“Sit In” Movie

Friday evening I picked up Josh after work and we went to our new place to look at the dining set! It is gorgeous. I’m so excited to finally have a real dining room table… eating at the coffee table is just not fun anymore. Our new table is solid, and has plenty of character. Check out this beauty:





We headed home, and I was met by the sweetest date night surprise. I mentioned that we had planned to go to the drive in movie, but with me being sick, and it being so cold outside, we decided it wasn’t the wisest thing to do. I was greeted with admission tickets stuck to the front door, and Josh had created a “Sit In” movie in our living room! It was super cute… he had a reel of vintage commercials going, like they do at the drive in, a concession stand, a menu, and Redbox movies. It was SO fun to do something fun- and also be able to be at home since I felt like crap. We watched Peabody and Sherman (pun CITY- so funny!), and Edge of Tomorrow (which was pretty weird).





wpid-20141121_181433.jpgSaturday, I was up for a lot of the night. My husband ran out and got me Chickfila for breakfast (our food is seriously lacking since we’ve barely been home this month), and we headed to see his family around 11:30. He and his dad changed the oil, and it was so good to hang out with the family, and talk (though I did sound like a teenage boy. Thankfully today my voice is mostly back.).

Sunday we spent time with the fam jam and headed back home mid-afternoon. It was a good weekend, but I felt so yucky. Hopefully I am better by Thanksgiving!

Today, work is pretty slow– and I’m not complaining. Tonight Josh is going to put in some extra hours at work, I’m making pumpkin cheesecake to take to Columbia, and hopefully getting more sleep than I did last night! There are so many things to be thankful for (despite being sick) including family- both mine, and the family I’ve been blessed with through marriage, a thoughtful husband who finds joy in doing things for me, and all the things we’ve needed for the new home.

20 hours of work left until Thanksgiving!

Dear Josh,
I’m glad I have a blog where I get to brag about all the ways you show me you love me. Thanks for planning an alternate date night on Friday- it was so fun, special, and creative. Thanks for taking care of the car, making sure it’s safe, and saving us money. Thanks for making my sandwiches so I can get a couple more minutes of sleep. You are my biggest encouragement, and I love you so much. I have to get better soon so I can take care of you during all the craziness of the next couple weeks! I love you. Thanks for making life so fun.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Moving right along…

Wednesday revealed itself to be a hard day at work. Wednesday evening proved itself to be just what I needed, a date night with my husband. We made/ate dinner together, packed a box each, got gifts for our friend’s baby shower, talked about our Disney vacation (in May), and enjoyed each other’s company. Can I brag on him for a second? (You don’t have a choice really so if you don’t want to read it skip it.) I was reading about the new Beauty and the Beast restaurant at Disney and told Josh I wished we could go. So he researched our dining plan and is making it happen. I’m so excited. We have a Disney date. 🙂

Honestly, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking and talking about this vacation. Josh’s Grandparents take the family on vacation every couple of years. Last time we did Disney- and Josh and I had been dating for like 6 months. 3 years later we’re doing it again but I’m officially part of the family! Anywhoos, Josh and I have looked at all the new additions to the parks, researched restaurants, and we’re even doing the Universal parks. (Go big or go home.) Last time we went, we were going full speed all the time. This time, we’ve agreed to slow down and enjoy it more. Plus I’m bringing more than one comfy shoe option. I’m sure my feet will thank me.

Thursday, work was slow but overwhelming because things had to be done that I don’t know how to do. (For example… I sent a customer a quote. No. Just no.) I need my bosses to come back.
Thursday evening we packed our boxes for the day, had dinner together, watched the West Wing and I finally fixed the buttons on my coat, packed for the weekend (which means I just added to the bag I never unpacked from last weekend), and got milkshakes at Chick-fil-a (PEPPERMINT IS BACK!!!!).

I feel like everything is out of control. This morning was a serious bad wife morning, and I owe Josh a lot of apologies. We still haven’t come up with a plan, and I don’t even know how to. Life is crazy. And just when I felt like I had some things accomplished and it was going to be ok, someone knocks on the door and offers me money if I bake him something. Normally, not a big deal. Right now, catastrophic. I don’t have time at home this month, and next month this apartment will not even be my home and I will have to be out. I want to just yell NOOO at everyone. Can I bake something? NO! Can I give you a Christmas list? Unless you can buy me some sanity of free time, NO! Am I doing ok? NO!
Was it really my idea to move the weekend after finals? Didn’t I learn from last year? (I graduated, got married, and moved in the same week.)

Our home looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. And it has… it’s called the mono craft sale moving tornado. It has to get better… it just has to. Also, Aunt Katie gave me a sewing machine, which is wonderful, but I now realize I know nothing about sewing machines and don’t have any free time to figure it out. January, I have big plans for you. They include sewing, cooking, baking, and decorating.

Also… after you pack your books, movies, and seasonal clothes… what’s next?

Moving in : 29 days
Boxes Packed: 7

Christmas: 41 days

1 year Anniversary trip: 42 days

Dear Josh,
I’m sorry for hurting you this morning. I’m sorry for being nasty, grumpy, and short-tempered with you and also with myself. I know we’re a team, and I know we’re going to get through… I’m just tired of getting through. The next 4 weeks are absolutely INSANE.  I know we’re going to feel like ditching the date nights for our to-do lists, but we can’t.
I love you. Yes, this year has been hard and we’re not through it all yet, but I’m glad we’re a team. (And the Outa’ Banks vacation trip is COMING!!!!)
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Wedding Site is up!

Babe, we have a wedding site… we have the church booked… I have my dress, and I cannot wait to marry you.
And kiss you.

284 days!


But seriously. Yesterday we made our wedding site.
Under the Honeymoon tab, you wrote “none of your business!” It cracked me up!! I am so blessed to spend my life with such a goofball.