Our Engagement

I was crying, and couldn’t see the ring!

Josh and I started dating just after Thanksgiving of 2011, and over Christmas break Josh gave me a letter for every day, starting when he left to go to Virginia for Christmas, and ending on my birthday. Each letter had a clue about my birthday surprise, which was a day in Charleston– he took me to see the Broadway production of Mary Poppins.

Christmas break of 2012, he gave me letters for every day we were apart while he was in Virginia for Christmas, and I thought he was coming back to Columbia on Saturday (we were at the beach Wed-Fri).

When I got home with my family, there was a letter and a piece of framed art (Monet!) waiting in the entryway at home when we got back from the beach. The note said to go to Starbucks at 7:30. (I painted and cut my nails and looked pretty– JUST in case.) Josh told me to take that days letter to Starbucks with me. My best friend, Mary Grace was waiting there, and handed me a giftcard from Josh to get whatever I wanted. So I got coffee and we sat and talked, and she said he planned this time for us to hang out because we haven’t been able to hang out much this past semester.

After 15 or 20 minutes she hands me another letter, which was a “key” overlay for the letter he gave me that day. It told me to go to the bookstore across the street and look in the book Frankenstein (which is one of my favorites). There was another note in the book (which he bought for me) that told me there was a car outside waiting for me.

I went outside and there were our good friends, Phil and Elise, waiting. They took me downtown to the park Josh & I went to on our first date, where Josh was waiting. He took me and walked me to a place we had a long conversation (13 months ago– the 28th was our 13 month anniversary, which I didn’t notice until he pointed it out) and then told me he loves me (we waited to say I love you until we got engaged) and proposed… and then our friends came out of hiding, and they had been taking pictures.

I learned, after Josh enlightened me, that this was a recreation of our first day… coffee, the bookstore, and the park. I loved the way he involved things that were important to our relationship, as well as our friends and family!

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