How I Fell in Love with LuLaRoe!

I want to share something I am super excited about, and also a pretty big life announcement! A few months ago, I was introduced to a clothing company named LuLaRoe. I was invited to an online shopping group, where a consultant posted her inventory, and people claimed by commenting Sold. Some of my first thoughts were:

“What the heck is going on?”
“These patterns are insane!”
“How are you supposed to know if these clothes will even look good on you?!”
“Does that pattern come in another size? Can I please find it?”
“Why is everyone losing their minds over leggings? Leggings are leggings, people.”  *

Something else I noticed was that this was a group of women… and not a small group of women. There were over 1,000 women in this Facebook group, and they only had nice things to say to one another. I saw people tagging their friends saying “This would look AMAZING on you!” I saw women posting shameless selfies of their outfits, and other women (who probably have never met each other in real life) were commenting “You look fabulous!” “You’re rocking that, girl!” “I told you that you could pull that off, look at your amazing curves!”
It was like I had transported into another dimension. A place where women were saying nice things to one another instead of tearing others down to lift themselves up. A place where instead of focusing on the 15 pounds they’d like to lose, they were confidently posting pictures of how they rocked their outfit that day.
I wanted to try the clothes, so I found a local consultant in Raleigh that was hosting a pop-up (a pop-up is when a consultant takes their inventory and sets it up at someone’s house and people can come shop and try stuff on). I went, I tried on all the clothes, and I fell in love with these clothes. They are well made, ethically made, unique, flattering, and super versatile! Something that I love is that they can be worn throughout pregnancy! (No, this is not an announcement.) As you guys know, I love to invest in things I can get a ton of use out of… which is why I bought kitchen sponges I can throw in the washing machine, wool dryer balls, and I love that I can invest in a wardrobe that would adapt with my changing body as we grow our family in the future. (Have I stressed that this is not an announcement?) These are clothes I feel sooo good about purchasing because I am supporting small businesses, ethical clothing production, and it’s a wardrobe that can move through seasons of life with me.

Some of own shameless selfies. :)
Some of own shameless selfies. 🙂

I bought an Amelia dress, which is practically perfect in every way. It has a zipper, pockets, and hand-set box pleats. Wearing it, I feel put together, insanely comfortable, and never worry about modesty for a moment… and I want to tell everyone about LuLaRoe. I went from being completely oblivious about this clothing line to absolutely obsessed. It felt like every time Josh asked what I was doing on my phone I was looking at a new Facebook pop-up, just to see what they had even though I had spent my budget for the month.

An awesome thing about LuLaRoe is that only about 2,000 pieces are made of each fabric. That means that the likelihood of someone you know having the same piece of clothing as you is incredibly low… and it also means that it is always exciting to see what consultants have because everyone has different prints! When a consultant makes an order, they can only pick the style and the size not the print. Every shipment is like Christmas!

ANYWAY… I decided that if I was so obsessed with the clothing, and I was going to tell everyone about LuLaRoe because I love it so much, it only made sense to sign up as a consultant. Buuut that’s another story for another day. 🙂
(I don’t have a shopping group yet, there’s a long line of people waiting to sign up, but if you want to know more please email me or send me a message on Facebook!)






*To answer the questions above:
LuLaRoe is a serious addiction, and the clothes are insanely comfortable. What was (is) going on? People were (are) feeding their LuLaRoe beast. Now I get it.

Even if I think some patterns are crazy, I really think each pattern has a person. I have found patterns I am in LOVE WITH and I am glad I stuck around to find them!

They will. They do. Trust me.

These are no ordinary leggings. Say goodbye to pathetic leggings that fall down and you have to yank back up… these leggings stay up and they are so soft and so comfortable sometimes you have to look down and reassure yourself that you are wearing clothes.


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