Thanksgiving 2014

Wednesday I left work early to go to the doctor. Thankfully, nothing is seriously wrong. She gave me a prescription just in case, but I didn’t have to use it. When I got home, I wanted to be in Columbia SO bad. Josh and I weighed the pros and cons of leaving early; then we packed up and hit the road. I am soooo glad we left early. It gave us extra time with my family on Wednesday night, and half the day on Thursday.

Thursday, we got to have breakfast with my family, hang out all morning, and enjoy a delicious turkey lunch. My contribution to Thanksgiving was a Pumpkin Cheesecake… I’m telling you- I’m not even interested in Pumpkin Pie after that beauty. No thanks…. Pumpkin Cheesecake for life. Also, we pulled the family member we’re buying gifts for this year.
I worked on my sewing project, of many months, and hung out with my family… we played board games, talked about shopping, and tried to stay up late. We ended up going shopping late– Andrew had been saving for the latest XBox and we went just for fun. My family downsized their Christmas tree… I may have gotten upset.

Friday was filled with sewing, shopping, laughing, coffee, baking rolls, and eating more cheesecake. My mom helped me out a TON with my sewing project, which is a quilt I’ve been working on since June for my godson, Joseph, and best friends, Phil and Elise. I’ll have to post pictures when I’m finished (which will hopefully be soon!), but it’s woodland animal themed, and I have put in massive amounts of time hand-stitching around all the little animals. It is so good to see it wrapping up. I’ve never been into sewing, and took this project on without knowing how it would go… I’m so proud of myself for tackling it, and I’m so proud of the product! Aunt Katie, thanks so much for the sewing machine! It’s been such a blessing, and I’ve had a blast learning to use it. I can’t wait to make more things! Mom, thanks for being such a patient teacher.

Saturday, I worked away on the quilt until our friends, Phil and Elise arrived. I had wanted to surprise them with the finished product, but decided it was better to show it to them so I could continue working on it. So I worked on the quilt while they played board games with Josh and Andrew. We ended up at CIU playing board games at the Alumni Center, where they stayed. Even though we played 7 Wonders like 15 times I’m still not sick of it. Ahhh I love that game. We went out for dinner at Mellow Mushroom, and I was struck with 2 emotions: missing Columbia, and realizing it doesn’t feel where I’m supposed to be anymore. I belong in Wake Forest now…. WAKE FOREST feels like HOME. Yes, Deborah that’s because it IS your home, you may say. I say this took a whole year to feel. After Mellow Mushroom, we returned to Phil & Elise’s room and played games. Most significantly, I beat all three of them (and by beat, I mean massacred) at Ticket to Ride, a game I usually resign to loss before we begin. We got home super late (which means past 10:30), and I went right to sleep.

Sunday, we didn’t go to church… instead we went to breakfast with Phil & Elise, I worked on the quilt while the guys played basketball, and we played more 7 Wonders. My mom helped me finish the front border of the quilt, and pin the back on. We had so many friends over for Sunday lunch- it was so good to catch up and laugh with you all!
We headed out around 4, and picked up a mattress/box spring from some friends that are also moving soon. The box spring didn’t fit in the car, so it was strapped to the roof… enter, the most interesting/slightly stressful trip back to Wake Forest. To add to the chaos, we had decided to stop at Ikea to buy a bed frame. Yes. So with a box spring bungee corded to our luggage rack, we prayed that no one would be dumb enough to steal it and went into Ikea to get my pretty bed frame. (It was still on the roof when we came out.)
That trip was the quietest road trip we have ever had. We couldn’t listen to music, so that we would hear if the box spring slipped on the roof, and we were both exhausted… I think I started singing everything I was thinking to a song, but I don’t even know what song it was. I started singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall– Josh changed the lyrics to “Take one down, pour it on the ground…” and called it the “Seminary Version.” At one point-about 30 minutes from home on a super dark road-Josh just kinda took his foot off the gas and we started coming to a stop… he could give no reason as to why. THANKFULLY we are ok. We stopped at the new house and dropped off all the newly purchased items, and went to the place all our belongings are currently. In bed by 10:45, sleeping by 10:50.

Today, I’m really wondering why I’m even at work. The email server went down at 10:49… and without email, and the other servers that crashed, my job is sitting here waiting for the phone to ring.

Tonight I’m planning on taking some stuff to the new house while Josh spends some time in the library. Moving next Saturday!


Dear Josh,

Thanks for being spontaneous and leaving Wednesday instead of Thursday! I enjoyed the extra time with my family, and really appreciated you driving (especially since I was sick). I’m so thankful you’re my husband, and that you get along so well with my family. Also, I am thankful for the great lengths you went to in order to get an extra bed for our new house.
I got some fake greenery for our house and I cannot wait to make it festive and cozy. I’m looking forward to making that empty, beautiful place our home.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Disney Event

Last night was the Disney Extravaganza, put on by Senate. I helped set up, but you took point on the food. I also dictated our costume, and it was AWESOME. The evening was really fun, though we didn’t spend much of it together… since you were running the event. Regardless, it was fun. Everyone had a really good time, and I was proud of be by your side. AND proud to be a couple costume! First time ever!!! I was so excited that it came together and it was fun to see people go “Awww! You guys are perfect!”

carl & ellie

I made the book, our nametags and the sign for our jar! Phil & Elise got your sweater vest, I got my dress at Goodwill, and the whole outfit cost us a whopping 10 bucks. We’re the bomb.

carl & ellie2

Seriously. Look at us. We are too cute.

carl & ellie3

Let’s have a love story like Carl & Ellie.
Adventure is out there!
231 days until I’m your Mrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winter Formal

Tonight we got dressed up and went to Winter Formal.
Actually, first you picked me up at Memorial Lobby with beautiful purple flowers (second time you’ve ever given me flowers!)… and then we went to the Capital building to meet some people (that never showed) to take pictures. The tree wasn’t lit yet either, so that was a bit of a bummer.

Instead, we sat at the capital building and talked about real life… classes you’re planning on taking next semester… and you gave me my anniversary gift! GORGEOUS earrings.

Not lit yet. :(
Not lit yet. 😦
We still had fun!
We still had fun!


Anniversary earrings!
Anniversary earrings!

But formal was fun. The food wasn’t great, but it was fun being there. I love walking around on your arm, and you make me feel like the most gorgeous woman on the planet. We took some cute pictures in a photobooth (you kissed me on the cheek, *gasp!*)… had some sub par food, and highly enjoed each other’s company.On the ride home (at 9:30, after we left early because everyone was dancing and we didn’t want to), we pretended to be old people and had a whole dialoge. I fondly deemed you “Harold.” I think you’re the best. I have SO much fun with you, my dearest! 

DANG, check out my hott date!
DANG, check out my hott date!