Labor Day Weekend 2015 (and other happenings)

Last week, Josh and I had planned was to celebrate his birthday on date night. I felt terrible because I really didn’t do anything for his birthday this year. So… the plan was try a new-to-us Mediterranean restaurant (highly recommended by our friends), Aladdin’s, and get Sweet Frog frozen yogurt for dessert. The reality was that I wasn’t feeling well (no, I am not pregnant… let’s get that out of the way); I was feeling extremely nauseous and I had a horrible headache so we opted for an evening in. We got CFA for dinner and spent the evening watching Once Upon a Time. We had decided to do Aladdin’s and Sweet Frog this week instead, but low and behold I’m like super sick… so that didn’t happen. Instead, we opted for another night in with Moe’s and Once Upon a Time. Then we ended up reading and falling asleep like old people.

MAJOR victory the last two weeks, I organized my closet. Granted, Josh has been pushed way over in the closet (he volunteered!)… but I have all seasons of clothes unpacked, and ready to transition. My sweaters are on a SHELF instead of in a plastic tub in the bottom of my closet (first time for everything), my boots are under the edge of the bed, and my scarves are begging the weather to cool off so they can be used. Suddenly… all my outfits seem like they would be better with a scarf.

I’m trying to decide if I want to sign up for this year’s craft and bake sale at the seminary. If you remember, last year I signed up and was diagnosed with Mono in the midst of prepping/right around the actual sale. I felt like CRAP the actual day of the sale, didn’t sell all my stuff, and came out just breaking even. I have a bit of stuff left over, so anything I sell would be a profit… but my confidence has been a little shot. I thought about trying to get into the baking part of the sale this year and making samples of cheesecake or pumpkin bread, and taking orders… but I’m afraid of getting overwhelmed filling the orders, especially since November/December is usually so busy for us.

Labor Day weekend was full of celebrating Josh’s birthday in Columbia with my family! It was a pretty monumental weekend for my family… they upgraded to smart phones, and they have texting for the first time ever. While they were getting phones, I went shopping! I finally found a pencil skirt and pair of jeans- and they were on SUPER sale. YAY! On Monday, I went shopping again and scored a bunch of fabric on mega sale. If I hadn’t hit sales, it would have cost me almost $65… I think I spent around $25. Other highlights of the weekend: I got to see my BFF and her new house and I got to spend time with my mom.

The weekend was wonderful, but I came home exhausted and have been really sick this week. Hopefully a quiet movie night and a good night of sleep will make me feel better. My goals for the weekend are very few: wash new fabric, start a blanket, watch at least one movie, make enchiladas, eat enchiladas. Oh, and read. I am still in the Hunger Games series, and still loving it!


The only other thing worth noting is that I decided to decorate for Fall. So, here’s our new mantle (and boxes that need to be unpacked). Our living room has super high ceilings, but such a cozy feel. Y’all, I seriously love how our house is coming together. It’s far from finished, but I am loving it. ESPECIALLY my kitchen… it’s so big that we can all visit while I’m making food. I have so enjoyed cooking for friends, and having many game nights around our table.  (Plus let’s give three cheers for an awesome landlord and the absence of neighbors!)

Dear Josh,
I am really looking forward to our movie night tonight! Leftover pasta and a night on the couch never sounded so nice. I’m excited to be home and do home things this weekend. I’m excited about the sewing projects I get to start, and I’m excited you’re excited about them too.
See you soon!

Thanksgiving 2014

Wednesday I left work early to go to the doctor. Thankfully, nothing is seriously wrong. She gave me a prescription just in case, but I didn’t have to use it. When I got home, I wanted to be in Columbia SO bad. Josh and I weighed the pros and cons of leaving early; then we packed up and hit the road. I am soooo glad we left early. It gave us extra time with my family on Wednesday night, and half the day on Thursday.

Thursday, we got to have breakfast with my family, hang out all morning, and enjoy a delicious turkey lunch. My contribution to Thanksgiving was a Pumpkin Cheesecake… I’m telling you- I’m not even interested in Pumpkin Pie after that beauty. No thanks…. Pumpkin Cheesecake for life. Also, we pulled the family member we’re buying gifts for this year.
I worked on my sewing project, of many months, and hung out with my family… we played board games, talked about shopping, and tried to stay up late. We ended up going shopping late– Andrew had been saving for the latest XBox and we went just for fun. My family downsized their Christmas tree… I may have gotten upset.

Friday was filled with sewing, shopping, laughing, coffee, baking rolls, and eating more cheesecake. My mom helped me out a TON with my sewing project, which is a quilt I’ve been working on since June for my godson, Joseph, and best friends, Phil and Elise. I’ll have to post pictures when I’m finished (which will hopefully be soon!), but it’s woodland animal themed, and I have put in massive amounts of time hand-stitching around all the little animals. It is so good to see it wrapping up. I’ve never been into sewing, and took this project on without knowing how it would go… I’m so proud of myself for tackling it, and I’m so proud of the product! Aunt Katie, thanks so much for the sewing machine! It’s been such a blessing, and I’ve had a blast learning to use it. I can’t wait to make more things! Mom, thanks for being such a patient teacher.

Saturday, I worked away on the quilt until our friends, Phil and Elise arrived. I had wanted to surprise them with the finished product, but decided it was better to show it to them so I could continue working on it. So I worked on the quilt while they played board games with Josh and Andrew. We ended up at CIU playing board games at the Alumni Center, where they stayed. Even though we played 7 Wonders like 15 times I’m still not sick of it. Ahhh I love that game. We went out for dinner at Mellow Mushroom, and I was struck with 2 emotions: missing Columbia, and realizing it doesn’t feel where I’m supposed to be anymore. I belong in Wake Forest now…. WAKE FOREST feels like HOME. Yes, Deborah that’s because it IS your home, you may say. I say this took a whole year to feel. After Mellow Mushroom, we returned to Phil & Elise’s room and played games. Most significantly, I beat all three of them (and by beat, I mean massacred) at Ticket to Ride, a game I usually resign to loss before we begin. We got home super late (which means past 10:30), and I went right to sleep.

Sunday, we didn’t go to church… instead we went to breakfast with Phil & Elise, I worked on the quilt while the guys played basketball, and we played more 7 Wonders. My mom helped me finish the front border of the quilt, and pin the back on. We had so many friends over for Sunday lunch- it was so good to catch up and laugh with you all!
We headed out around 4, and picked up a mattress/box spring from some friends that are also moving soon. The box spring didn’t fit in the car, so it was strapped to the roof… enter, the most interesting/slightly stressful trip back to Wake Forest. To add to the chaos, we had decided to stop at Ikea to buy a bed frame. Yes. So with a box spring bungee corded to our luggage rack, we prayed that no one would be dumb enough to steal it and went into Ikea to get my pretty bed frame. (It was still on the roof when we came out.)
That trip was the quietest road trip we have ever had. We couldn’t listen to music, so that we would hear if the box spring slipped on the roof, and we were both exhausted… I think I started singing everything I was thinking to a song, but I don’t even know what song it was. I started singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall– Josh changed the lyrics to “Take one down, pour it on the ground…” and called it the “Seminary Version.” At one point-about 30 minutes from home on a super dark road-Josh just kinda took his foot off the gas and we started coming to a stop… he could give no reason as to why. THANKFULLY we are ok. We stopped at the new house and dropped off all the newly purchased items, and went to the place all our belongings are currently. In bed by 10:45, sleeping by 10:50.

Today, I’m really wondering why I’m even at work. The email server went down at 10:49… and without email, and the other servers that crashed, my job is sitting here waiting for the phone to ring.

Tonight I’m planning on taking some stuff to the new house while Josh spends some time in the library. Moving next Saturday!


Dear Josh,

Thanks for being spontaneous and leaving Wednesday instead of Thursday! I enjoyed the extra time with my family, and really appreciated you driving (especially since I was sick). I’m so thankful you’re my husband, and that you get along so well with my family. Also, I am thankful for the great lengths you went to in order to get an extra bed for our new house.
I got some fake greenery for our house and I cannot wait to make it festive and cozy. I’m looking forward to making that empty, beautiful place our home.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

A Time for the Doctor’s Office…

Oh Wednesday, blessed Wednesday, the last work day before Thanksgiving, has finally arrived.

Monday, I got home to the smell of barbecue sauce (a good thing, since I asked Josh to stick dinner in the crock pot). As I got into comfy clothes, I heard an “uh-oh” from the kitchen. I walked in and discovered some very very very charred pieces of chicken and very very very burnt barbecue sauce. This, logically, resulted in a tearful meltdown on my part. Why? I didn’t make dinner. I didn’t burn it. But it was this nice meal I had imagined… our only alternative to frozen pizza. Instead we got Moes. After all, it was Monday. It was coupled with Parks and Rec, and followed with the making of Pumpkin Cheesecake, my contribution to the Crutchfield Thanksgiving. It’s funny, we haven’t really had many meal flops in our marriage… I tried Brie soup when we were engaged (it was awful), and I’ve failed bread on several occasions. I think I was crying because I WANT to be home, making meals but I just haven’t been home long enough to meal plan, shop, and cook. There will be cooking in December.

Tuesday, I woke up at 4 am. Unable to breathe well, and coughing uncontrollably. Actually let’s not go into the details… let’s just say it was gross, I still feel gross, and I need to go to the doctor. Somehow, after waking up at 4 am, I worked a whole day non stop… so I worked about 9 hours. Let’s not mention that to HR, ok? Honestly, I’m really glad I did. I got a ton done, and I made a doctor’s appointment for Wednesday afternoon. If I hadn’t worked like a mad woman, I would have had to use PTO to go to the doctor… now I don’t have to. I had to skip Growth Group, and stayed home laying around getting some much needed rest and sleep.

Today, I am leaving early to start my Thanksgiving holiday at the doctor’s office. I’ve had this cough and congestion for over a week, and it’s kind of a big deal being so sick since I just had Mono. Honestly, I’m not terribly surprised. I feel like I’m usually sick at Thanksgiving. Whether this is true or not, I’m not sure… but it feels true.
Tomorrow morning, we’re heading to Columbia! I can’t wait to see my family; it’s been 2 and 1/2 months! (Which means I’ve been sick for over 2 and 1/2 months, on a depressing note.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Due to the holiday, I will not be blogging on Friday. Tune in Monday!

This turkey is relevant because every year my family names the turkey after someone we disliked this year. This year the turkey is named after my previous employer.


Dear Josh,
I am so so so excited to go to Columbia with you! There will be no burnt chicken (I’m really not mad at you), but lots of laughter and time with some of our favorite people on the planet. Thanks for taking care of me, and assuring me it’s not my fault that I’ve had to go to the doctor so much recently. I’m really looking forward to being healthy again… I know you want a healthy wife too.
To sum it up: I’m thankful for you. Happy Thanksgiving, love.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Pass the Tissues

I know you’re asking “Why didn’t Deborah post on Monday? She always posts Monday, Wednesday, Friday!” Just kidding. I know you probably didn’t even realize there’s a pattern. Well, regardless, there is a good reason I didn’t write yesterday.


Friday, Josh met me at work. We headed straight for Columbia! Along the way we stopped for Chick-fil-a (trying to make healthy choices with side salads and all, people). Our car ride did not include Frosty Waffle Cones, but DID include some more WOW! hits. We got to the house just after 9pm, and spent the next 3 hours catching up with my favorite people.


Saturday, we had a big breakfast, I got to drink my coffee with my mom, and I had lots of puppy snuggles with Zoey and Sarg. I got to spend a LOT of time with my mom, actually, shopping for fabric and craft supplies, hanging out, and enjoying the coffee chocolate cheesecake I made for her birthday.  Josh and I tried to teach my family how to play 7 Wonders… turns out it’s a hard game to teach 5 people at the same time.


Sunday, we went to church, and had Cincinnati Chili at Sunday Lunch. Thankfully, my bff got to come! It was SO good to see Mary Grace! We hung out at my fam-jams until 5 (30-60 minutes later than I wanted to leave, but that’s ok) and began the trek home (driving home always seems to take SO MUCH LONGER). We stopped at Zaxby’s (salad, people) and continued the WOW! fun.


It’s hard to adequately summarize any time with my family. It’s SO good, and SO fun, and SO encouraging, and I always cry on Saturday night because I don’t want to leave.


I don’t know if it was the non-stop fun (serious lack of sleep), or the fact that I’ve been fighting the cold for a while, but Sunday, I was up in the middle of the night. My throat, scratchy and swollen. My body, achy and weary. My head, burning and pounding. I drank some tea and did the most mature thing I could think of…. I had a “I don’t want to be sick” mini-tantrum.

Well, as you may have assumed, that didn’t work. 7 am rolled around and I sent a “I’m sick and not coming in to work” text to my bosses. I don’t remember much until 11 am… I think around 8:45 I decided I should get up, which meant I walked into the kitchen and turned on the coffee pot… but got back into bed to wait until it was ready. I never heard the ready “beep beep beep” of the coffee pot… for I was sound asleep until nearly 11 am (and my coffee was freezing cold by the time I went to get some).


Today I came into work relying on the power of Tylenol to keep my headache (because I refuse to call it a fever) at bay. It actually worked. I caught up on Monday’s work by 11 am, and by 12 I had nothing to do.


So there’s the story of why there was no post on Monday. I tried to write it, sitting in my bed, but the words did not come. (In fact, I opened the draft this morning and it said “this morning I am writing, not from my desk, but from my bed.” And that’s all I wrote.)

Dear Josh,

I always wanted to marry a man that loved my family, but I hit the jackpot. I am so thankful for the way you love my family, and the way that they look forward to seeing you. I’m thankful that we take advantage of long drives to talk and laugh together. And I’m especially glad you told me to call in sick. Thanks for hanging out with me and doing nothing (aka watching Alias) because it hurt to move. You’re just my favorite. I’m so thankful for all the ways you take care of me.

See you soon!

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Budgets, Burlap, and Bookin’ it to Columbia

Some people dread doing their monthly budgets… I do not. In fact, I enjoy it. I do not usually feel constricted, rather, knowing the exact parameters for my spending is a breath of fresh air for me. A new budget says “here are the new boundaries, now enjoy yourself within them!”


Josh and I are working to save for the move and things for the new apartment (washer/dryer, dining table)… putting money back in savings from buying the car… and chipping away on Josh’s student loans. A lot going on. Basically, a lot of reasons to feel like we can never do anything fun or spend anything on ourselves. Thankfully we balance each other out. (And use Groupon like crazy. This month we have 2 movie dates, a pub date, a free pizza, and a meal at Olive Garden that have already been paid for.)


This month, a portion of our monthly budget was allocated toward supplies for the upcoming craft sale! I have changed my mind several times, but now that I’ve submitted my application there’s no going back. I’ve already bought the majority of my materials and spent half the amount I thought it was going to cost. Yesterday I bought $50 worth of canvases for $20. BOOM. (Thank you Michael’s coupons and sales!) I just need a couple of evenings at home! I’m pretty insecure that people won’t want to buy the things I’m making (earring holders, coasters, paintings, Christmas snow globes), but all my profit is going towards those loans! Wednesday night (date night) we made October’s budget, and went shopping for craft supplies… and got ice cream.


Yesterday (Thursday) and today the office has been a-buzz with work. My favorite days are ones where I have envelopes to stuff and checks to cut. I love paying bills at work. (I know that’s so weird. It’s a good thing I have the job I have. I’m one in a million.)


Today Josh is meeting me after work and we’re headed to Columbia! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE MY FAMILY!!!!! My parents have become friends, and my siblings less annoying (just kidding, we’re just more tolerant now). I just miss my family so much when I’m not with them. I’m excited to be in my old home, to wake up and have coffee with my mom, to stay up too late laughing hysterically, and snuggle with this one….

ZOEY! Picture taken by my talented sister, Amy. Shamelessly stolen from Facebook.
Picture taken by my talented sister, Amy.
Shamelessly stolen from Facebook.


But most importantly it means a road trip with my very favorite man. We are going to get Chick-fil-a for dinner and listen to more WOW! hits, and probably give in to the power of the Frosty Waffle Cone (let’s be honest).


We don’t know what the weekend holds, but we know it’s going to fun… and we’re going to be exhausted on Monday. Watch out family, we’re coming for you!


Dear Josh,

I think one of the greatest ways we’ve grown over the last nine months is in creating our monthly budget. We’ve learned by trial and error. Thank you for working hard to communicate the numbers clearly to me, and being patient when I get frustrated with myself. You always say I’m your priority, and I appreciate you showing me that with the way you’ve been “all in” with the craft sale. I’m so thankful I have a husband who thinks I’m creative and not only appreciates it, but goes to Walmart to compare bumpers, cork circles and felt feet for coasters! I’m so glad you are going to sit next to me during the whole craft show, our road trips, and life.

Work is seriously dragging today. Come get me soon.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen