At this point, I am quite behind on my blogging. I have a great excuse though– mono. Nevertheless, a lot has happened in the past week so I’ll catch you up.

Friday, 17th. Friday, was a long and hard day at work. I gave it all I had, but I felt like crap. After a long day, I came home to my sweet husband my sister in law Kaity! Those two dears went straight to Walmart with me to get some more cough drops and things from my “sicko” list. We had leftover lasagna, played Cacassone, and enjoyed being together.

Saturday, 18th. We took the morning really easy… I had a really hard time sleeping, and Saturday I hit a wall of exhaustion. We made breakfast, played games, showed Kaity what we hoped our new place, and then we went to Raleighwood to see Malificent! The movie was sooo good… but Kaity and I were a little rusty on our Sleeping Beauty. (Actually- I don’t think Kaity had ever seen it!) So when we got home, Josh did some dishes and Kaity and I watched Sleeping Beauty. We had planned to do Steak and Shake for dinner, but the movie got out at 4:30 and I didn’t feel good… so changed that plan. We ended up getting Chinese food for dinner, which we never do, and hung out. The night was long and miserable. I woke Josh up, crying, because I was in so much pain and SO tired. In that moment- I’m sure Josh felt helpless and I felt like I would be sick forever- we got some awesome news. Our application for the townhome was approved! It was SO comforting, and it felt like God was saying “See? I’m taking care of you.”

Sunday, 19th. Sunday was the worst day, health-wise, of the entire mono saga. My throat, lymph nodes, and tonsils were so sore and swollen that I could barely open my mouth, and could barely swallow. It hurt to talk, but that didn’t matter because my voice was gone anyway! I don’t even want to write about this day… so let’s say it was miserable… there was lots of crying… and Josh and Kaity are saints. Also, I bought some spray for my throat that numbs… and I was terrified to try it because it’s cherry flavor. BLEEEECK. So, in an act of solidarity, Josh tried it too. I almost died laughing from the way he reacted to it numbed his tongue! (I tried it and it didn’t taste that bad… but I sprayed my tongue too.)

Monday, 20th. I stayed home. All day. And did nothing but watch Netflix. I felt like a bum. It still hurt to talk so I wrote everything out to Josh. BUT I had gotten sleep. Blessed sleep. And I napped a lot of the day. Also I watched Cupcake Wars and might have cried because I wanted to eat a cupcake but I was too tired to make them, and still too swollen to eat them. Agh.

Tuesday, 21st. I stayed home again and spent another day watching Netflix. I felt so much better, night and day from Sunday, that I went to growth group and EVEN ATE REAL FOOD THAT WAS NOT PRIMARILY A LIQUID. Seems like nothing, but it had been over a week since that was really possible.

Also, I think it’s worth stating that one of the biggest issues was that not only did it hurt to eat, but I didn’t WANT to eat. I had no appetite, and had to make myself eat. Tuesday was the first time in 2 weeks that I even wanted to eat. Big big big step.

Wednesday, 22nd. I went back to work for a half day, arriving for the staff meeting, and got teased my all my co-workers (all guys) for having mono. I definitely wanted to run away when I saw my desk covered in paper, my phone flashing with voicemails, and my email inbox overflowing. Regardless, I left by 12:30 and was home- back on the couch- by 1. I was SO thankful I decided to do a half day.

Thursday, 23rd. I did the morning at work and spent the afternoon crafting/sitting on the couch. I signed up as a vendor for the SEBTS craft sale on November 1st, if you forgot… before I got mono. That seriously cramped my crafting style for 2-3 weeks, so I had to really bring it this week. Our friends brought us dinner, which was a huuuge blessing.

Friday, 24th. I did the morning at work and had a lunch date with my love at Olive Garden. Those are a rare occurrence, so we seized the opportunity! I spend the afternoon crafting/watching Netflix as per usual.

Saturday, 25th. crafting. Crafting. Crafting. Everything is almost ready for the craft sale… and I feel really good about it.

Sunday, 26th. I did more for the craft sale… Josh and I planned our Halloween costume… and we talked to our landlord! Also, under my obsessive watch guiding help my husband made a batch of soup to take to work!

Monday, 27th. Today is first full day back at work in 2 weeks. I feel SO much better. I’m so thankful that I have a job where I am missed in my absence, but they also care about me as a person… and that I knew they’d understand I needed time to rest and get better. Tonight Josh and I are going to spend some time doing homework/crafts, and go meet our landlord! WE GOT THE PLACE- so we’re meeting tonight to sign the lease and make our housing deposit. I don’t think I could be more relieved or excited. I had in my mind that I would have this big blog post about it, but life is busy.

The Cornelissen’s home, come December!


Dear Josh,
Mono stunk. What didn’t stink is the stellar care you gave me. Thank you SO much for all you did… the grocery shopping, the hand holding, the bumming around with me, the water fetching, the tear drying, the encouraging, the silliness to make me laugh, sitting up in the middle of the night with me, making me gargle with salt water, peeling me away from webmd, and taking care of all the housing stuff in the midst of it all. I’m so glad you’re with me through it all- craft sales, sickness, moving… it’s only making our relationship stronger, and I’m thankful.
Also, I’m super excited about our plan when we move in…. 1. Decorate for Christmas 2. Put in Christmas movie 3. Start fire 4. Watch movie with dip, popcorn, hot chocolate. Looking forward to spending another Christmas with you, hanging our stockings on our mantle, and making a new place feel like home.

Can’t wait to come home to you at the end of this super long day. It feels like the 2nd day of school- when the initial excitement is gone and the classes seem to last forever.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Dreaming of a Dishwasher

Friday night came earlier than expected. My boss saw me sitting at my desk, counting down the seconds until 5pm and asked me if I was bored. As I try to be honest, I had finished all the work I could possibly do at 4, and it was 4:30. I spend a half hour trying not to blatantly stare at the clock. So I said, yes I’m bored. He responded “if you don’t have anything to do, go home! It’s been a long week and I know you don’t feel good.” (Yes, I felt like crap all week and on top of that we have two less people in our office because they quit. And I keep getting nasty phone calls about things they were supposed to do and didn’t.) So instead of leaving work at 5 on Friday, I got HOME at 5 on Friday… which is when Josh got off work, so we got to be together a whole 30 minutes early. Happy Friday to ME!!!

We had frozen pizza, took a meal to a sick friend, I did some sewing, and we watched a lot of Parks and Rec.


Saturday, I tried to sleep in but didn’t have much success. Josh got those heavenly donuts, and I didn’t change out of my pajamas until after noon. That’s the dream. (We’re going to leave out the part that the reason I didn’t change out of my pajamas is because I felt so sore it hurt to reach to the coffee table to get my water. Yeah.)

At 2pm, we went to view a townhouse/duplex situation that we really like. It’s about 3 miles from SEBTS, on a quiet road, in a wooded area, with plenty of parking. The home itself is completely renovated… hardwood floors downstairs, carpet upstairs. A REAL LIFE SIZE OVEN. A dishwasher. An open floor plan downstairs, 1 and ½ bath, 2 bedrooms, plenty of closet space, a small front porch and a big back porch, yard work and water included in rent… I love it. Also, the guy showing it to us told us some probably confidential information about the other people who have applied, so basically we know we’re the best candidates. I can’t lie. I’ve been shopping for kitchen tables and Pinteresting “how to decorate a mantle” (did I mention there is a fireplace?). I want this to be it. I want the search to be over. I know that if this is where we’re supposed to be, it will happen…. it just scares me how much I love this place. So, pray that we will have peace as we wait to hear, and pray that if this isn’t the place for us that we won’t be discouraged.


We spent the rest of Saturday spending time together and then we played board games with our friends, Tom & Charissa. It was supposed to be a guys/girls night but people couldn’t make it… so it turned into a couples night. Which was so fun. I’m so thankful for these friends.


Sunday, after a rough night of sleep, we got to church bright and early for nursery duty! Yes, I had to change six diapers. Honestly, it was a fair trade for being able to spend a couple of hours with those kids. I used to work in child care, and I was a nanny, and I was also a behavioral therapist… kid-centered jobs. Now I work with a bunch of people who behave like children. I’ve missed the ACTUAL children. The little girl I held spilled apple juice all over me, and I was her safety zone. If I even thought about putting her down, her world crumbled apart. One day we’ll have our own kids… meanwhile, the nursery was awesome.


Sunday afternoon, I watched the Browns victoriously smash the Steelers into the ground and send them home crying. I think Josh enjoyed this because I’m not good at trash talking at all but was determined to hurl insults at the tv screen, and for the obvious reason, I was watching football with him. That’s a big deal. I was actually watching it. After that excitement, I went to catch up on a tv show and left Josh to study for Greek (his midterm is on Wednesday). Then we went to the store to buy soup (my throat is killing me) and Josh made me grilled cheese, and we watched Alias until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore (umm that was until 8, and then I forced myself to stay up until 9 so I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night).


My sweetheart made my lunch, so I got to sleep a little later than normal, and now I’m at work.  We’re submitting the application for the townhouse today or tomorrow, so that’s super exciting. Tonight we’re having Cincinnati chili and I will be chugging hot tea. Josh reminded me I usually get sick twice a year (I said “How do YOU know?” He looked at me, and said lovingly “I’ve known you for three years. It’s like clockwork.”), so I guess I’m doing my sick time. Hopefully it will pass soon. And hopefully the campus leaf blowers will stop blowing leaves outside my window at 6:20 am. It would really be nice if I could wake up to my alarm, not a leaf blower. Thanks.

Dear Josh,

I am so thankful for you, and the way you have taken care of me this week. I know I haven’t been a delight to take care of, but you have been so sweet. Thanks for sitting around with me and doing things for me because I felt so crappy.

Also, I am super excited that we may have found our new home. It’s SO exciting that you loved it as much as I did!!! It feels like such a huge step, and I am still sad about moving out of our first home, but there are only bigger and better things waiting.

And… I loved seeing you make all those kids laugh. My favorite part was when you crawled around and they all followed you in a line, giggling.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Falling for Fall

Suddenly, Fall is upon us. The last day of Summer was warm and bright, and the first day of Autumn was dark and cold. I thought about wearing a jacket and scarf… didn’t, and spent the whole day regretting it. Monday was Summer weather (talking 80 degrees), and Tuesday it was full-out Fall (50s).


Monday night we finished the movie Winter’s Tale. Weird, weird, weird. No other words. I’ve been struggling to get rest- I’ve been so stressed lately- and finally slept most of the night (but had weird dreams).


All day Tuesday I wanted to be home, in a big hoodie and slippers, baking to my hearts content. In one day I promised 3 separate parties Pumpkin bread. (Oh what have I done?!) The day had a steady stream of work, approving invoices, printing, folding, stuffing, stamping, and sending. (Invoice day is my favorite.) Let’s go back to my Pumpkin bread. I found a recipe last winter, with a pumpkin butter-cream icing. It is perfection. Josh and I made many loaves during the first months of our marriage. It was the perfect companion to our days snowed in!

Josh takes our neighbor grocery shopping every week, and this week he heard about my pumpkin bread. Not only did he buy what I needed to make it, he payed me for the bread. So yes, there’s going to be a baking storm. (And I have to decide what to get. Flannel sheets? Lamp? New shirt? Haven’t decided yet.)


There is just something about Fall. I think it is this: I love being cozy (also, it’s the season I started falling in love with Josh, if we want to be sappy). Everything about Fall and Winter screams COZY. Blankets, boots, sweaters, scarves, fires… how can you not love it? Autumn has arrived, and has wrapped me in a great big hug.

I hope you’re here to stay.


On a random note: last night I dreamed that I made a pan of chicken alfredo lasagna for our friends, the Pollocks, but they were in another state, so I needed to mail it to them…. but I didn’t have money for postage, so I decided to put it on the side of the highway so a trucker could pick it up and mail it for me. Well, when I arrived back at Capernwray Hall (in downtown Chicago- that’s where I was…) I found my brother, Matthew, and told him in a panic that I had to go back and find my lasagna because what was I thinking?!?!?! One – it had to be refrigerated, and two- I didn’t put their address on it! The trucker would eat it all himself!! (Plus I should have used a disposable pan, instead of my nice Pyrex pan with the cover and I said “Josh will KILL ME!”.)

I have no explanation.


Today, I want to bake, then devour some pumpkin bread, drink some hot chocolate, snuggle up with my favorite man, and watch You’ve Got Mail (classic!). I guess, theoretically, that could happen since tonight is date night!!!  I know that I need to do a little baking tonight, as well as tomorrow night, because our oven isn’t very big and I promised our neighbor, Josh, and my sister in law loaves of the legendary Pumpkin bread! 🙂 PLUS there are some apple cookies that I’m dying to make.
The apartment/home search? It goes on. We have an application to the apartment complex we like, but it’s pretty involved and we haven’t had a chance to do it together. Meanwhile, the town-home I love is still available and I want to take a visit!


Dear Josh,

Our favorite season has arrived! Sweet Autumn. I am so excited that THIS Autumn we are married. I get to fill our little home with the aroma of baking, and snuggle up with you. I’m glad you like to take walks, and let me stop and soak in the air, the smells, the beautiful changing leaves. I’m also glad you enjoy the things I cook and bake. (You are SO fun to feed.)

I’m looking forward to a quiet, cozy date night with you.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen
PS. Thanks for telling me I looked like I belonged in a fashion catalog this morning! The power of the scarf and blazer.

The Shoe Doesn’t Fit

I am in a little bit of a mid-week funk. Nothing exciting is going on… just the daily grind of work, but there are plenty of things I’d like to do (as you guessed, none of the things I want to do are at work). Josh has been studying for first Hebrew exam… and I’ve been working. There is a big event for our customers this week (I am not going- my boss told me I could if I wanted to, but that he’d rather I take his place so he didn’t have to go… that’s when I said thanks but no thanks).

The past couple days at work have been super busy, which has been good, but have left me tired. Also getting up around 6 am… that has left me tired. Josh and I have been walking in the morning, until this morning because I have big old nasty blister on my heel. I need new walking/running shoes, and that is always a struggle for me. I get blisters really easily (enter: topic I don’t want to talk about, but it’s called hyperhidrosis), and stress out about buying shoes since I can’t tell if they will give me blisters… so I’m afraid of wasting money. The one pair of shoes I’ve had that didn’t give me blisters were a pair of Salomon shoes, and they have been since discontinued.

Work and walking have been things I’ve needed to do. Something I have been wanting to do is make creme brulee… basically since I saw it in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and realized that IT IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT A BLOW TORCH THINGY. (If it’s in that cookbook, it is possible.) But that requires ramekins… which I don’t have… and reminds me I still haven’t looked to see if my little Pyrex storage set is oven proof, because those could work.

Honestly, I’m struggling to find joy in this day. I’m tired, I miss my husband, and I feel restrained by our self-imposed tight budget (saving for the new place and working on putting money back into savings after buying the car), and I want to cook. Josh and I spent some time this weekend dreaming together. We talked a lot about kids names (train wreck- good thing we have a lot of time to think about it- Josh, October is NOT A NAME!!!!!!), and I talked about what I hope our new place is going to be like, and how nice it will be to have a table, and a place for people to stay with us… dreams. Maybe I need to dream more.

Right now I’m dreaming about fall. I’m excited for fall but this made me burst out laughing: IT IS SO TRUE YOU GUYS. Also, it’s not truly Fall until you have to wear sweaters to keep warm. At that point, when I am able to wear my brown boots and tights, I will start making my pumpkin bread and warming my pumpkin candle. If I’m not wearing a sweater and boots, it is not Fall and I don’t need anything pumpkin.

Now I’m finding joy in a future event (Fall!), but not the present. So, an exercise my mom made us do when we complained: 5 things I’m thankful for.

  1. I’m thankful that Josh went to sleep with me last night instead of staying up and doing his Greek homework.
  2. Date nights.
  3. The comfy knock-off Toms I’m wearing today. Oh, sweet comfort.
  4. We HAVE a savings account. (I hear that’s uncommon for people our age.)
  5. Homemade salsa.

Wednesdays are normally date nights, but Josh needs to study for Hebrew… so we’re having leftover pancakes for dinner, and I am spending an evening with my crafts and Netflix. (Josh is taking me out tomorrow night and I’m pretty excited.)

Finally, I usually don’t watch videos at work… but this one I did, and it made me laugh so hard. You’re welcome.



I’m glad we’re a team. If we weren’t completely unified in this whole seminary thing, life would be even harder. I miss you. I know we’re getting into the thick of the semester, and that sometimes you need to spend more time with Greek and Hebrew than me. That’s ok… because I know you guard the time we have together. I’m looking forward to our date night tomorrow, instead of tonight, and I believe 110% that you are going blow this exam out of the water. I am so glad that I don’t have to do the boring or the hard days by myself, and that every work days ends the same: coming home to you.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen