Holiday Recap

December feels like a distant dream. We had my company Christmas party (yay for free margaritas and steak), and the next day Josh and I headed to Myrtle Beach for our annual anniversary trip. We scored a super sweet ocean-front hotel Groupon that meant we could afford to stay there for 4 nights! Unfortunately, we quickly discovered why the hotel was so cheap… and had to change rooms because I found long, black hairs everywhere. In the shower, all over the bathroom, in the bed, on the pillows… it was like no one cleaned the room, and I got grossed out. We switched rooms, ended up with a better layout and a better room, and we were happier. 🙂 The first night, we decided to run to Publix to get some groceries… and a fun anniversary treat. We got our wedding cake from Publix (highly recommend), a grocery store we don’t have in NC (at least anywhere close to us), so we got a little cake for our anniversary treat. It’s been a few weeks, so honestly the trip is a blur of eating out, and enjoying the hotel’s cable (HGTV)!!! We had all sorts of food- wings, breakfast, Mexican, pizza… watched two movies- Hunger Games (SO GOOD) and Ricki and the Flash, played board games, went to the aquarium, walked on the beach, read, and slept in. It was so refreshing to have a break from cooking, cleaning, working, commuting… and so nice to be on a vacation alone.

Next, we headed to Columbia for Christmas! It was hot and muggy our entire stay in South Carolina. “Welcome Home,” right? My mom blew us away with her cooking, and Josh got to experience all our “weird” traditions including glow sticks and books on Christmas Eve. We decorated gingerbread cookies, exchanged presents, ate a ton, and watched the neighbors’ house burn. In the middle of Christmas dinner, fire trucks rolled down the street and stormed the house two doors down. It was incredibly sobering, and I gained renewed respect for fire-fighters. The owners of the house were out of town, and the fire was started by a heat lamp for one of the reptiles. The owners are avid animal lovers, and we saw two dogs and a cat be carried out of the house, then watched the workers attempt to revive them… and cover them with a white sheet. It was so hard to walk back inside, knowing this family’s Christmas was ruined and forever marked as a sad occasion.
In contrast, our Christmas was a joyous occasion. We went on tons of walks, ate tons of food, laughed until we hurt, and I am so thankful my entire family was able to be together. Every time we’re with with my parents, I am so encouraged by the ways they invest in and love people. I’m so thankful for the hours they spent with us talking, processing, and advising. The most hilarious moment was when Josh opened a pair of shoes… and we realized that instead of putting an adult-size 12 on his list, he put a child-size 12. 😀 Since Josh is a detail-guy, my mom figured he had the right link on his wish-list and didn’t even double check what she was ordering… we all laughed until we cried!


New Years was spent with our BFFS the Gilmores. We celebrated Joseph’s birthday with an amazing meal at Outback, introduced him to fire works (his birthday is New Years Eve!), turned his high chair (and his body) blue with acrylic paint- he really liked painting- just not the aftermath (also now mommy and Aunt Deborah know that acrylic paint stains BADLY), decorated for and had a Winter Onederland (get it?) birthday party, stayed up late playing board games and laughing hysterically, doing ridiculous things to get a laugh out of Joseph, and wishing we could stay longer.


My birthday was simple: we got Taza Grill and Cheesecake for date night, then on my actual birthday we made cheese fondue (wasn’t awesome) and Josh surprised me with a beautiful book of letters from my friends and family. I cried and cried and it was basically the best birthday gift ever. YAY for 25 years! The guys decorated our house to replicate an episode of The Office where Dwight decorates with balloons and streamers that match The Office. Spoiler: it looks like crap. I walked into the house after a long day to the hilarious decorations and it made my day!


We’re on week 3 of my goals, and I have to say I am getting pretty consistent. The best thing I did was download a checklist app… I kept forgetting (thanks, 6:15 am) if I had taken my vitamin, and always felt like I was forgetting something. If you’re a list maker like me, and trying to form a habit… get a checklist app. It is a game-changer.

One of my goals for this year is to add recipes to my arsenal. I tried my hand at pot roast, without a kit, and it was AMAZING. Huge huge hit with the boys. I threw a bunch of potatoes and carrots in the bottom of the crock pot with some water, with the roast, packs of brown gravy, Italian Dressing Mix and Ranch Mix on top and let it cook for hours. I made a delish ravioli dish, and made the easiest, most addictive ham and cheese sliders of my life. This weekend I am going to try a baked potato soup, since it is supposed to be insanely cold and they are calling for snow. When it snows, I need soup. It just makes sense.

Dear Josh,

I am so thankful for all the happy memories we made over the holiday weeks, but I am also thankful we are able to enjoy some time at home now. Thanks for always being enthusiastic about new meals, getting up early so I can do my quiet time, and bringing me coffee while I do my devotions. You’re the best.



3 1/2 years together.
1 1/2 years married.

Cue the sap.

I married this man a year and half ago. I am so thankful for the ways the Lord has blessed us, in our marriage, with jobs, with the perfect home, good friends, a wonderful church, and adventures. I really had no idea what marriage was going to be like, but it is the best, and Josh is truly my best friend.

Before you, I didn’t know arguments could be productive. I thought disagreements meant there was a fundamental problem, and that the relationship was doomed but you have taught me that working through them can make a relationship stronger.
I was so excited to marry you, but I didn’t want someone hogging the covers… and you did. I think we have learned a lot from sharing the same blanket (aka we selfishly prefer an entire Queen Size blanket to ourselves and we probably fought a lot in our sleep).
I didn’t know if I could feed us… I was convinced every dish I made would give you food poisoning. I didn’t know if I could work full-time, but I knew I had to because we were literally living on wedding money. I was so scared I would be a terrible-horrible-no good wife, and I thought so many times that you were disappointed in me and had married the wrong person.
Thankfully I have been wrong on most counts (not sure corndogs count as a “meal” but sometimes it happens)… and I love my role as your wife. Since it’s a half-anniversary, I will write half as much as I want. 😀 I love you!



Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Life has been so good, and busy, lately and there just hasn’t been time to blog. So a quick recap.

We have moved into our house. We love our house. Our clothes are not in boxes, but in dressers. Our books are on shelves. Our dishes are in cabinets. Our pantry still needs to be put in order… but everything else is good!

I left work early on December 23, and we took off to Virginia Beach. After a 3 hour frantic search in the greater area of Virginia Beach for a specific toy, on behalf of Josh’s uncle, we got to the Sims house. True story: I almost punched a grown man, with a beard, employed by Toys R Us who informed us that they did have the specific toy we were looking for… but HE PURCHASED THE LAST ONE. This entire experience was new for me. I’ve been one to have my Christmas shopping done in advance, and have never been out at the last second looking for ONE specific thing. I feel like Josh and I have learned a valuable lesson… keep doing things ahead of time. Hehe. No, we didn’t find the toy… but I feel like the toy that ended up being purchased was even cooler. And yes, I referred to the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie about a million times during our search.

Christmas Eve, I experienced my first Sims Christmas ever. It was SO fun. Huge breakfast, lots of presents, lots of laughter. Christmas was so exciting. My family doesn’t have the excitement over toys, and bubbling about what Santa (or Tinsel) brought them. Josh’s family does.
Going into Christmas this year was difficult because I have been feeling the stress of work, rather than the magic of the holiday… and the excitement of the little girls was not overwhelming, but refreshing. (Except for the fact that they woke us up before 6:30 on Christmas… that was exhausting.) I got things that I wanted, and things that I needed… a crock pot, a book of sewing patterns, a rain coat, sweater, jewelry, pictures, etc… honestly, what meant the most is realizing-again- that they really are my family. I’m so thankful for the way they have all loved and accepted me. This was probably the weirdest, but most wonderful part: it was strange not being with my family, but I didn’t miss it too much… because I felt like I WAS with family.

We went to the Christmas Eve service, went to the house in NC, and ended up exchanging gifts between siblings. My favorite thing was from Kaity– she gave each of her sisters a framed picture with a quote from Little Women: “I could never love anyone as much as I love my sisters.” – Jo March
Well, basically I wanted to burst into tears because it meant so much to me. I’m so very thankful for such wonderful sisters.

Christmas Day was spent at my in-laws house. We got up super early, and waited for Grandma and Grandpa Sims to get there. We sang happy birthday to Jesus, and got to see the tree. Again, I got so many things I’ve wanted/needed, including a dress, sweater, gifts cards for date nights, jewelry, and movies (Frozen, and Christmas movies!). It was just perfect. I did have to take a nap, since we had some sleep deprivation over the last couple of days, and talked to my family. Lunch was nothing less than a feast… London broil, ham, potatoes, fruit salad… heavenly. We spent the evening watching Frozen, to my delight and my father in law’s pain. 🙂 Unlike all the parents in the entire world, I have not been “Frozen-ed out.”


The day after Christmas, Josh and I headed to the Outer banks for our Anniversary trip. We checked into our hotel, got pizza, and enjoyed doing nothing.
The trip was perfect… just perfect. We slept in, laid around because we could, walked on the beach, had a poor breakfast experience-which we will not go into because it was very frustrating but the food was free, went to the Wright Brothers memorial, went to see Into the Woods (and got crazy— we got popcorn), went out for Mexican and reflected on the year, watched the sun rise, walked on the beach, had a wonderful breakfast on the 2nd day, went to a lighthouse, went to the aquarium, and I had the first big mac of my life (I am a little irritated that they taste so good).

Josh wrote out questions on index cards that we went through all weekend… “Favorite meal of this year? Favorite inside joke? Something you’d like me to work on?” etc. It was such a good time to escape together, reflect on the first year, make goals and plans for the second, and to enjoy being together.
No, we didn’t save the top layer of our wedding cake. But I’m glad… because eating old, stale cake doesn’t sound like much of a celebration of a momentous year of trusting God together, becoming unified in a budget, and of making two lives one. This year has been anything but stale… so we baked a fresh cake and ate that in celebration instead.

Beach. Wright Brothers Memorial. Sunrise. Bodie Lighthouse.


Since vacation, life at work has been very busy- hence the lack of blogging. My family came to visit last weekend– they actually surprised me with an early birthday party! We had too much fun with them- shopping, exploring a museum, walking, cooking, laughing, playing games… I’m always so happy to have them here, and always cry my eyes out when they leave.

Part of my Christmas/Birthday money was spent on a Fitbit, which tracks all sorts of nifty stuff, including my steps. It may seem like a typical New Years resolution, but my decision actually doesn’t have to do with that at all… I’m finally healthy, after Mono. I have some energy, and I want to get back into exercising regularly. So far- the Fitbit has been extremely helpful in motivating me, and I’m excited as Josh and I are taking this on together (plus I am finally realizing I am extremely competitive…. so that helps since Josh and I compare how many steps we’ve gotten).


Dear Josh,
I am so glad I finally got to participate in the legendary Corneli-Sims Christmas. Although it was new, it was wonderful and I’m so very thankful for your family. It’s the second year of marriage, and it’s only more fun. Thanks for loving me so well, and for keeping laughter as a staple in our relationship.

I’m looking forward to spending this weekend with you… and the rest of my life. I’m so proud of you, and it has been awesome reflecting on our growth as individuals and a couple. I’ll always be your bluebird, sweet frog. 🙂

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Busy and Rewarding.

Friday night Josh and I had dinner, hung out, and went on a Christmas light adventure. He planned out a route, based on tips from friends who have done this, and we found some real gems. Probably my favorite thing we saw was an inflated concrete roller truck, with a reindeer driving… on the roller, which actually rolled, was a picture of a grandma. I died laughing. Grandma got run over by a reindeer.  Driving around with Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album, a peppermint milkshake from Chick-fil-a and my husband was the perfect end to a busy work week, and a weekend of Christmas.

Saturday morning, Josh and I got up and went downstairs to turn on our little Christmas tree lights and the lights over the mantle. I made coffee, and we dove into our gifts. This year we decided to do categories of gifts; want, need, making a meal for each other, and planning a day together. Saturday morning we opened the “want” and “need” gifts. For my “need” gifts, Josh gave me a 4 qt crock pot (the one I have spews water and leaks all over the counter…) and wine bottle stoppers that also allow you to pour without taking the stoppers out. For my “want” I got pj pants, a tshirt (LION KING) and Despicable Me 2 (and a pack of gum but I really don’t feel like that counts because I put it on the grocery list).

I gave Josh a sophisticated tie as a “need” (if you saw his tie collection you would understand), and made a “Disney Preparation Package.” If you didn’t know, Disney owns Star Wars now… and we’re going to Disney World in May, which means we’re going to be there for Star Wars day. My husband is SO excited. So I made him a package that allows him to immerse himself in nerdy excitement, including a lightsaber toothbrush, a Star Wars tshirt and a countdown calendar AND a Harry Potter tshirt for our day at Universal.

After Christmas presents we made a big breakfast including roasted parmesan potatoes, sausage, eggs and cinnamon rolls. Then I made Josh watch Babes in Toyland with me. I hadn’t seen it since I was little, and frankly it was a little strange but I still like it. I don’t think Josh was sold on it. Also, on Friday night I made Josh watch Mr. Willoby’s Christmas Tree (google it) which involves a very young Robert Downey Jr. (aka IRON MAN) dancing and singing in a nightgown about the perfect Christmas tree.

We had planned to watch Christmas movies all afternoon… but the disorder of the house has been driving me insane so we made some progress on unpacking instead. Now, our room is almost completely set up- including our closet, my books are put away, all guest towels and sheets are clean, laundry is done and put away, we made some progress on the kitchen, and the extra bedrooom looks more like a bedroom than a dumping ground. We worked HARD. Since we had a big and late breakfast, we didn’t have lunch. And, since I was working so hard on the house, we didn’t end up making soup as I had planned. Around 4:30 Josh reminded me he was a human, and had hunger… and we decided to get Moes instead of making dinner. So we had burritos, queso, and enjoyed our comfy couch and The West Wing.

Sunday was our one-anniversary. I could talk about this year, the struggles, the joys, the lessons learned, but I think I’ve shared a lot of them already. It’s been a hard year… it’s been a year of growth… it’s been a year of thankfulness for each other.
It’s crazy to think that a whole year ago it was 80 degrees outside on the first day of winter… and I was meeting Josh at Riverfront park for wedding photos and our first kiss. Our wedding day was truly perfect, and so were the days following (except for the fact that Charleston was ridiculously hot and we had packed the wrong clothes, assuming it was going to feel like winter). One year ago, alarm clocks went off every couple of minutes until we got to the hotel. And, when we got to our super fancy hotel (a gift and surprise from Josh’s uncle), we got stuffed crust meat lovers pizza which we ate in bed and watched The Italian Job. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

This year, we learned about anniversary expectations and I think we had a productive conversation. We agreed to celebrate our anniversary next weekend, but I said I didn’t want our actual anniversary ignored, which was interpreted as “don’t forget to say happy anniversary”… I meant at least DO SOMETHING to acknowledge it. Yeah. We’ve both learned something- communicating exactly what I want, and learning to at least give a card or flowers… not just say “happy anniversary.” BUT-sign of growth- I was able to articulate my hurt without being hurtful, and Josh was not defensive. This is actually huge, and something we’ve been working on for a while. Next weekend we’re going to be super sappy and reminisce on the last year… but this past weekend we did a lot of unpacking.

After church on Sunday we went shopping for some house things, and had soup and grilled cheese for lunch. We enjoyed more of The West Wing, baked a cake, and tried to make some more progress on the kitchen. At the store, I bought a night guard… it just had to happen. Apparently I grind my teeth hard core, and man I’ve been feeling it in my jaw… so on our anniversary I bought a night guard. Haha we sure know how to celebrate.

We enjoyed an evening at home of one of our pastors with the other growth group leaders/ assistant growth group leaders he’s over. It was such a good time of fellowship, encouragement, and reflection on the past year. They knew it was our one year anniversary, and asked us to describe the past year of marriage in one word each. Josh said “busy” and I said “rewarding.” I think they’re both true. This year has been insanely busy, and rewarding in what it’s taught us.

This week, I am working for 13 hrs. Then it’s all about Christmas and our anniversary. Virginia Beach on Tuesday/Wednesday, Hertford on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, and the Outer Banks on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. The library at SEBTS is closed this week, so Josh is working on unpacking at home, and is blessing me by doing the laundry.


Dear Josh,
HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Despite the struggles and challenges we’ve faced, this year has been FUN. I love how completely ridiculous we are. I love laughing until we feel like we’re going to die, and I love the jokes that only we get. You’re my best friend, and I am so blessed to be your wife. Thank you for serving me, putting me first, and never leaving me. Hopefully this year we won’t face unemployment, destructive deer, mono, or taking two ancient languages at the same time (seriously what were we thinking?!)… but if we do, we know we can handle it together.

I’m so excited to celebrate Christmas with your family, and then our anniversary at the beach.
Also, I can’t wait to come home to you tonight. Thanks for all you’re doing at home today!!

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen


The Lord is in control. He does everything for a reason, and nothing happens without His knowledge.
Right now I’m caught in the middle of extreme joy and extreme sadness. Maybe that doesn’t make sense, since the middle ground would be numbness…  and I don’t feel numb. I feel like I’m on a crazy ride of emotions, and I’d like to get off.

Our best friends, Phil and Elise, are expecting their first child very very soon. (Like… due on the 27th, soon!) This brings me SO much joy. I’ve prayed for them to get pregnant, I’ve prayed for Joseph to stay healthy, and I’ve prayed for my sweet friends as they prepare to welcome him into the world. We’ve celebrated him, we’ve washed his tiny little clothes, and I’ve made things for his room.

This week our other friends, probably our closest friends in Wake Forest, lost their first child before they found out if it was a boy or a girl. I’ve cried my eyes out, my heart has hurt for them, and I have completely used it as a way to talk to my coworkers about God.

God’s in control and He has a plan. Today, I’m thankful that we are in a community with these precious people and we get to provide meals for them. We get to do life with them. That’s such a cool thing. Something I’ve found so comforting is looking at all the things my mom has been through, including a miscarriage. She was the first person I talked to, seeking wisdom for how to best love our friends during this time. My mom is so good at ministering to others through common experiences- and they’re usually the hard ones. So, I’ve been praying that for our friends, especially for the ways God will use them to minister to others in the future.

We had dinner with them last night, and they processed a lot… in their processing I heard so much truth including the fact that things like this should make us long for Jesus to come back. I can’t imagine being pain-free. I can’t imagine not feeling sorrow. Yet, I believe that day is coming.


This weekend Josh and I are celebrating Christmas together. We’re going to get milkshakes tonight (Peppermint for me!) and drive around looking at Christmas lights… tomorrow morning we’re making breakfast, opening gifts, making soup, watching Christmas movies, and enjoying each other’s company. Sunday is our ONE YEAR anniversary. It has been one of the most joyful, challenging, emotional, difficult, wonderful years of my life. I’m glad I get to spend all my years with Josh.


Dear Josh,

I have been so blessed seeing you serve our friends. I’m so thankful for the way you have taken burdens off of them, the way you’ve prayed for them, and just been there- even though we didn’t say anything.
I’m thankful that you married me last year.
I’m thankful you choose to love me every day.
I’m thankful we’ve only begun our life together.

So excited to enjoy people’s skyrocketing power bills tonight (aka look at Christmas lights).
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

Making the House a Home

Monday night, Josh cleaned out our apartment and met me at home. We put all the fridge things away and got dinner ready. After dinner, I did the dishes, laundry, and baked cookies at the same time (loving this dishwasher and in-house washer and dryer)! Josh worked on unpacking and made some great progress on the office part of the living room. PLUS he set up our Wifi. It’s exciting to see the house becoming ours. Yes, the kitchen is smaller, but I love it. I LOVE the openness of the downstairs. I love that I could throw dishes in the dishwasher and save Josh the time of hand-washing every single thing.

Tuesday, I felt like a rock star at work. I’m slowly taking on more responsibility for creating the billing that goes to our customers, and the customers are getting to know me. And the guys in the office have really started coming to me to brainstorm, or when they have questions. When we got home, Josh and I cleared out the living room, swept, shifted boxes, laid down the rug, vacuumed, and set out the coffee table. Progress! We have a number of rooms at least mostly set up (bathrooms, our bedroom, living room) and 2 in at least partially working order (dining room and kitchen) and one disaster room (extra bedroom upstairs, aka the dump). We went to Growth Group in the evening, and I got my exhausted self in bed as soon as I could.

Today, the work day started off with our weekly meeting. I’m in the middle of some billing confusion, and answering a lot of questions in the office. Honestly, I’m having fun. We’re implementing a lot of organizational processes in the office, and I’m loving it. Unpacking, though it is a challenge to figure out where to put things, is definitely more enjoyable to me than packing. Unpacking is exciting and… packing is sad. Packing means leaving, unpacking means a new beginning.

This morning I realized I only have 4 days left of work (from this point) until Christmas, because I’m leaving early on Tuesday. I am SO excited to spend Christmas with Josh’s family for the first time. I have heard so many stories, and it sounds so different from my family’s traditions.
Tonight Josh is having a game night with the guys, and I’m doing a cookie swap with the girls.

Dear Josh,

Yes, I’m stressed that our dining room is full of boxes and that you’re having people over tonight… but I’m so glad you want to. I’m thankful for our friends, and the fact that we don’t have to have a perfect house in order to have them over. Also, I’m so excited to celebrate our anniversary this weekend. (We should talk about that…. do we even have plans?)

I love you! I can’t wait to see you at 5:35.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

In Sickness and Health

Wednesday evening I met my husband (and a couple of friends) at our new place- and hugged my new (to me) washer and dryer. They’re gorgeous, you guys. Exactly what I asked God for, and the price that we could afford. Also, our friends are awesome. Thank you guys for moving those monsters upstairs for me. You’re my heroes.
After I realized I had to stop staring at my beautiful counter tops, wood floors, and spacious dining room, Josh and I went to Red Robin for our date. Banzai burger- it has a teriyaki glaze and a pineapple slice- and mango margarita for me. (I didn’t sign a covenant at the seminary!) After that we headed to Walmart…. to get cold/flu medicine for me… yeah that’s a hot date, huh? We concluded our date night with The West Wing. I demanded we watch it sitting in bed because I was too tired to be anywhere else… and I proceeded to sneeze my brains out. Because my husband loves me, he sat next to this sicko and even held my hand. Also, he watched Love It Or List It with me in the middle of the night when I woke up, medicine having worn off, coughing up my guts. All the things he does say I love you; picking up a washer and dryer, sitting with me in the middle of the night, packing my lunch… he makes me feel like the most special girl in the world.

Thursday, I made my sick self go to work. I was in a major fog… but I paid the bills, answered the phone, did AIA billing. I basically took comfort in the fact that every minute I sat feeling miserable, I was getting paid. That make everything a little better. I spent the day counting down to 5pm. Thursday night I made carrot cake, one for us and one for our neighbor. Then we headed to have pizza with our friends! It was SO good to spend time with them. Life has been so busy, and I’ve been so sick the past couple of months that I haven’t spent time with friends in a long time. I was up for a while in the middle of the night… I left my medicine at work, accidentally, and was pretty miserable. (Not to be graphic here but I have a pretty intense sinus infection/cough thing going on…. it’s… just… gross.)

Today, I’m at work… wishing I was home sleeping. We had planned to go to the drive in movie tonight (they are playing the 3 Hunger Games movies)… but I don’t think it’s a great idea to be out in the cold while I’m so sick. So instead Josh is planning something at home. ALSO he’s picking up the dining set today. I am SO excited. I’m coming to the realization that there’s really not much to pack up in our house… which is both nice AND frustrating because I feel like I should be packing and there’s nothing to pack.

That’s it… I have no other words, I’m just barely here.

I lost my voice and sound like a teenage boy.

I feel like I’m going to be sick forever.

I’m going to go make some tea.


Dear Josh,

I am so thankful for the way you’ve taken care of me. I know we vowed in sickness and health, but I don’t think either of us expected so much sickness this year. I know it’s temporary, and it will get better… meanwhile, I’m so glad I have you to take care of me and make me laugh.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

In honor of November 19th, 2011

Has it really been 3 years? 3 years ago, Josh and I went on our first date. Granted, we weren’t sure it was a date…. but it was. After weeks months of liking Josh, and hanging around after class to talk to him, we finally started spending time together outside of Hoke Auditorium. It started with a lunch, to talk about Josh’s semester in Israel, progressed to LOTS of Facebook chatting, meeting in the student center, hanging out at his apartment, going to the North/South game just to see him, and going to Waffle House together.

Our “date” wasn’t exactly intended to be a date, I don’t think. He phrased it as “I need to run errands and use up a Groupon. Want to come?”
YES. Of course I wanted to, because he wanted to spend time with me.

I went to my dorm and told my roommate, Kim, “I think Josh just asked me on a date, but I’m REALLY NOT SURE.”
Turns out he called his friend Sam and told her “I think I just asked Deborah on a date, but I’m REALLY NOT SURE.”

He turned it a date… and then confused me all day.

He came to my house to go over Herm. stuff with my dad. Then Josh took me to the library (an actual errand), Starbucks (to get holiday drinks, and he doesn’t even like coffee- but he drank coffee that day), Riverfront park (we walked and talked for hours), a used bookstore (he bought me a collection of Flannery O’Connor stories- called “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” Let’s be clear- I picked it out…. but how perfect, right?), and dinner.

Yes, I know this story is located in a link at the top of the blog… but it’s just my favorite story to tell.

Why was I confused all day? Because he was SO sweet to me, and kept referring to our “friendship.” He even thanked God for our friendship during his prayer for the food. I tried not to cry.

On the way home, he told me he liked me. And good thing. I sure liked him… especially since he planned a day with all my favorite things; a beautiful fall walk at my favorite park, coffee, books, and a burger.

Now I like him AND I love him, something we didn’t say until the day we got engaged on December 28th, 2012… but that’s another blog post. 🙂


As far as this week is concerned, here are the basics:
Monday night I got home at 5:30… I fell asleep at 6:30, and woke up at 6:30 the following morning.
I am sick again, hopefully this time it’s just a cold.
We found a dining set and we’re getting it this weekend! (Our landlord is the best and letting us move it in early. 🙂 )
Also, we just found a washer and dryer this morning. BOOYA. God has provided everything we needed for the new house!
We have a date tonight at Red Robin. I am super stoked.


Dear Josh,
First, I love our story. Second, I love that you are sentimental and suggested going on a date including the river, bookstore, and burgers to celebrate our 3 years! 🙂 (I was thinking the same thing and I love that you suggested it.) Third, I have been so blessed in these three years, being your girlfriend, then fiance, and now wife. You have made me SO happy and I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else.
I can’t wait for our date tonight, and I am so thankful for the ways God has provided for our needs. I love being your girl, and I’m looking forward to spending all my years with you.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen