The Snow Wedge

Oh snow… I thought we were friends. I have spent my life praying for and anticipating your arrival. I have cancelled plans for you. I have embraced movies about you (White Christmas, Frozen, etc). Have I not been your biggest fan?

[The correct answer is yes… yes, I have been.]

Then why, WHY, oh snow, have you tried to become a wedge? Not that I’m not happy you’re here… but could you please stop ruining date night with my husband?

Yesterday it snowed all day long. Without fail, and without rest. It was really bad on my way to work… the roads got icy so fast, and I (remember the Southern girl?) slid all over the road, encountered locked brakes for the first time, and almost got in about 3-10 accidents. (Definitely 3, maybe as many as 10.)

As a result of the snow/ice, Growth Group was cut short. We gathered for the meal, and dispersed. So… the Cornelissens enjoyed some wine (ok that was just me) and 24. The guys are seeing why I love Senator Palmer… he is the bomb.

When it snows, I hate being a grown up. I hate that snowflakes make me feel stressed… I think about the roads, the hours I’ll miss, the PTO I don’t have, the lack of my skill in cooking without electricity, and whether or not we have enough blankets in the case of a power outage. Yes, obviously I am struggling with worry, and also struggling with surrendering it.

So, we have looked at the budget, we have brainstormed things to eat, and now I will attempt to surrender my worry, and trust in Josh’s leadership of our family, and God’s provision and peace. If I don’t get 40 hours in at work, that’s ok.

Over the course of the night, we’re expecting somewhere between 4 and 12 inches. Obviously I’m not planning on working tomorrow… lots of opportunities to worry, but I will choose not to. Josh and I have been planning to go see the Gilmores this weekend, and that is still the plan… of course if it’s INSANE we’ll stay home, because we want to be safe… but we are also pretty desperate to see our best friends and meet our godson. 🙂 Life IS an adventure, isn’t it?


Dear Josh,

Thank you for coming to rescue me last night, and for talking me through the budget. I am bummed that we still can’t go out for our date, but I’m happy with Chickfila drive thru meal tonight… just as long as I get to spend time with you. 🙂
I have to admit, because I am usually hatin’ on it, I’m glad you have that Explorer. It has been such a blessing not to worry about getting places.
I love you. I’m glad Ethics is over, so you can spend time with me if we get snowed in! 😀

See you tonight for a mini-date.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Pillows and Plans

In case you were worried (you shouldn’t have been), I fixed my sewing machine and cranked out that pillow case. I finally put holes in the wall and finished that photo gallery!

Pillow Case #2! Hedgehog attached with super fancy stitching by my sewing machine and mad skilz.


The coziest corner of our bedroom. Belinda (the chair) and my photo collage (pictures found on my Pinterest board!).


The work week started off slow… it’s been rainy outside, and I have felt super “blah.” But at home, I feel excited about all the progress I’ve made, with the sewing projects and the home decoration, and I have been seriously on top of my meal game this week. (Although now our microwave is broken so… that leftovers for life plan? Kinda breakin’ down…)

Tonight I have a date with my favorite man. We’re going to Outback, with a giftcard we won at the company Christmas party, and then we’re going to Jo-Ann fabrics to get some stuff for my new project. (Friends, keep having babies…. because I love making things for you.)

Can I just say (again) how thankful I am for a husband that is so supportive of my hobbies? I love the way he encourages me to develop skills, especially when it’s blessing someone else. However, I must admit that now that I have so confidently taken on a new project, I am back in the stage of doubting myself. I didn’t know what I was doing last time, and I think the end result was pretty darn cute… so this will be ok. I have been totally persuaded by the cuteness of baby things for boys… there’s definitely less options, but I’m just in love with the fabric I found.

Tomorrow is nerd night, and I didn’t have plans… well now I do! I’m having a girls night, which means Mexican food. I’m really looking forward to it, especially since I haven’t spent a lot of time with them since Aaron moved in… which is fine because I didn’t have the emotional capacity to.

Today, I feel stuck waiting. For the mail, for help in the office, for 5 o’clock. I am praying for joy in my job today, because it’s not that bad. NONE OF THE PROBLEMS AT WORK ARE THE END OF THE WORLD. (Yes, caps were necessary.) But, in two hours I am running out the front door, and going home to my husband. We are splitting our meals tonight, so we both get steak and chicken. I will continue waiting for the work day to come to an end, and praying for my attitude in the meantime. I will think about the happy things I’m anticipating like holding Joseph in just 2 weeks, making ham and cheese chowder this weekend, stitching together a blanket that will keep little Miles cozy and warm, and looking forward to babysitting for my friends next Friday while they enjoy a date night. Why do I enjoy making things for my friends? It takes my thoughts off of me… and I need that. I get SO sick of myself, and it is so humbling, and so refreshing, to pray for my friends as I make things for them.


Dear Josh,

I am so excited about our date: sharing food, and shopping for fabric. I love that you encourage my projects, and don’t suggest that there are better ways to spend my time. Today has been frustrating, mostly because I’m learning new things and I feel like a bumbling fool.
Thankfully you found a way to get us salad, and steak, AND cheesecake tonight. You… I just love you.
I love that your response to my photo collage project was that you loved it and loved that such a strong representation of me was on our wall. That made me feel a LOT better about putting up such girly pictures in our room. Thank you for loving every single creative part of me. I can learn much from you in this aspect.
Until 5, I’ll be crunching some numbers, waiting for answers, and balancing ye ol’ Quickbooks… but at 5:30, when I get home we’re on a date. Can’t wait to see you.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Feel the Burn?

Oh, life. Always teaching me lessons. This weekend, life has reminded me that things take time.

Let me rewind.
Not to keep replaying the same song, but I got Mono this past Fall. Obviously it had a huge impact on our lives, including time off of work, medical bills, Josh having to pick up a ton of responsibility, and a super crappy immune system. I literally laid around… because I had no energy, and no strength. That was in October. Since October, I haven’t gotten back into an exercise routine. I have a desk job. I leave before the sun rises, and get home after it sets. I don’t work in a super fantastic area, and walking around the area is pretty much not an option. These things, combined with the cold weather, the move, and my brother in law moving in have resulted in basically no physical exercise.
Fast-forward to now.
I got a Fitbit with my Christmas money. I LOVE IT. I am so motivated to meet my goals, and this past week I hit 10,000 steps (and beyond) every single day. YAY ME! I felt so proud of myself, and I was completely stoked. Yes, my legs were a little sore, but I figured that was because I just wasn’t used to actually being off my butt.
THEN I rested on Sunday. I didn’t try to meet a step goal, I didn’t push myself.
Now my knees are burning. It hurts to walk, it hurts to stand. Like I am in so much pain, I am crying… all the time.
Life is reminding me that things take time. I have to be patient. I have to go slow. After all, I had MONO. Yes, I should be striving towards a more active lifestyle…. but it is completely unrealistic to push myself that hard. As I am following the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation), and depending on my next dose of Ibuprofen, I’m reminded that things take time. Henceforth, I have given myself a pat on the back for being so motivated, and lowered my daily step goal. I’ll be slowly ramping back up, as soon as I can stand without crying.
So that was the end of my weekend. The rest of the weekend included lots of time with the guys. Josh and I had a meeting at church on Saturday morning, and then went to our favorite Mexican joint for lunch/processing the meeting. We spent the afternoon hanging out together, and ended up making frozen pizza and watching 24. I think I have the boys hooked.
Sunday, we went to church, got lunch with friends (that was an adventure… it went from Panera to Chipotle to Mediterranean in just a matter of minutes), went to Kohls (I have a giftcard but I was not really in the shopping mood), stopped by TJ Maxx, and then on to the movie theater! We love Raleighwood, which is a cinema grill. Basically a place where you can eat a meal and watch a cheap movie. So we got popcorn and saw Big Hero 6! OH MY GOSH. If I had any tears left, I would have sobbed. And I totally get Sophie’s obsession because I want Bay Max to be my robotic best friend. That is all.
That brings us to Sunday night. I had a wonderful chat with my mom, and then went to make Pancakes and that’s when I couldn’t stand because my knees hurt so bad. So Aaron and Josh set me up on the couch (they are like the best ever) and Josh made the pancakes. We had dinner together at the table (something we make a priority every evening we’re all home together), and then watched more 24. Due to my early Monday morning meetings at work, I was in bed and sleeping by 9:30.
Yes, life has been challenging lately… but it has also been so much fun. It’s nice that Josh has someone to hang out with, and I don’t have to feel guilty about saying I need time for myself. It’s fun to teach someone new, and also learn from them. It’s fun to have a whole new perspective in our conversations. So, despite the growing pains, we’re having a blast.
Dear Josh,
Thanks for balancing the weekend between time with me and time with friends/Aaron. Thanks for serving me, having fun with me, and even making pancakes for me. I’m also thankful that you tell me when you’re proud of me… especially since you have had to say “I’m proud of you, now sit down so you don’t hurt yourself.” I’ve needed to hear both things.
I love you. Can’t wait to come home.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Voting (Cakes, Dates, and Politics)

Happy Wednesday! At this point, we’re more than halfway through the work week. (That’s my happy thought today.)

This week has been busy, and I am feeling a tired. Monday evening Josh and I prepped dinner for Tuesday night, made dinner, and then we went our separate ways. I went to our friends home and sat on their couch for a few hours while their sweet little girl slept, and they had a date. The smiles on their faces after having a night out of the house as a couple, not parents… priceless. I would sit on their couch every night if they asked me to. It was great, I got to sit in a quiet, clean home, and enjoy some silence…. and Josh got to spend a few hours doing homework. Everybody was happy.

Tuesday was a major bill paying day at work. My desk was covered in paper, and I loved it…. every single second of it. Plus, it was my sister in law’s 12th birthday and I got to talk to her over lunch. (Can we talk about how crazy it is that I have so many sisters in law? I definitely never expected to have any so young! But man is it fun.) When I got home from work Josh and I went to vote. It was a pretty big deal because it was my first time voting… I’m glad Josh encouraged me to do it. After we voted, we went home to finish the meal for Growth Group. Man, it hit the spot. The cheesy chicken and rice (recipe here) warmed us from the inside out and we topped it off with apple cake… which included a cream cheese filling and caramel icing (recipe here). It was encouraging to hear the silence and the “mmmm”s of people eating the dinner we prepared. Tuesday was a good “see, I can do things right!” day for Deborah. PLUS my husband led the group for the first time. Maybe I’m biased, but I just think he’s the best… and I love the passion he has for scripture; both the understanding and application of it. I’m so excited to see him grow in this role, and adapt new roles of leadership.
Josh and I stayed up until 11pm (everyone knows that is insanely late for me) watching the election progress. I’m a little competitive… so I kind of had to know my peeps were going to make it or not.

Wednesday, I did the basic morning stumble… shower, sandwich, coffee, drive to work. Staff meeting. Chasing paperwork from guys at work. Filing. Emails. Deposits. I’m counting down the minutes to my lunch break, and I’m trying to decide whether I’m going to Target or to read.
This afternoon holds more filing, paying bills, and creating AIA billing documents. This evening holds grocery shopping and a date with my man. We’re going to Olive Garden! Maybe some pumpkin bread baking for my sister, Grace… but most certainly leaving work at 5pm. Until then, I will keep on working until the work is done, and enjoying my Civil Wars Pandora station.


Dear Josh,

I am really looking forward to our date night! We don’t go out a ton, but it’s always nice when I don’t have to worry about dinner. Not going to lie, I’m pretty sleepy today… but I’m glad we went out and voted, and then tracked followed the results. (Also still can’t believe that Clay Aiken is involved in politics. So. Weird. Sorry I insinuated your were insane for saying it was the singer and that I did not exactly reply with “you were right and I was wrong.”) We’re pretty good for each other. You make me vote and I make you eat salad.
Speaking of salad… Olive Garden. I’m excited about date night!
I am so proud of the way you led our group last night. I’m thankful for the way you taught us, the ways you have taught me, and the ways you will teach our kids (one day). One of the things I’m most thankful for is that I don’t feel stupid for saying “hey I don’t understand this: will you discuss it with me?” That’s proven so valuable when discussing scripture, politics, and even our budget. I’m thankful for the big ways you love me, and the little ways like taking me to vote and bragging on my baking skills to other people.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen