Greenville (Easley)

My heart is just bursting with joy. Why? Because little people bring me joy, and I spent the weekend thinking about and celebrating a little person who happens to be my godson. Joseph Clayton, your mommy and daddy are two of my favorite people. They are SO excited to hold you, take care of you, and teach you about Jesus. I can’t wait to meet you either… you are already so loved… but especially by your fairy godmother. (Your daddy might tell you I’m a turkey… I’m NOT. I’m your fairy godmother.)

Yes, Friday was a long day and I spent most of it with no actual work to do… so I read more about Disney World. My husband picked me up from work, and we headed to Easley to see Elise. Of course on the way there we ate sandwiches, to save time and money. (Thanks for making them, Josh!) Traveling is exhausting, no doubt…. but he is my favorite person. The best thing about road trips is being next to each other for hours on end. We ran into tons of traffic (thank you, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Charlotte), got to the Gilmores late and stayed up even later.

Saturday, we started working on the nursery- spray painted a shelf, we went through gifts from showers, washed hung and folded Joseph’s clothes, organized things in piles, and framed art. After a busy morning, we had Chick-fil-a for lunch, and went to Elise’s shower! It was so fun… and not just because I won the game, which was guessing the names of nursery rhymes, and not just because there were amazing cupcakes… it was so fun to get to know some of Elise’s family, and some of Philip’s family, and to see all these people who love and are anticipating Joseph. The evening after the shower held more gift-sorting, more baby laundry, shopping (Hobby Lobby!), and grilled cheese.

Sunday, I made everyone keep working on the nursery. Not going to lie, I was pretty bossy, and felt a little bad about it (and then I reminded myself how much my friends have going on in their lives, and I wanted to do everything I could to help). After a weekend of teamwork, there is a place for the crib, the clothes are put away, everything is painted, the returns are ready to go, and things are ready to go up on the wall. Elise, I’m really not sorry for bossing you, your mom, your sister, and Josh around…. I hope it was a blessing and a relief that we were there to do the mundane tasks and that you are able to enjoy putting the finishing touches on the room.
Josh and I left around 2:30, and of course I cried all the way to Charlotte. Leaving people I love is SO hard, especially when all I want to do is help. Gilmores, whenever you need me I’ll be there (well, in about 5 hours).
I stopped crying in Charlotte because we got to IKEA! Josh had never been, and I had only been to the ones in Salzburg and Minneapolis. We had a few things on our hit list (such as spice racks and a dresser), and found more things (like the most beautiful Queen bed frame). It was super fun walking around together, although I was over-stimulated and at one point just wanted to like run out of the store because there are so many things to look at. When we got to the ware house, we had to determine what we could get based on the size of the packaging… since my Hyundai Elantra is not the largest. It was decided that we had to wait on the bookshelf and bed frame. We saw people destroying boxes and shoving pieces of furniture into tiny cars because I guess they just had to have it?… not us. We’ll be back, Ikea… with a bigger trunk.
We got home around 10, and I crashed for about 4 hours. Unfortunately, I was up most of the night and today I feel like I am getting sick. Bright spot: I brought soup for lunch. (That’s because we’re out of bread, but shhh.)


Dear Josh,
I’m glad we finally planned out the next month, but it is still insane. I know we’re both overwhelmed and dragging… but we’re going to take care of each other. Tonight I’m making baked oatmeal, we’ll pack our box, and you have time to get homework done.
Thanks for helping our friends this weekend- running out to get things, for doing all the laundry, and for doing all the driving… and Ikea was so much fun! I’m glad we stopped.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Everyday Joys- Rain

It’s raining outside. I love the rain… and the colder the day, the better. My desk is under an air vent, and right beside a wall of windows… so I pretend it’s a cold, rainy day (it’s really 70 degrees and super humid).

Rainy days are just perfect. They bring life to the flowers, and to me. I long for a rainy day to myself.  A day of watching old movies (maybe that’s why I decided to read Breakfast at Tiffany’s in my down time today…), curling up with a good book, painting, baking, sewing… all indoors.
Rainy days are also perfect for putting on rain boots and puddle stomping. One time while I was in England, my roommate and I were on a walk and I jumped in a puddle and splashed water up to her face. I didn’t know she was so close, or that I jumped with such force. Frankly, I was impressed. (And.. well… she was very wet.)

Edinburgh, Scotland. I have never been so cold and wet in my life.
Edinburgh, Scotland. I have never been so cold and wet in my life.

The amount of complaining in the office has been overwhelming today. Why does everyone hate the rain?

I’ve had a hard time being at work today, with all the negativity and especially the boredom. I often find myself sitting at my desk, bored, for hours.. and often find myself discontent. Today, I’m choosing to be thankful. I’m thankful that it is raining.


Part of the reason I’m writing this blog is so that I can focus on things I’m thankful for. I will be posting more Everyday Joys on occasion, to make myself re-focus and to reflect on the things that nourish my soul.