Ever-growing To-Do Lists

I took an unintentional blogging break… I guess partially because life is super busy and partially because I don’t have a super strong desire to blog.
This semester, Josh is taking a Biblical Counseling class and I am going to try to read the material so we can talk about it. I have my Bachelors in Psychology, and I believe in a balanced, holistic, integrated approach. I think there are good, beneficial Biblical Counselors, but I don’t believe the Bible-only approach is the most effective. I am super interested to see where Josh’s professor comes down on the scale, and to be able to discuss the course with him.

So… it’s been two weeks. How did my to-do list work out?

-Bake something.
I wanted to make Carrot Cake Cheesecake, but I need to buy some cake pans and I already used up the “Household” budget this month with curtains and such. So instead I made Monster Cookies! Obviously there were no complaints in the house… and I made extra to take to our friend’s “welcome back” party since he was unexpectedly gone for like the entire summer. I also made rolls! I’m not sure what happened, but I had to add a TON of flour. I was so sure they were going to be a flop…. but they were delicious. I also made an Apple Cake this weekend.

-Have someone over for dinner.
In the past two weeks, we have had a lot of people over! We had Joe Tom over one night, and my long-lost Capernwray friend Derek over the next. It was so fun catching up with both of them, and so nice for Josh to finally meet Derek. This past week, we did breakfast for dinner with other friends. THAT WAS SO FUN. We don’t usually have people over for breakfast food… but it was awesome- and a combined effort! We made pancakes and had strawberries and our friends brought sausage and orange juice.

-Unpack a few boxes.
I still have more to do, but I made a ton of progress! The kitchen stuff is unpacked, the pictures are getting hung up, things are finding homes.

-Hang some pictures/brainstorm where pictures will go.
On Monday night, Josh and I decorated the study! I have been telling Josh that “when he has an office” he could hang up the stuff he has from his trips, and his Redskins pictures. So, true to my promise, I helped him hang up stuff from his trips and created the study he’s been wanting. I have my desk in the room as well, so I have my own wall! It’s fun to have our own spaces in the same room… they are so distinct and unique.

-Read for fun.
I have been reading the second Hunger Games book! I am reading a few “serious” books, so it’s nice to have one that I am able to use as an escape and just enjoy.

-Family time, maybe a movie night?
Both weekends since I last blogged we have watched The West Wing and The Office together. Ahh what good shows. 🙂

Update on my purchases, I got my dress and it’s perfect! I feel like it’s a great dress to transition through seasons… it’s classic by itself but will also look so cute with boots, a cardigan and tights moving into Fall. I say, $14 well spent.
The curtains arrived, and finished off our office space! Here’s some pictures of our almost-finished office space below… we’re so excited about it.
I also got my Lilly Pulitzer planner. I’ve already filled it with our life happenings… it is so fun to write things down. I have sticky notes of to-do lists, and all my thoughts go in one place. Plus it’s beautiful. 🙂

Welcome to the study! This is Josh’s desk…
This is my desk and craft corner…
The reading chair (her name is Badonk-adonk Belinda because she is serious HUGE.)

Two Wednesdays ago, Josh and I went to Chipotle for date night and he went to the fabric store with me after. Our friends in growth group are having a baby, so naturally I went to JoAnn fabric. 🙂  I am SO excited about this project. It feels really good to have another project… and I love making baby things. I feel like I get to be part of the joy and excitement, and it’s a way for me to take my thoughts off myself. As I pick out fabric, sew the pieces together, and admire the finished product, I’m praying for my friends as they are entrusted with this precious soul. I’m praying for the baby, that they will grow up to honor and love Jesus with their whole heart. I pray for people to encourage my friends in each season of parenting. I love doing this way more than picking out the fabric (though I picked this fabric out because I feel it has real meaning)… for me it’s a way to love and serve. And, like each child, every blanket I make is unique.

Life is full. I feel like there isn’t enough time to rest, get all the chores done, make all the meals, and be a good friend. I feel like no matter what I do, something is going to suffer. This week, it’s the chores… but they needed to be ignored. I need to make sure I’m making time to do things that will refresh me (like baking a cake or buying fabric or making this place a home and spending time with the Lord), or it won’t matter how much time I’m spending with others… I won’t have anything to give.

This week’s date night is going to be a Josh’s birthday celebration! 🙂 His birthday is actually Friday, and we’re going to celebrate with my family this weekend. Gosh, have I mentioned how happy it makes me that my family LOVES Josh? It’s seriously the best. It makes me so happy to see the people I love loving the person I love most.

Dear Josh,
I am excited our house is starting to come together… I love our study! I’m so excited you finally have your space to do homework. Thanks for all you’ve done to pick up my slack the last few weeks. I’ve been thrown for such a loop and I’m so thankful for you starting crock pot meals, going on walks with me, and doing laundry.
I’m looking forward to celebrating your birthday tomorrow and this weekend!


Settling Back In

Time to blow some dust off this little space. Life has been insane. We found a house, Josh and I had a weekend away, we moved into the new house (over the course of several weeks), and we left the keys on the counter of the old place. I have been a roller-coaster of emotions. We have had a steady diet of takeout and fast food. I have started to unpack, I’ve hung a few pictures, and cried a few tears of exhaustion. I’ve gotten bruises from running into walls and furniture because I’m so tired. I’ve caught a cold. I read The Hunger Games (finally).

Honestly, I felt I’ve had nothing to blog about… even in the midst of such insanity.  The truth is, I didn’t want to blog about what has been going on. The past few weeks have been so very difficult. I have struggled with real sorrow and real anger. I’ve had to humble myself and ask for help. I’ve experienced true joy and people going out of their way to help me. All in all, I am so grateful for our new home. I am so grateful that we have been an encouragement to family and friends, through the crappiest summer. God is faithful… and we are so weak, and so desperately need Him.

So what else have we been up to?
-We made dinner for growth group this past week. Stir fry and honey garlic chicken recipe here. The chicken was amazing. The marinade gets thick and wonderful when you fry it in the pan… oh yeah. I didn’t go to Growth Group, because I was sick, but Josh said it was delicious and everyone loved it!
-Putting lots of holes in the walls, hanging things up and making it look like home.
-Preparing for Josh to start classes on Tuesday (WHAT?!?!?!!), and we’re trying to have patience with ourselves (and each other) as we adjust to our new home.
-We paid off the last student loan that is accruing interest while Josh is in school. We have a ways to go… but we have done major damage since we got married. 🙂
-I took my first sick day since I had Mono last year.
-Internet obsessions (as of late):
.LILLY PULITZER. I want it all. What? I can dream.
.Sam and Nia’s Youtube Channel. Last week they posted a video of the husband surprising his wife with a positive pregnancy test he did, and it was sooo sweet. A few days later, they posted that they had a miscarriage. It was heart breaking, but they are also Christians and it has been so cool seeing their video go viral, and them glorifying God in the midst of their sorrow.

I am really struggling with the constant changes in schedule. Our summer was insane, and now Josh’s schedule is changing again with school. I keep telling myself that Jesus is constant, and He does not change… but my emotions are having a hard time.
Obviously, I’ve been a little down but there are some exciting things to note. First of all, our house is perfect. I am so thankful that Josh and I have our own bathroom, everyone has their own space, and I’m loving the huge kitchen. I’m looking forward to getting back into cooking our meals. I wasn’t kidding… we have eaten out SO much this month… and I’m pretty much over it. It may be easier to pick something up, but I don’t like the way it makes me feel. We’re going out of town this weekend, so I don’t get to spend as much time cooking as I wanted… but next week I’m going to be spending some time in the kitchen! Our house is functional. Honestly, it was functional as soon as we moved in because we had done so much work ahead of time… I’m very thankful for that.




I glossed over this, but Josh and I spent the weekend before the move at the beach! Chris and Katie (Josh’s Uncle and Aunt) graciously let us have a weekend at the Eastern Shore in Virginia. We soaked up the sun, silence, and sleep. It was refreshing and so nice for us to spend uninterrupted time together. For those that don’t know, Josh and I make it a priority to go away (just the two of us) 2 weekends a year. We think it’s really important to spend quality time together, and also FUN time together! I’m already looking forward to our next trip.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my family came and helped us knock out the final part of the move and cleaning the old place. They were such a blessing, and it was done in less than 5 hours! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

Dear Josh,

You have done so much these past few weeks that has gone without thanks. So, thank you. Thank you for moving so much stuff, thank you for putting furniture together, thanks for picking up food, thanks for cleaning, and thanks for being here. I have been a mess, and you have shown so much grace. Thank you for encouraging me to get back to writing, even though I have tried (many many times) and all I have are unfinished drafts to show for it.
I love you. I’m so excited about our progress on your loans, so excited about our new home, and can’t stinking wait to cook again.

I Struggle With Forward Motion*

Getting behind and catching back up again… this has been the story of my week. I have struggled to keep up, and found it impossible to get ahead. We’re leaving for vacation in 8 days.
8. DAYS.

In the last week, a lot has happened. In the last week, there have been a lot of changes, tears, opportunities, and excitement. In the last week, I have struggled to keep up… and that’s not such a bad thing. My attitude has been the bad thing… sub-par doesn’t even begin to describe. I have been so frustrated at the state of my house… and my lack of control over it. Frustrated that my knees are burning again from walking in place.

This weekend holds a lengthy to-do list. Several meals to prepare, bread to bake, salsa to blend, rooms to clean, things to pack, clothes to wash, a baby blanket to finish. I feel defeated and I have not even begun.

This week has held so much good… getting together with friends, date nights, buying the groceries we need, washing the clothes that we have, packing nutritious lunches… how does that so quickly fade into the background? Why is it so easy to recount the disappointments and frustrations? I’ve been struggling this week… especially to write. I deleted about 5 started posts because I didn’t know what to say. So, here’s the truth: I’m struggling. This week, I didn’t/don’t want to serve the people living in my house. This week things have seemed so unfair. I have taken out frustration by walking, and now my knees are screaming… so I am left sitting in God’s presence, asking Him to fix my attitude and to mend my heart.

How much time have I wasted complaining or crying this week? Have you done the same? Let’s make a different choice moving forward (or sitting still as I am temporarily forced to do).

So there’s the classic Deborah processing. This week has been so very full. Full of talks about the future, and Josh is applying for a job that would be double the pay… and give him some serious ammo for future employment. Right now, Josh is wrapping up his semester and is a little bogged down in papers and studying for exams. I know he will pass with flying colors, but I also TOTALLY get the stress of semester ending.
We visited my family last weekend, which was so refreshing and fun. My mom is one of my favorite people in this world… and I got to spend so much time with her. (And we made mango margaritas… which are my favorite!) One of the most exciting things about the weekend was getting to see my brother in his high school production, Grease! He didn’t have a major role, but it was so fun seeing him enjoy the experience, and talk about it.
My dream of getting my Master’s degree has been rekindled, which is exciting and terrifying, and we’re exploring options. I wouldn’t start a program anytime soon (probably 2 years out), but it’s still exciting.
At work, I am trying to get ahead so that nothing falls through the cracks while I’m on vacation. That involves MANY invoices to be processed (both from vendors, and to customers), billing documents to be prepared, bills to be paid, and office supplies to be stocked. This week is going to be a marathon of nursery duty, providing meals, babysitting, and packing… but at the end of that (and a 9-10 hour drive), we get to be at Mickey’s house.

I am now a member of Carolina Blogging! Check it out the new website, which just launched today!!! Also, don’t forget that I have a page on Facebook for my blog now… you can stop by and “like” it, and request to receive notifications so you never miss a post.

 *Blog title is referencing “Forward Motion” by Relient K… find it here.

Dear Josh,

This week has held so much, and I’m left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I’m sorry for the ways I’ve hurt you through my words and frustration. Thank you for doing all the shopping for this week, and for our vacation. I’m so thankful for the ways you have served me this week- shopping, cleaning, preparing lunches, and all the other things you do that I fail to thank you for. Can’t wait for Disney.




I did it. I went, I mingled, and I made some connections. Y’all, it was seriously out of my comfort zone. The entire time I was struggling not to compare myself. I don’t feel like the “typical” blogger… I don’t always present my best- on purpose. I bare my heart and soul on this little site. Last night, as people were asking for my blog name/site I was hit with just how transparent I am here… and it was scary to give people my URL and ask them to visit. Even though it was out of my comfort zone, it made me realize that my blog is unique because I am unique. I don’t have a “typical” blog, because it is about me, and there is no one quite like me. I think that is a good take-away.


My first TriFABB meet up was pretty awesome… we got a preview of the fashion show, enjoyed a meal from PDQ (seriously impressed) and got some free meal tickets (so we get to go back!), they had wine tasting from Little Black Dress Wine (I was too nervous to sample but totally wish I had), a tour of the whole building and got an overview of the kinds of booths that would be available (all kinds of shopping was represented- home, beauty, clothing, you name it and seriously it’s going to be there), and got some pretty rocking swag bags. These bags had everything including beauty samples, a bottle of wine, mini bundt cakes, coupons… so much!


So, did I meet my goal? Yes. I made several connections, I introduced myself, I went. Did I compare myself? Yes… and then talked myself down. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be… y’all, I have to be honest some people were really hard to start conversations with. I found myself frustrated with the incredible presence of technology. Isn’t that funny? I’m on a blog complaining about technology? Nevertheless, it’s how I felt. I find it intimidating to try to talk to people who are clicking around on their phones.


I have already touched on it, but I found myself feeling very conflicted. My Facbook and my Instragram are private… I don’t let a lot of people in. Yet, I’m posting my heart and soul on this blog. What are my internet boundaries? How am I going to navigate this blogging world? I’ve already established that my blog is not like everyone else’s, so just how different am I going to be? These are things I’m thinking about, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Dear Josh,

Basically you win the husband award. Thanks for going with me to the blogger meet up. I’m so thankful that you are supportive of all my interests! (And I’m sorry that you ended up hanging out with the PDQ servers because they were the only men in the house… I did warn you.)



Some days it is just especially hard to go to work and have to leave Josh. Yesterday, I was really bummed to be at work. I was busy, and I was definitely not bored, but I was bummed. Do you know what I mean? I started focusing on all the things we have to do in the coming weeks, and I started telling myself I couldn’t do it. I started that dangerous list of “if I weren’t working my tail off in this office I could get SO many other things done…”
Like I said, that’s dangerous.

Through an unexpected course of events, Josh was able to come meet me for a lunch date. We walked over to Olive Garden and enjoyed the classic soup/salad/bread-sticks. It was SO wonderful to spend a date together in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. I often feel so lame on date night. I come home to spend time with my love and I’m exhausted. Instead of him getting my best, my best has gone to work all day… and I hate that. I think our lunch date was especially refreshing because we got to spend time with each other during our best time of day.

Part of the reason I wanted to do a lunch date out is because I  didn’t want to be out two nights in a row. Maybe you don’t know this about me, but I find social gatherings really intimidating. It takes a lot of energy for me to prepare for them, and I usually dread it until I’m there. For instance, we have the blogger meet up tonight and I’m super stoked… I’m also super nervous. Josh said it’s like going on a first date. THAT IS EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS. I don’t know what to expect, I’m afraid I’ll say the wrong thing or be stupid and that is just silly. It’s also silly to think that none of them will want to associate with me because I have a tiny blog where I just talk about real life and my feelings. Maybe I’ll be miserable tonight, or maybe I’ll make some friends. Maybe I’ll feel uncomfortable, or maybe I’ll own it. I think it’s more of a choice than I have been telling myself. Only I can choose what I’m saying to myself, and if I’m telling myself that I am a lame blogger, a social outcast, and that no one will want to be my friend because I’m a little sweaty (#hyperhydrosis) then that is a choice… and a poor choice, if I do say so myself.

So, I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses, I’m taking my favorite man, and I’m going to make some friends. And if I don’t- that’s fine! The simple fact that I am GOING is a big deal… and I’ve already accomplished something by deciding to do so.


The other things I have planned tonight are just way too exciting, so brace yourself: packing and trimming the fat off of chicken. I told you… way too exciting. We’re going to visit my family this weekend, and we’re leaving straight from my work tomorrow which means I have to be prepared for the weekend!

Tomorrow I’ll give you an update on how the meet up went. 🙂 I really am excited!!!

If you were wondering, we spent our date last night working on the last season of Parks and Rec, and then watching American Idol. My husband is just wonderful. It was refreshing to spend so much time with him yesterday, and for it to be so low-key.


Dear Josh,

I was tickled pink we got to have a lunch date yesterday! It was so much easier to work through the afternoon because I was so encouraged by an hour of quality time (and soup let’s be honest) with you. Thank you for being willing to tag along with me tonight! You very well might be the only man in attendance… but I’m glad you’re coming.
See you at 5!






Facebook friends, I know most of you come here by clicking my links I post on my personal profile… well I created a page for my blog… check it out at www.facebook.com/dearjoshblog!
I will probably start posting my blog links there, and you can receive notifications by hitting “Like” and then “Get Notifications.”



Catching Up

Our date at Chili’s last week was quite nice. I compared their mango margarita to Red Robin’s… and Red Robin wins. We just had FUN being together. We didn’t talk about anything super important, we just enjoyed being out, and we enjoyed each others company.

We needed to go to Walmart I wanted to go to Walmart to get some nail polish (the gel polish I mentioned), so I checked out some Walmart coupons earlier in the day. GUYS. I was flabbergasted to find coupons for our my razor blades, my deodorant, Josh’s deodorant, and Aaron’s body wash. Since these are things we are always going to have to buy, and we are running low on most of them, it made sense to go ahead and get them and we saved $9 in the process. So… that was awesome.

Since that was almost a week ago, some summaries….

We’ve been making…

. A disappointing- but easy- alfredo sauce with shrimp. Definitely not my favorite (the chicken alfredo from a few weeks back was better), but it fed the guys and I heard no complaints. [Find the recipe here.]

. My mom gave me a cake decorating kit for Christmas, but because of my fitness kick I haven’t wanted to make baked goods… because we will consume them in massive quantities and wave good-bye to progress. I used this recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes and Icing this past weekend to celebrate my in-laws 25th wedding anniversary! First, decorating was so fun, and second the cupcakes were just so good.

. Egg casserole, which I need to make again and tweak some. It’s my mom’s recipe, it just took longer to bake than I anticipated.

. Zero progress on my crochet. Well, that’s not true… I made a lot of progress and realized that it looked like a trapezoid so I destroyed it. That was a serious blow… but I will rebuild..

. Plans for Disney. I submitted my vacation request at work (I still can’t believe they are paying me to go on vacation), we have a packing list going, and we’re ready.

. A rather intimidating pile of laundry. Guests= bedding to be washed. A small price to pay!

Been busy…

. Hosting Josh’s family this weekend! We had 8 people in our little house, and it was fun! I was worried about feeding that many people and finding places for them all to sleep… but it went very well!

. At work. Monday morning, I got recognized in our little meeting because a customer remarked to my boss about how helpful I was. It was a huge encouragement to me because I didn’t treat this customer any differently… so it spoke to me that I am doing a good job. I am also seriously on top of our billings– and I’m doing a lot independently which is huge. AIA documents don’t scare me anymore… I even think they are fun.

. Making plans for the next few weeks… between Growth Group, nursery, a blogger get-together, babysitting, providing the GG meal, traveling, packing for Disney… I’m a little overwhelmed but also excited.

. Trying to get rid of ants. Since the torrential downpours this weekend, we have had an ant problem. Thankfully (?) the ants are only going to the trash can. I guess I said “thankfully” because I don’t feel like my house is a dirty dump… trashcans are literally dirty dumps so it makes sense ants would flock there. HOWEVER, I HATE THEM AND WOULD LIKE THEM DEAD. Yeah, so working on that.

. Paying off those student loans. We are making some serious dents, and I know we won’t be able to every month… but right now we are so encouraged by the progress.

Looking forward to…

. Date night tomorrow.

. Date night round 2 on Thursday, my first blogger meet up!

. Seeing my family this weekend.

. Going to Mickey’s house (obviously).

. A house without ants.

. Babysitting, nursery, and all those other things packed into our schedule in the next few weeks. Life is busy and full, and full of serving, and potential exhaustion. But… I’m already exhausted. Praying- daily- that I will be refilled.


Dear Josh,
We are preparing for the last leg of the semester, and I’m exhausted. I’m ready for a break! I know that Disney won’t exactly be rest… but it will be FUN. And it will be refreshing to have a break from the daily grind. Plus, it’s an adventure. I love our adventures. 🙂 This rainy weekend was so fun. I loved sharing two of my favorite movies- An Affair to Remember and The Shop Around the Corner- with you, and I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I am also thankful for giftcards and a simple meal plan this week… not cooking this week was the best plan I could have ever made!
I love you so much. See you tonight!


Blogging News & Book Reviews

In case you missed it on Facebook, or haven’t seen the button on the bottom of the page, I just joined a group of bloggers (Triangle Area Bloggers)! I’m now listed in the directory, and pretty super stoked about it. I was processing some things with Josh, like the fact that I was looking into getting my own blog domain. Suddenly, I felt so… lame. A million thoughts flew through my mind… am I trying too hard? I barely have any readers, why would I actually invest money in this? Is this even worth while? These are my thoughts… no, I’m not trying too hard. I don’t feel this way about my crafting, my sewing, my baking, or my cooking. I’m not “trying too hard.” I’m expressing myself, enjoying it, and the blog was for me in the first place! I’m excited to share it all, but I need to remind myself that this blog was for me to enjoy.

I used to think that if I knew something I didn’t have to keep repeating it… like… the Gospel. However, something that I absolutely L-O-V-E about my church is that they repeat it all the time. The Gospel is the reason that we live. I think that’s a good thing to repeat and recount. Maybe it has gotten old to you readers (PS I don’t care- see paragraph above 🙂 ), but I have been rehearsing daily truths, and have greatly benefited from it. (See examples, below.)

I must admit things, because this is a place where I do that. All those wonderful ideas I had painted for Monday night… they just did not happen. We didn’t have enough alfredo for the three of us (I really should have opened that deceptively full container and looked before I made plans), so one of us had alfredo, one of us had sandwiches, and one of us had a quesadilla. I didn’t feel good, sooooo I basically went from watching American Idol on the couch, to watching Grey’s Anatomy in bed. The laundry remained in a pile.

A funny thing happened the other morning. I have a few pairs of pants hanging in the closet, two of which I can currently wear, and two of which I really can’t. Well, on a day I was particularly sleepy and bloaty (go with it, it can be a word) I pulled the wrong size of pants out of the closet…. but I thought I pulled the ones that fit. I WAS SO VERY CONFUSED. Not upset, not distraught, but confused. I figured it out, laughed at myself, and went on with my day. Later, I shared the story with Josh and I could tell, from his response, that he thought I was really beating up on myself. I assured him that I wasn’t. I have gotten such a confidence boost from just eating better, drinking more water, and meeting my step goals. I told him I want to be the healthiest, best version of me… not the skinniest. I have learned, over the past year plus of marriage, that I am really good at taking care of other people… but I am really bad at taking care of myself. I don’t say nice things to myself, I don’t put on nice clothes for fun, I don’t treat my body like it’s worth taking care of. So, that is all stopping. Instead of saying, “I’m not sure I can pull off the chambray today…” I said “you know what? THIS is what I want to wear… and I may think it looks better on so-and-so, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel good wearing it.”

There are two things I have really been enjoying lately: one is a book and one is a game. The game is Carcassonne. You may recall that I downloaded it for free last week on Kindle! I LOVE IT. It is just so fun to play the game whenever I want, and wherever I want!


Now, I am a self-proclaimed book-worm…. but if I’m honest, it’s been a long time since I have actually finished a book -the last book I read was “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” by Mindy Kaling and it was hilarious…. I highly recommend it! I don’t think that will be the case for long… I have been lost in the book “One Last Thing” by Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue. It is a tough subject, but a really good read. If you don’t know, I have been a huge fan of Rebecca St. James… since forever. I know every song, my walls were covered in RSJ posters, and I thought I was going to pass out from excitement when I got to meet her (twice). I have so much respect for her, and I still love her music… and now I’m enjoying all things RSJ on a new level: fiction. The book is set in the South, and the main character is around my age, and finds out a few weeks before her wedding (in December) that her fiance is addicted to pornography. All those details make it so easy for me to put myself in the main character’s shoes… and it is absolutely heartbreaking. Knowing Rebecca, this is going to be such an awesome story of God’s healing. She has been a huge advocate for purity (bash her songs all you want, but she’s my hero)… and this book advocates for it in a whole new way. This isn’t Rebecca’s first fiction novel, but it’s the first I’ve read… her others are on my “to read” list. What are you reading? Any suggestions?? We have a loooong road trip coming up in May, so I’m trying to gather some new options!

Tonight is date night, and we haven’t decided where we’re going. We will either use a giftcard, or we’ll go to Panera. (As you gathered, I am the indecisive one here.) Our March budget was a little tight, which is fine- we have a lofty goal for paying off some student loans. This morning I’m pretty set on Panera…. so we shall see! Otherwise, we’re hitting Target to do that return and watching some Parks and Rec. We have another date on Saturday, and that one will be a little more adventurous!


Dear Josh,

Thank you for supporting my blogging hobby. It’s been so fun to be excited about it with you, and to have you proof the posts. I know you’re biased, but it is so encouraging that you think I’m a good writer and that you enjoy my posts. I have loved reading this book, as you know, and I have been filled with thankfulness that you have striven for purity. I am so proud of the man you are, and so thankful our future children will have you as their example.

I’m excited about our date tonight (and glad that I’m not zoned out on allergy medicine this week)! Can’t wait to eat some yummy food, have some good conversations, and snuggle up for some Parks and Rec.