Our Wedding

December 21st, 2013 was one of the happiest days of my life.
This is not a happily ever after story, because marriage is real life and marriage is hard. But this IS the story of our perfect wedding.

Everything about our wedding was intentional.
We had a small rehearsal dinner, catered by Moe’s, to keep the stress level low, and allow us to really mingle with the people who had traveled.
I kept the wedding decorations simple, so that the wedding would be affordable, easy to set up, and we used things that were multipurpose, so we couldn’t waste money on a one-time cost.
My dress was a gift from a friend, and an answered prayer! It was the dream dress I couldn’t afford.


The day of the wedding, we got ready at the church and had a first look at the same park where we went on our first date, and the same park where we got engaged. The first look was important to us for several reasons, the two most important being: first, that I wanted to be relaxed and enjoy the day. I knew that if the first time I saw him was when I walked down the aisle, I would be a wreck. Second, we saved our first kiss for our wedding day… and I didn’t want everyone to see it. So, we decided (being the romantics that we are) to have our first kiss at the park where we had our first date, and where I said “yes.”

This is still the most precious moment of the day to me. I have it all in pictures, and I get to treasure it forever… the first time he looked at me in my dress, praying together, and the first kiss.

first look

Our wedding took place at the Anglican church my family attends, and we were able to involve several friends and family members by having them read passages of scripture. The only time I cried during the ceremony was when we were singing Great Is Thy Faithfulness, and I was caught up in the joy of God’s provision, and the fact that He provided such a wonderful man as my husband.
Most people who attended will probably remember my dad and I practically running down the aisle. I think we were both so happy, and so excited, that we couldn’t slow each other down.


I think that’s a great summary of the day… everyone was so JOYFUL. I really don’t think Josh and I were the only ones who were totally stoked… it was such a spirit of support, love, and celebration.

After the ceremony, we took lots of pictures. Lots and LOTS of pictures, and they’re awesome. Then we busted into our party, and continued having a blast. What does a blast look like? Well… it includes feeding cake to my new husband with airplane noises. I got the whole place rollin’ in laughter!

We had speeches from the best man and maid of honor, enjoyed our Publix cake (best cake ever) and homemade goodies that were so lovingly made for us and our guests.


The second time I cried was when they told me it was time to leave. No matter how relaxed you are, time flies when you’re having fun. Suddenly the wedding and reception we planned for a year was over, and we were leaving. We set off for Charleston, SC– our car packed full of balloons. Also, little did we know that our friends had planted alarm clocks throughout the car! Every 20 minutes, an alarm clock went off… and every time one went off, we laughed our heads off.

We were blessed with the gift of a nice hotel in the heart of downtown Charleston. It was unseasonably warm, 80 degrees in December!, so we got kinda woozy walking around the city in the middle of the day (since we packed long sleeves and such… since it was DECEMBER), and were so indescribably grateful for the convenience of that hotel. And… the awesome breakfast at the hotel… that was amazing.


We spent two nights in Charleston, met my family in Myrtle Beach for a couple of days, and spent Christmas Day opening wedding gifts in our new home. We took an extended honeymoon (cruise) at the beginning of January… tune into the Honeymoon tab for more on that.


All photography credit goes to White Bridge Photography!

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