Some days it is just especially hard to go to work and have to leave Josh. Yesterday, I was really bummed to be at work. I was busy, and I was definitely not bored, but I was bummed. Do you know what I mean? I started focusing on all the things we have to do in the coming weeks, and I started telling myself I couldn’t do it. I started that dangerous list of “if I weren’t working my tail off in this office I could get SO many other things done…”
Like I said, that’s dangerous.

Through an unexpected course of events, Josh was able to come meet me for a lunch date. We walked over to Olive Garden and enjoyed the classic soup/salad/bread-sticks. It was SO wonderful to spend a date together in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. I often feel so lame on date night. I come home to spend time with my love and I’m exhausted. Instead of him getting my best, my best has gone to work all day… and I hate that. I think our lunch date was especially refreshing because we got to spend time with each other during our best time of day.

Part of the reason I wanted to do a lunch date out is because I  didn’t want to be out two nights in a row. Maybe you don’t know this about me, but I find social gatherings really intimidating. It takes a lot of energy for me to prepare for them, and I usually dread it until I’m there. For instance, we have the blogger meet up tonight and I’m super stoked… I’m also super nervous. Josh said it’s like going on a first date. THAT IS EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS. I don’t know what to expect, I’m afraid I’ll say the wrong thing or be stupid and that is just silly. It’s also silly to think that none of them will want to associate with me because I have a tiny blog where I just talk about real life and my feelings. Maybe I’ll be miserable tonight, or maybe I’ll make some friends. Maybe I’ll feel uncomfortable, or maybe I’ll own it. I think it’s more of a choice than I have been telling myself. Only I can choose what I’m saying to myself, and if I’m telling myself that I am a lame blogger, a social outcast, and that no one will want to be my friend because I’m a little sweaty (#hyperhydrosis) then that is a choice… and a poor choice, if I do say so myself.

So, I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses, I’m taking my favorite man, and I’m going to make some friends. And if I don’t- that’s fine! The simple fact that I am GOING is a big deal… and I’ve already accomplished something by deciding to do so.


The other things I have planned tonight are just way too exciting, so brace yourself: packing and trimming the fat off of chicken. I told you… way too exciting. We’re going to visit my family this weekend, and we’re leaving straight from my work tomorrow which means I have to be prepared for the weekend!

Tomorrow I’ll give you an update on how the meet up went. 🙂 I really am excited!!!

If you were wondering, we spent our date last night working on the last season of Parks and Rec, and then watching American Idol. My husband is just wonderful. It was refreshing to spend so much time with him yesterday, and for it to be so low-key.


Dear Josh,

I was tickled pink we got to have a lunch date yesterday! It was so much easier to work through the afternoon because I was so encouraged by an hour of quality time (and soup let’s be honest) with you. Thank you for being willing to tag along with me tonight! You very well might be the only man in attendance… but I’m glad you’re coming.
See you at 5!






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Double Date Night Week

Something that has really surprised me is how good “real food” tastes. [Maybe that sounds silly to you. But I thought it would be really hard trying to change my habits.] Yesterday, I enjoyed canned tuna with avocado, Italian seasonings, salt & pepper and a little lemon juice. Can I also point out how cheap this is? I got the tuna and avocado on sale, and I always have those seasonings around… so it cost a grand total of $1.52. Last week, I made a “salad” of black beans, tomato, avocado and a little lemon juice. SO GOOD. (The little salad, I can take credit for. The tuna meal is Pinterest.)

Wednesday night was date night… we went to Olive Garden. I have been making a habit of looking at menus online before we go out to eat, looking at the nutrition so I can plan out what I want to order ahead of time… and so that I can choose ahead of time to be healthy. It’s a lot easier going in with a plan, then trying to be healthy on the fly. So, I narrowed it down to two options: one of Garlic Rosemary Chicken (one of the light options) or Stuffed Chicken Marsala. I decided, going in, that if I got the Chicken Marsala, I could eat half of it. So, one salad, one bread-stick, and one half of my entree later, I was happy.  (I took the leftovers to work for lunch today.) Our date was not only free (thanks to gift-cards from family!), but fabulous. We mostly talked about what classes Josh was thinking of taking next semester.

After Olive Garden, we went to Walmart. No, this may not be exciting to most… but I NEVER go to the store anymore. You have no idea how much I want to do the grocery shopping. Why did we go to Walmart? To get folding chairs. Like the type you take camping… because we’re going to use them to sit on our front or back porch and read. Now I realize this may be a little redneck…. but we’re poor (not really, but all extra money goes to the loans so kinda). Anyway, we have this wonderful back porch, and plans to buy plastic chairs for it, but we wanted chairs NOW. So, we sprung for chairs that can fold up and go to the beach.

After that, we headed to Chick-fil-a for ice cream (because, date night), and took some home to Aaron. THEN WE WATCHED 24. We have one episode left in 24. Ahh. We have an understanding that after we finish 24, we’re going back to The West Wing for a bit.

The weather has been gorgeous this week. We’ve been sleeping with the windows open, and I have been reading outside during lunch. I LOVE it. However, it’s also been hard. I’ve mentioned my hyperhidrosis before, but it gets so much worse in the heat. Maybe I’ll write more on that later… but right now I am just uncomfortable in my own skin, and not saying nice things to myself about it. A few positive things I can say, are that I have found some products that have helped me cope with the obnoxious sweating, including flip flips that I’m not sliding in (revolutionary for me) and inserts for my shoes.

We are in the thick of the Disney countdown! I have been a Pinterest maniac: looking up tips, the best places to eat, what to pack… I’m so ready. This weekend, Josh and I have to do our Taxes (bleck) but we’re also going to start looking into FastPasses and such.  But first, we have a second date night this evening. It is a night of our favorites: Moe’s and the drive in movie theater. We’re seeing the new “real life version” of Cinderella, and some Disney movie about sports (obviously we’re going for Cinderella).

So, plans for the weekend include: date tonight, church meeting in the morning, taxes, fun (probably a movie, board games, and BBQ chicken sandwiches), finishing 24, church, and game night with friends!


Dear Josh,

I am so excited about our weekend, even if the Zoo plans got rained out. I’m excited because you are staying with me ALL SATURDAY LONG. Not only that, but we have TWO DATES in ONE week. I am just soaking up the love like a sponge. Thank you for working so hard to rearrange your schedule to have max time with me! Maybe we can sit out in our new chairs and read on Sunday?
Timehop tells me I was depressed this time last year. Apparently, this happened (see below) and I’m glad it did. I remember last year being so hard, and being so beat down by the crazy lady. Hopefully, as those wounds heal I can remember how awesome you were though it all… and start to focus on the positives of those early days, rather than the days of unemployment, and then emotional/verbal abuse when I was finally employed.


I love you so much.