What’s The Goal?

I find myself thick in the season where goal setting is quite in vogue. Everyone loves to dream about the things they will accomplish, looking forward to the blank slate of a new year. I no longer feel like I have to wait until January 1 to plan big goals (see my last post!), but I do enjoy looking back on what the past year has taught me. Speaking of which, my goal to read the entire Bible through while I had a break from work was a fantastic failure. I decided to scrap it, because I wasn’t reading the Bible to change, I was trying to finish. I was trying to accomplish a goal, against all odds, so I had something to be proud of. I don’t think I need to say that is a poor motivation, but I’m going to anyway… that is a poor motivation. So instead of pushing onward, I stopped. I re-assessed. I set a new goal.

This coming year, I have decided not to race through the Bible, but to feast and savor. I have decided to select commentaries to accompany my daily reading, so that I am not just reading- but I am gaining knowledge and understanding. My dear In-Laws got me the most beautiful Journaling Bible for Christmas, and I am so excited to put it to good use, and to have space in the margins to write notes about what I learn as I study God’s word with intention.

This past year has been such a beautiful picture of joy and sorrow in my life, which maybe I will share in a later post, but if there is one thing I have learned, it is this: I can do tough things. I can be consistent, I can dig deep, I can learn new things, I can be vulnerable, I can encourage others through my struggle.

That’s where I am! I’m excited to share more and to continue reflecting on the blessings and lessons of this past year.

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