2016: Looking Forward

As I reflected on last year, I saw a common theme… doing things for others. I’m not trying to puff myself up, but it was a year of sacrificial giving and I have found myself saying (more than once) “I’m taking care of everyone else… who is taking care of me?”
I started this year saying this HAS to change. My goal was/is to establish habits and routines- no matter how small- that make me feel like I’m taking care of me. Josh and I hope to have a family in the next few years… and as wonderful as that is, I know even more will be demanded of me since babies need a little bit more attention than the people I have in my life right now.  😉 I want to be purposeful in establishing some self-care habits this year. So, this is what I am setting out to do.

  1. Take care of my body.
    That includes using lotion after a shower, washing my face before I go to bed, brushing my teeth twice a day, taking a daily multi-vitamin, continuing to put good food in my body, and make exercise a priority. These may seem like obvious things to do… but there are so many times I feel like I can’t slow down and take care of myself. That’s going to change.
  2. Take care of my brain.
    That includes reading. I realized I only read like 4 or 5 books last year! This year, my goal is to read at least one book a month, or 12 books in the year. Hopefully I’ll read more, but I feel like one book a month is at least achievable. I want to keep challenging myself by learning to make new things…. new recipes, new sewing projects, I want to keep learning. I also want to say nicer things to myself.
  3. Take care of my soul.
    This is probably the most radical change I am making, but the most important. I have struggled with having a quiet time. I have tried doing it during lunch, I have tried doing it before bed, I have tried doing it when I first get to work. Those worked, for a time… and then I would skip a day because I was tired, stressed out, or some other stupid reason. Because Josh and I have been talking about the next 5 years and when we want to have kids (not any time soon, people), I have been thinking about habits I want to carry into the season of Motherhood. A daily quiet time is something I know I need for myself, and I want to serve as an example for my children. Growing up, I saw my mom sit at the kitchen table every morning with her coffee and her Bible. We knew that a day wouldn’t start without mom spending time with the Lord, and I am so thankful for her dedication and her example. I was thinking about this the other day and realized that it is only going to get harder to establish that habit. If I want my kids to see my start every day with the Lord, I need to make it a habit now. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m getting up 20 minutes earlier… sitting down with a book, journal, Bible, and coffee and starting my day the right way. Today was the first day of this habit, but I’m excited about it continuing.


How are you taking care of yourself? What goals have you set for this year?

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