing means leaving, unpacking means a new beginning.

This morning I realized I only have 4 days left of work (from this point) until Christmas, because I’m leaving early on Tuesday. I am SO excited to spend Christmas with Josh’s family for the first time. I have heard so many stories, and it sounds so different from my family’s traditions.
Tonight Josh is having a game night with the guys, and I’m doing a cookie swap with the girls.

Dear Josh,

Yes, I’m stressed that our dining room is full of boxes and that you’re having people over tonight… but I’m so glad you want to. I’m thankful for our friends, and the fact that we don’t have to have a perfect house in order to have them over. Also, I’m so excited to celebrate our anniversary this weekend. (We should talk about that…. do we even have plans?)

I love you! I can’t wait to see you at 5:35.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Living Out of Boxes

Friday evening was overwhelming. We packed most of the stuff that was left (which felt like every single thing we owned), had Chick-fil-a for dinner, and shed lots of tears.

Saturday morning started early, with more packing. Josh got the moving truck, our wonderful friends came to help, and we packed up Josh’s car and then started loading the moving truck and my car. Seriously, our friends are the best. Thank you all for coming, bringing us breakfast, cleaning, making small trips to the house for us, and for doing SUCH heavy lifting. We were so blessed and felt so loved by your help.

So thankful for our free room!


Josh and I arranged some furniture after our friends left, and headed to take the Uhaul back around 4… or something like that. It was all a sore, exhausted blur to be honest. We got to the Sheraton downtown around 5:10, checked in and got up to our swanky complimentary room around 5:20. We took speedy showers, got dressed up, and we got to the Christmas party right at 6. We looked NICE too.

Dressed Up

Thus began a busy evening beginning with cocktail hour and mingling. As the evening unfolded, so did issues. I met the DJ and tried to find the lady in charge. When dinner didn’t start on time, and was 30 minutes late, I started asking the wait staff where she was AND THEY DID NOT KNOW WHO SHE WAS. When I finally found her and asked why dinner had not been served-and found out she decided not to follow our schedule… and had been “watching the crowd” and no one was eating their salads… to which I responded “No one announced it was time to begin! Well… it’s time to begin. Dinner’s already 45 minutes late and I have been looking for you.”  Dinner was served within 10 minutes… and I’m pretty sure I was the first to be served.

The rest of the evening was enjoyable. Josh and I sat with fellow Seminary students, and SO enjoyed their company. Josh and I won 2 giftcards to nice restaurants (free date nights!), and when the “party” started we headed upstairs to our room. We caught “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” (classic)-and Josh said it was weird (poor confused man)- and were sound asleep by 11pm.

Sunday morning, we slept in and went to breakfast before church. We went to a cute little place called Courtney’s. It was perfect. Old couples sitting with the paper and their coffee, young families with children cooing for more food, and couples like us. We both got breakfast platters- eggs, breakfast potatoes, blueberry pancakes for me and waffles for him, bacon for me and sausage for him. It was simply wonderful.

After breakfast we headed to church. After church we went to our new home, and had a meal of sandwiches, chips & salsa. After that, we went to the apartment and worked on cleaning. That is, until I couldn’t stand anymore. See, here’s the thing: I really haven’t done much in 3 months between mono and being sick after that. This weekend knocked me out. So we called it and went back home to rest… which I’m not very good at. I sat down for maybe 30 minutes and then made the bed and started other stuff. After dinner I went back to the apartment to clean and Josh stayed at home to study for his Greek exam. I made MAJOR progress on the apartment- it’s all clean!- and Josh is picking up the rest of our stuff today.

The main thing is that the move is done. And, in about an hour, the semester will be done as well. Then we get to have our 2nd married Christmas, settle into our home, and enjoy some much needed time together.


Dear Josh,

I am so blessed to be your wife. Thank you for calming me down during all the freakouts, for being my social butterfly at the Christmas party, for taking me on spontaneous breakfast dates, and digging through boxes to help me find stuff. 🙂 I’m so proud of you for all the work you’ve put in this semester, and for taking care of me so well.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Silver Linings

Monday night was full of homework for Josh, dinner together, and catching up on TV shows for me. I didn’t pack any boxes. I sat in my bed, wearing my favorite sweatpants, and tried to pretend I didn’t have a million things to do.

After a rough Tuesday morning, and a frustrating day at work (I’m trying to figure out why our contract value in our billing, accounting software, and the actual contract ARE ALL DIFFERENT NUMBERS), and times I didn’t think I was going to be able to breathe because of all the stress, I came home. My husband and I updated the budget. We packed boxes. We went to Growth Group. I was unkind. I apologized a lot. I cried because I don’t know what to get people for Christmas.
Wednesday I woke up at 5am and started making lists… shopping lists, things I need accessible right away during the move, ideas for what to wear to the Christmas party, Christmas present ideas. My day at work was busy at times, slow at times. Josh and I made salsa, packed a bunch of boxes, did some grocery shopping, picked out what we’re wearing to my company Christmas party, and I majorly freaked out about the move.
Thursday, Josh did a TON of packing at the apartment, which has greatly blessed me. We did some work at the house when I got home from work. Our friends came and ate sandwiches with us, and helped us build a dresser as well as hook up the dryer. I tried to make some progress on our kitchen (we have less storage in the new kitchen), and put together some pasta for lunch on Saturday. It was SO GOOD to cook something again.
Friday, my coworker, who has planned the entire company Christmas party, took me up on my offer to help out. She’s graduating with her masters tomorrow, AND trying to pull off this party. So I went to help her set up, and took a lot of responsibilities off her plate since she will be coming to the party late. I didn’t get a lunch break, which meant getting paid overtime. BUT apparently a complimentary room at the hotel, where the Christmas party is taking place, was reserved. My friend didn’t know, and paid for a room… so Josh and I got the complimentary room. I’m pretty stoked. It will be fun to stay in a nice hotel- for free- especially the day we move. A clean bathroom? A big bed with fresh sheets? A place without boxes of stuff everywhere? Sounds heavenly.
Tonight is full of packing. We have no choice… but we’re almost done! I am so thankful for the friends that are going to help us, and I’m so thankful for such a nice home.
I am so thankful today. Despite all the stress, there have been many blessings. So tonight I’m going to work like a team- because Josh and I are the best team in the world. Tomorrow I’m going to praise God for our friends, and thank them with a meal of pasta, salad and bread, and go to my company Christmas party– where I will thank God for my job, my coworkers (that I get to show the love of Christ to every day), and unexpected blessings like free hotel rooms.
Dear Josh,
This week has been so hard, and I am so proud of you. I’m sorry for snapping at you under stress, and I’m sorry for hurting your feelings. Thank you for doing so much to help with the move, and for telling me what you’ve needed to do academic-wise.
I’m so excited to introduce you to all the people I work with, to move into our new home, and enjoy the blessing of a night away (even if it’s just downtown).
I love you.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen