Welcome to Real Life

Just in case you thought I had it all together, there were 5 days in a row I was supposed to make soup… and put it off until the next day.
Those breakfasts I made ahead of time and froze? I have forgotten to defrost them. I have overslept. And I have skipped them.
I had a friend over on Monday, and we literally ate leftovers. Welcome to real life.
I keep saying “at least I still have clean underwear.”

This weekend was really fun with our little sisters. We were able to spend a ton of quality time with them playing games, taking them trunk or treating at a church, and trick or treating around the neighborhood. It was so fun to experience those things with them, and to celebrate Grace’s birthday too!

This weekend was a big milestone for Aaron. First, HE GOT A JOB! Second, he drove from Wake Forest to Virginia Beach! It was his first extended trip driving, and despite the construction and darkness, I think he did a good job. It was definitely good practice!!

The last few days have thrown us for a loop. Things haven’t made much sense, and we have received a lot of conflicting messages. Josh and I have steeped ourselves in the Psalms, which our church is going through right now. We have been so encouraged by listening to the sermons online, and meeting with our growth group. I am so thankful for that precious group of people that have surrounded us in our pain this year, lifted us up in prayer, and spoken truth to us.
Hurting people hurt people… that has been so apparent this week. But the Lord restores. I have seen Him work miraculously in my heart and my marriage this Summer. I know that He works all things together for our good, and His glory. I pray His opinion and His favor always matter more to us than what a human thinks, says, and does in their hurt and anger.

Wednesday night we enjoyed an amazing dinner at Olive Garden! Josh got unlimited pasta, and I got stuffed chicken marsala. Oh my word it was amazing. Our growth group has been so encouraging and supportive this year… and dinner last night was actually on them. They blessed our socks off with a giftcard a few weeks ago. We are so thankful for the community God has given us. We love you guys!
After dinner, I worked on some finishing craft sale touches (button holes on the aprons) and we watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory. We’re a few seasons behind, so we’re tying to catch up. It was a wonderful, relaxing evening together in the midst of a crazy week. I’m so glad we protect time together.

Also, I just have to mention this. I chopped veggies in my food processor for the first time. I know. Kinda late to that party. I’ve used it for salsa, smoothies, and more… but I finally approached that huge scary blade and it “chopped” my food prep in half. Hehe.

Last night I met a friend for Mexican food after work. It was so fun, and so delicious! The rest of the evening was spent… freaking out. I priced my items, tried to design what my table layout will be at the sale, and finally finished all the button holes on the aprons.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the craft and bake sale! All my projects are done, and I’m setting my table up tonight after work. I have had so much fun preparing for this. Stretching myself to make new things (kid-size ties and hair bows), mass-producing previous successful projects (toddler-size aprons), and setting out to sell leftovers from last year’s sale. One of the rules for the craft sale is “No Comparing.” I’m struggling with that one… but I’m thankful for the projects I was able to spend time on and hopeful I will make some money from them.

Sunday is the baby shower I’m throwing for one of the girls in our growth group! So… after the craft sale tomorrow it will be cupcake decorating/streamer hanging time for me. 🙂

And, finally, the best meme I have ever seen.



Dear Josh,

I’m glad you’re going to be at the craft sale with me. I am excited but also pretty nervous about it… at least we will have chili and bread waiting for us when we get home! I’m glad we’ll be together all day. It might be a long day, hopefully not full of “I could make this” comments from customers, but I know that you believe in me, and are so excited about selling my crafts. Maybe in December we can have a lazy Saturday again?


Labor Day Weekend 2015 (and other happenings)

Last week, Josh and I had planned was to celebrate his birthday on date night. I felt terrible because I really didn’t do anything for his birthday this year. So… the plan was try a new-to-us Mediterranean restaurant (highly recommended by our friends), Aladdin’s, and get Sweet Frog frozen yogurt for dessert. The reality was that I wasn’t feeling well (no, I am not pregnant… let’s get that out of the way); I was feeling extremely nauseous and I had a horrible headache so we opted for an evening in. We got CFA for dinner and spent the evening watching Once Upon a Time. We had decided to do Aladdin’s and Sweet Frog this week instead, but low and behold I’m like super sick… so that didn’t happen. Instead, we opted for another night in with Moe’s and Once Upon a Time. Then we ended up reading and falling asleep like old people.

MAJOR victory the last two weeks, I organized my closet. Granted, Josh has been pushed way over in the closet (he volunteered!)… but I have all seasons of clothes unpacked, and ready to transition. My sweaters are on a SHELF instead of in a plastic tub in the bottom of my closet (first time for everything), my boots are under the edge of the bed, and my scarves are begging the weather to cool off so they can be used. Suddenly… all my outfits seem like they would be better with a scarf.

I’m trying to decide if I want to sign up for this year’s craft and bake sale at the seminary. If you remember, last year I signed up and was diagnosed with Mono in the midst of prepping/right around the actual sale. I felt like CRAP the actual day of the sale, didn’t sell all my stuff, and came out just breaking even. I have a bit of stuff left over, so anything I sell would be a profit… but my confidence has been a little shot. I thought about trying to get into the baking part of the sale this year and making samples of cheesecake or pumpkin bread, and taking orders… but I’m afraid of getting overwhelmed filling the orders, especially since November/December is usually so busy for us.

Labor Day weekend was full of celebrating Josh’s birthday in Columbia with my family! It was a pretty monumental weekend for my family… they upgraded to smart phones, and they have texting for the first time ever. While they were getting phones, I went shopping! I finally found a pencil skirt and pair of jeans- and they were on SUPER sale. YAY! On Monday, I went shopping again and scored a bunch of fabric on mega sale. If I hadn’t hit sales, it would have cost me almost $65… I think I spent around $25. Other highlights of the weekend: I got to see my BFF and her new house and I got to spend time with my mom.

The weekend was wonderful, but I came home exhausted and have been really sick this week. Hopefully a quiet movie night and a good night of sleep will make me feel better. My goals for the weekend are very few: wash new fabric, start a blanket, watch at least one movie, make enchiladas, eat enchiladas. Oh, and read. I am still in the Hunger Games series, and still loving it!


The only other thing worth noting is that I decided to decorate for Fall. So, here’s our new mantle (and boxes that need to be unpacked). Our living room has super high ceilings, but such a cozy feel. Y’all, I seriously love how our house is coming together. It’s far from finished, but I am loving it. ESPECIALLY my kitchen… it’s so big that we can all visit while I’m making food. I have so enjoyed cooking for friends, and having many game nights around our table.  (Plus let’s give three cheers for an awesome landlord and the absence of neighbors!)

Dear Josh,
I am really looking forward to our movie night tonight! Leftover pasta and a night on the couch never sounded so nice. I’m excited to be home and do home things this weekend. I’m excited about the sewing projects I get to start, and I’m excited you’re excited about them too.
See you soon!

Easter 2015

Our visit with Josh’s family was wonderful. I was able to get off work early on Friday, so we arrived in time for dinner! Josh’s grandparents took us out for Mexican food (the way to our hearts), and we were so encouraged by the conversation and time we were able to spend with them. Saturday morning, Josh and I had a breakfast date at Cracker Barrel (the nearest one to our house is about 50 minutes away), played Ticket to Ride, and hung out with family. We celebrated birthdays (my father in law’s and Aaron’s) and enjoyed the best lasagna to ever grace this earth. Seriously, my mother in law nails it every time. (I spent most of my life thinking I didn’t like lasagna UNTIL I had hers!!!)

I must say, my March Madness bracket was not right (I had Kentucky vs Duke, with Kentucky winning) and I’m so happy about it. GO DUKE! While most of the family watched basketball, I learned how to crochet and it is so much fun. Now I keep it at work and I’m practicing when things are super dead (like today) and over my lunch breaks. Maybe it will help me stay occupied on the long drive to Florida! Not only has Aunt Katie now blessed me with a sewing machine and crochet lessons, but may have gotten me addicted to Sally Hanson Miracle Gel nail polish. (But seriously it looks like I just did my nails this morning, and I did them on Sunday… this is unheard of.)

This is the dress I was so excited about finding!


I love visiting friends and family, and I love taking trips… but honestly, being away for a weekend always throws me a little. The weekends are when I breathe, get some things done around the house, and prepare for a new week. Skip the breathing, getting anything done, and preparing… and it leaves me kind of exhausted. Add in a sweet husband who snores like a freight train because of allergy congestion, and the result is a night of 4.5 hours of very interrupted sleep, and a very emotional day to follow. (That was Tuesday). Last night I found myself extra exhausted, and my husband graciously offered to sleep on the couch so I could rest. (The result was 8 hours and 10 minutes of blissfully uninterrupted sleep. Thank you, honey.)

The Disney count is ON. [31 days til Mickey’s House.] The shopping list has been made, the car trip food planned, and the fast passes reserved. Tonight we’re doing some shopping for things on the list- like shorts for me, and pricing things like sunscreen so we can budget for them next month. Tonight is also date night so we are hitting Red Robin.


Dear Josh,

I am thankful that we have such loving, caring family on both sides (especially when they love us through leftovers– I had potato casserole and ham for lunch). I’m also thankful that you take such good care of me…. which in this specific case meant sleeping on the couch so I could get some quality rest.
Can’t wait for our date tonight! It has been a long past couple of days, and I’m ready for some time with my honey.


Sewing and baking and snowing, oh my!

The weekend. Well, it started early. I got to leave work at 4:20, since I had already hit 40 hrs, the phone hadn’t rung, and I got all my work done. So, naturally, I went to Target. Didn’t find anything… but I had the opportunity, and I seized it. We polished off leftovers and watching The West Wing. A perfect Friday night.

Saturday morning, we slept in. When we woke up, there was a text from our friends asking us to join them for breakfast! So we all went, and it was so fun. I woke up feeling pretty sniffly, and wasn’t surprised because just about everyone I’ve spent time with this week is SICK. So, that’s awesome. I didn’t get any cleaning done, but I finished the Gilmore quilt and started the Sylvias quilt (which is so fluffy I’m gonna die, AND nearing completion, which has me in shock. I super de duper love that sewing machine!).

The Gilmore Quilt Front I hand-stitched around all the little animals, except for the long strip on the top and the long strip on the bottom. Stitching around them made them puffy, so it gives the blanket more texture and makes the animals RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE.
This is the fabric framing the front, and the pattern on the back.



I mean seriously, I’m biased, but I think this is adorable.

Josh left corny Valentine’s around for me (like a typewriter that says “You’re just my type), which I loved. They were too funny… he so gets me. He also gave me this cookbook (below). It’s a pretty big deal to me. If you didn’t know, I spent a year in Europe. In early January, 2010, I went to London with my friend Sam! We had a blast, and it was seriously one of my Europe highlights. One day when I was especially homesick we were in Notting Hill, we stumbled upon the Hummingbird Bakery and it was the cutest, brightest little bakery. We got some cupcakes, and went back out in the snow and ate them on our walk… and I literally cried because the cupcakes tasted homemade (like MY home). Then I borrowed Sam’s cell phone and called my mom to say I missed her. So, I’m a little sentimental about this bakery. And my Valentine got the cookbook for me. 🙂

Josh’s Valentine’s WIN.

I caught up on my TV shows, and sat in bed for the parts of the day I wasn’t at the table sewing.

Josh brought home brownies, Ben and Jerry’s for me, and vanilla (I meant vanilla ice cream, but he thought I meant vanilla extract which was comical) and then we ordered Pizza. We watched Charade, with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, enjoyed some Hawaiian pizza from Pappa John’s, and halfway through the movie we made brownies (which I insisted on cutting with our heart shape cookie cutters) and enjoyed them with ice cream.

Yes, it was Valentine’s… and it was full of love. No, this Valentine’s Day was not all about romantic love, and I think that is clear in how it was spent.
With friends.
Working on blankets for my friend’s babies.
Giving my husband the freedom to spend the day in the library.
Spending time with my husband and Aaron, making sure we didn’t exclude Aaron.

Sunday morning, I woke up and knew I wasn’t going to make it to church. My sweet husband made my breakfast, and I stayed at home in bed all morning, resting. The afternoon held lots of The West Wing, sewing, and snuggling. We made ham and potato chowder for dinner, which was perfect considering the freezing weather.

Right now, I’m at work… feeling sick, wishing I was at home in my nice warm bed. I’m counting down the minutes until I can leave… worrying about the work I’m going to miss because of the impending snow storm, and trying to decide what movie to watch when I get home.


Dear Josh,
I can’t wait to bake yummy things from my cookbook! That was such a thoughtful gift. Thank you for helping me make the soup last night. I know Aaron didn’t like it, but I appreciated your help and your praise. Also thanks for taking care of me, which includes telling me that I don’t have to stress about getting 40 hours in at work if it’s not possible.

Please pray for the rest of my work day today. It feels like 5pm is never going to come, and my lunch made me feel sick… it’s not you, it’s Mexican leftovers.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day.

Honestly, Valentines Day does not hold a lot of luster for me. I decided to break up with my high school boyfriend on Valentines Day (it was a long time coming)… we went to see Taken, and I realized he was the only reason I wasn’t going to school in Europe. It was just a bad day… and it was mostly because I didn’t want to do the whole going out to eat make a big fuss deal, and he didn’t listen to me.

Two days later, I was single and filling out an application for one of the best experiences of my life.

6 years later, I am married to the very best Valentine.

My husband has never made Valentine’s Day a huge deal, and I like that. He makes the point of being romantic when it’s not expected, and doing so all year. He is far more concerned with making me feel loved on a daily basis, than on one day per year. And, although it may not be the norm, I love it. Yes, it is important to communicate my expectations… but I’m also learning it is more beautiful to recognize the ways my husband loves me every day, making my coffee and lunches, calling me sweet names, and taking me to the kissing step where I can be the same height… I would rather have all that than one day a year when I get red roses and chocolate because he’s “supposed to” do that.
All that to say… we don’t really have Valentines plans. We are having breakfast together, and for dinner we’re getting pizza, and hanging out all together… not having to make dinner is like my gift to myself!


Date night: we had the best laid plans for Outback, and forgot the gift card at home. So we ended up going to Chili’s, which was fantastic. We got the 2 for $20 deal, and enjoyed some highly American-style Mexican-ish food. {AND CHIPS AND GUAC!!!} Then we went to Jo Ann fabrics, which Josh now realizes is a place I could easily spent my entire paycheck. He said “This store is like… well… probably the equivalent of a library for me.” I mean seriously… I think I wanted to buy every single kind of fabric I saw. (And Josh saw Star Wars fabric… so, now I know my children’s future.)
Now, a cool part of the story… I wanted to make this blanket SO bad… but I thought it was going to be a little more than I wanted to spend. (Which is totally not a big deal because I would much rather spend my money on a blanket for my friend than new tights.) BUT all the fabric was on sale, and even the fluffy filling was on sale! So I was not only within my budget, but came in under budget. It was like a sweet confirmation that yes, I am spending my money and my time well. (For any money leftover in the budget goes to those pesky loans!)

So, behold: the future quilt. I am just in love with it. The wheels are buttons! I got the blue plaid for the backing, although there were a ton of other tempting choices. This blanket won’t be quite as involved as my last one, so I’m even more confident about the result now. 🙂  The fabric is all washed and ready to go… so construction begins this weekend!


Last night was SO much fun. I picked my friend up on the way home from work, and we hung out talking and then met the rest of the girls for Mexican at my favorite place. The night wrapped up with a small glass of wine and the Property Brothers, since Josh and Aaron had guys night. Then I got a wonderful night of sleep, which was MUCH needed.

Naturally, Josh is spending most of Saturday in the library, and I will be cleaning and sewing. Living the dream! I might even make cookies, because: Valentine’s Day. I thought about going to the mall… but Valentine’s traffic. A day at home sounds like the best plan. 🙂


Dear Josh,

You are my every day Valentine. I love you, and I even love loving you! I’m looking forward to a quiet night in, and spending some time with you. The weeks are so long and I miss you! I am even looking forward to updating the budget tonight… is that silly? I feel super good about doing things for others, and also saving us some money while doing it.
I am looking forward to doing home things all weekend long. Cleaning, laundry, sewing, and snuggling. I’m so glad I share my home with you, and I get to be your wife.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Pillows and Plans

In case you were worried (you shouldn’t have been), I fixed my sewing machine and cranked out that pillow case. I finally put holes in the wall and finished that photo gallery!

Pillow Case #2! Hedgehog attached with super fancy stitching by my sewing machine and mad skilz.


The coziest corner of our bedroom. Belinda (the chair) and my photo collage (pictures found on my Pinterest board!).


The work week started off slow… it’s been rainy outside, and I have felt super “blah.” But at home, I feel excited about all the progress I’ve made, with the sewing projects and the home decoration, and I have been seriously on top of my meal game this week. (Although now our microwave is broken so… that leftovers for life plan? Kinda breakin’ down…)

Tonight I have a date with my favorite man. We’re going to Outback, with a giftcard we won at the company Christmas party, and then we’re going to Jo-Ann fabrics to get some stuff for my new project. (Friends, keep having babies…. because I love making things for you.)

Can I just say (again) how thankful I am for a husband that is so supportive of my hobbies? I love the way he encourages me to develop skills, especially when it’s blessing someone else. However, I must admit that now that I have so confidently taken on a new project, I am back in the stage of doubting myself. I didn’t know what I was doing last time, and I think the end result was pretty darn cute… so this will be ok. I have been totally persuaded by the cuteness of baby things for boys… there’s definitely less options, but I’m just in love with the fabric I found.

Tomorrow is nerd night, and I didn’t have plans… well now I do! I’m having a girls night, which means Mexican food. I’m really looking forward to it, especially since I haven’t spent a lot of time with them since Aaron moved in… which is fine because I didn’t have the emotional capacity to.

Today, I feel stuck waiting. For the mail, for help in the office, for 5 o’clock. I am praying for joy in my job today, because it’s not that bad. NONE OF THE PROBLEMS AT WORK ARE THE END OF THE WORLD. (Yes, caps were necessary.) But, in two hours I am running out the front door, and going home to my husband. We are splitting our meals tonight, so we both get steak and chicken. I will continue waiting for the work day to come to an end, and praying for my attitude in the meantime. I will think about the happy things I’m anticipating like holding Joseph in just 2 weeks, making ham and cheese chowder this weekend, stitching together a blanket that will keep little Miles cozy and warm, and looking forward to babysitting for my friends next Friday while they enjoy a date night. Why do I enjoy making things for my friends? It takes my thoughts off of me… and I need that. I get SO sick of myself, and it is so humbling, and so refreshing, to pray for my friends as I make things for them.


Dear Josh,

I am so excited about our date: sharing food, and shopping for fabric. I love that you encourage my projects, and don’t suggest that there are better ways to spend my time. Today has been frustrating, mostly because I’m learning new things and I feel like a bumbling fool.
Thankfully you found a way to get us salad, and steak, AND cheesecake tonight. You… I just love you.
I love that your response to my photo collage project was that you loved it and loved that such a strong representation of me was on our wall. That made me feel a LOT better about putting up such girly pictures in our room. Thank you for loving every single creative part of me. I can learn much from you in this aspect.
Until 5, I’ll be crunching some numbers, waiting for answers, and balancing ye ol’ Quickbooks… but at 5:30, when I get home we’re on a date. Can’t wait to see you.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

The Ode of the Introvert

Saturday morning was just beautiful.

I woke up, with the soft glow of sunlight diffused through the curtains. I knew it was a beautiful day, but the sun was not slapping me in the face. I had a rough night of sleep, and Josh had already gotten up to work on homework… so I enjoyed the comfort of my bed, the leisure of the morning, and Adventures in Odyssey.
When I finally convinced myself to get out of bed, for the only thing that could improve the situation was coffee, I went downstairs. The guys were getting ready to leave for a guys breakfast. I continued to paint my frames for my gallery project, sipping my coffee, until they left. THEN the Property Brothers joined me, my coffee, and my painting. I enjoyed that time, taking in the sunlight flooding my house… the satisfaction of making headway on a project, and the fact that there was no one I had to share with.
It was beautiful.

I was so thankful for this time, alone in my house. I love the people I share my home with, but it’s different when they’re there.

The guys came back (and brought me some breakfast!), and I started work on the quilt. And then got freaked out, and called my mom. After about 20 minutes, my brother called me! (Another wonderful distraction.) When I got off the phone with him, I actually knocked the quilt out. So now it is a legit blanket. I just need to do the little knots to hold all the layers together!

Then, I watched a stupid movie on Netflix and worked on my photo gallery project. It still isn’t on the wall, but it’s going to look awesome.

Saturday night I made Shepherds Pie, and french toast casserole. We baked the french toast casserole on Sunday morning, but had Shepherds Pie for dinner on Saturday night. The guys watched a movie, honestly I was more focused on my quilt.
Sunday we went to church, had Shepherds Pie for lunch, and I worked on making pillow covers which Josh and Aaron did a driving lesson. I’m currently making another one with a hedgehog on it, but I’m stuck in the middle of the project because I’m having bobbin trouble. 😦 I will figure it out, but last night I got so frustrated I started crying. Haha. Josh fired up the grill and made burgers (he did everything and it was amazing), and we had a guy from our growth group over. It was such a productive afternoon, and so refreshing to have someone over. We sat on the back porch (it was 70 degrees!), and talked, and laughed, and ate. After he left, we went over to our friends and played Kingdom Builders.

This morning, I got to sleep to a decent hour! The early Monday meeting was cancelled, due to a class being held at our building. Tonight I’m going to battle it out with the sewing machine, and remember that I am only a beginner. That means I’m learning… and need to have more patience with myself.



Dear Josh,

I am so proud of you for working on your studies, even though that means less time with me. I’m so thankful that you bring up hard conversations, even if that means there are tears. I’m so thankful that you support my creativity, even though that means money is spent. This weekend was a huge confidence boost for me, it was seriously relaxing, and I’m thankful for the quality conversations we were able to have. AND I’m glad I finally gave you that haircut… your mullet had to go, babe.
I’m looking forward to date night on Wednesday, and so glad I get to come home to you every night… even when things are tense because we’re dealing with the hard aspects of real life. I like doing life with you, even when it’s hard.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Crafts, Queso, and Bread

Friday night Josh and I set up for the craft show. We went home, had dinner, and got our Halloween costumes on, and headed over to our friends house. We had a blast, eating chips and salsa, cupcakes, caramel dip, popcorn, etc etc. With Ghostbusters in the background, we laughed hysterically, and played telephone pictionary. Josh and I dressed up as Sheldon Cooper and Amy from The Big Bang Theory. (Josh’s idea. It cost us less than $10- tshirt and tiara.)


Saturday morning, Josh made me a power breakfast of eggs with sausage and a side of bacon and we headed to the craft sale. Honestly, it was disappointing. I didn’t sell as much as I thought I was going to- and I have a lot left over… but every person that walked my by table gushed about how cute everything was. (Josh and I muttered under our breath “Then BUY it. Money is the GREATEST compliment.”) I am choosing to think it was the cold, rainy day that deterred people from coming, and that it will be better next year. Regardless, I have some Christmas presents, I DID have sales, and I have a head start on next year.

 wpid-20141031_181220.jpg          wpid-20141031_181224.jpg         wpid-20141031_181229.jpg

Pictures of my table.
If anyone wants to buy a painting, coaster set, snowglobe, or earring holder let me know!

After the craft sale, well… I sobbed for about an hour because I was so disappointed and upset. Then we did the budget… and went to Walmart to do the grocery shopping/get a few things for the new house. We wrapped it up with a trip to Moe’s (comfort queso) and Parks and Rec. Josh is just the best. He was so encouraging all day, making sales pitches, giving me pep talks, listening to me through my blubbering, and getting emergency queso.

Sunday, we had breakfast together and enjoyed our extra time before church. (I’ve been hearing a lot of anti-daylight savings time comments. I loved going to work AFTER the sunrise this morning.) The afternoon was filled with things I wanted to do. I made salsa, an apple cake for Growth Group, TRIED to make rolls (the most epic failure…. mom’s teaching me over Thanksgiving), and made soup. I really shouldn’t minimize the bread fiasco… it was full of lots of tears and anger. Most of cooking/baking has been pretty easy for me… but bread… BREAD MAKES ME ANGRY. Josh and I finished Alias last week, so we started watching The West Wing. So far we’re really enjoying it– and a little astounded that there aren’t any characters we don’t like yet. (Also we laughed that there are actors from Alias and Parks and Rec in this show… bringing it all together.)

This morning I got to work bright and early (7:30) for a meeting about Insurance. The only positive is that I am leaving early on Friday, OR getting paid overtime.

This weekend was pretty emotional between the craft sale, baking failure, and setting our budget- trying to plan for all the moving expenses…  I am really hoping this week gets better. This week, like most weeks, is full. I’m babysitting tonight, we’re providing dinner for GG on Tuesday, Date night Wednesday, packing on Thursday, and Josh’s family on Friday! Life is busy. I wouldn’t trade anything for life with Josh, but it’s busy.


Dear Josh,
I’m just so glad you’re my guy. Thank you for selling my crafts, and encouraging me all day. Thank you for saying you’re proud of me. Even though things didn’t turn out as I hoped- bread and craft sale- I’m glad I was with you. You make me laugh so hard, and Mondays are extra depressing because I have to spend 50+ hours away from my favorite person. I’m excited to provide dinner for our friends tomorrow and extra excited because it’s your first night leading, Mr Assistant Growth Group leader!
I’m glad we do our budget together, and I’m excited to see things come together for the move.
See you tonight, at the end of this super long cold day (I think my fingers turned into popsicles).

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Tomorrow’s Sale and Today’s Boredom

Thursday I got majorly and insanely bored out of my mind at work. Of course that meant I was put on cleaning duty… yippee. (That took me all of 30 minutes.) It was one of those “why am I here and what am I doing with my life” moments. I know I’m getting paid- regardless- but I hate being trapped at my desk with nothing to do.

Our friends brought us dinner, which was a great blessing. Although I am feeling better, life is not back to normal. I feel so behind- between going back to work this week and all the work for the craft sale, I’m pretty wiped. My sweet husband patiently let me create a mock-up of my display for Saturday’s sale… we finished off Alias (I’ll miss you, Sydney Bristow)… and made salsa for the Halloween party tonight (it’s really good you guys… the fact that we didn’t eat it all means we love you).

Tonight we’re going to set up my sale table, eat dinner, get dressed in our costumes, and go hang out with friends. Tomorrow, I’ll be a nervous wreck and be shocked to my socks if/when people want to buy my stuff. After the sale we’re making soup and hanging out. It will be SO nice to have this sale behind us, even though I had fun being creative. I’m looking forward to reclaiming our house (the laundry and such have gotten a little out of hand), making November’s budget, and working on dinner for Growth Group. I’m looking forward to some normal-life this weekend.

It is Halloween, which I am not a huge fan of because I hate all things scary, and a lot of people are into it. There are two separate offices in our work building our office and an insurance agency. The ladies in that office are so sweet- and dressed up for Halloween. One lady dressed up as Mr/Mrs Potato Head and the other lady is the rag doll from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s fun to see people having fun.

Well. That’s about it. I feel like it’s too early to start packing up everything, but we’re gone most of the weekends in November… so… I just don’t even know. I might pack up my books, just so I feel like I’m doing SOMETHING- other than making lists of things we need for the new place/things we need to update.


Dear Josh,

Thank you for helping me with the craft sale. I’m glad you’re coming with me, and I’m glad you didn’t let me quit. Tonight is going to be fun- basically your costume idea is brilliant. Please let me do a little packing… but don’t let me pack the pots and pans yet (I might try).

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen