2015: Looking Back

2015 held a lot of change, joy, blessings, disappointments, pain, fears, struggles, and loss.

Overall, this past year was the hardest year I have ever had. It would have been so easy to just glide into 2016 without looking back because I didn’t want to look back and re-experience the pain. In looking at my blogs from the last year, I’m reminded that it wasn’t all pain. There was a lot of growth. I learned to make more meals, I learned to sew, I learned to grieve, I learned to ask for help, and my marriage grew. Am I glad it’s over? OF COURSE. I pray 2016 is marked with joy and growth, not overshadowed with the same pain that 2015 was. I want to share some of my goals for this year, but this post is about looking back. So, here’s a year in review.


January was a month packed with change. I turned 24, Aaron moved in with us, and I got a FitBit. I was extremely motivated being able to see how much I was exercising (I love stats) and went a little crazy… which meant I wrecked my knees and had to do knee drains for a few weeks. Gahh.

February we hosted a Superbowl party for the first time. At work, I fought for a raise, and I got one. It was a huge blessing to our family, since we had increased expenses with the new house and Aaron living with us. I used a sewing pattern for the first time, making pillow cases for my friend Elise. Snow and I hit a rough patch in our relationship… lots of stress missing hours at work, and lots of late starts. Off the blog, I started struggling with depression, but didn’t fully realize that I was. Looking back, it’s crystal clear.

March held a lot of joy. We met our godson, Joseph, for the first time… and fell in love. Josh and I had a hard time adjusting to sharing our home/time with Aaron. Luke came to visit. I found the perfect dress at Kohls for Easter.

April held changes and I met some personal goals. I chopped my hair off. My boss gave us a giftcard to a super fancy steakhouse. We celebrated Aaron’s birthday, complete with homemade Apple Pie. We spent Easter in Virginia. I learned to crochet… and then I destroyed my crochet project because I dropped a lot of stitches and it looked AWFUL. Josh’s family visited. I went to my first Blogger event.

In May, we took a Corneli-Sims vacation to Disney World. I came back to a mountain of work and cried. Life turned to crap and I couldn’t blog about it.

In June, Josh fixed our laptop and saved us $200. I got an unexpected raise! I learned how to make my own cold brew coffee. We upgraded our phones. I bought flowers for outside. I then killed the flowers. Josh’s grandpa passed away, and Josh went to Wisconsin for the funeral.

In July, we spend the 4th of July with the Gilmores. I taught Joseph how to smack his lips like a fish and died because it was the cutest thing ever. Andrew (my brother) spent a week at our house. My mom came to visit! We saw Minions and Jurassic World at the Drive In. We got kicked out of our house, cried a lot, and house-hunted. Signed up for a 401-K plan. Got a bonus at work. Found the perfect rental house, and an awesome landlord. Looking back, I can see God’s faithfulness. The blessing that my mom was present when we got horrible news, the provision of a bonus when finances were tight, and a house that met our needs perfectly.

In August, we moved into our new house, with my family’s help! Paid off a TON of loans. Had a weekend away at the beach. I reached the depths of my depression, and reached out for help. Josh started his last year of Seminary.

September started with a visit to Columbia, and celebrating Josh’s 25th birthday. Our house became a home. I got super sick and had to call in sick multiple days. I bought a bread machine, which was truly life-changing! Aaron got his drivers license. I made homemade laundry detergent.

October was full of so much rain, I thought Raleigh was going to float away. It rained like crazy and I had cabin fever- like every other person in the city. Columbia flooded, and I cried seeing pictures of my favorite places immersed in water. I struggled with feeling like I couldn’t blog from my heart and strongly considered abandoning this blog. Had major foot pain, and had to buy new shoes. We implemented a quiet hour in our house- for my sanity. Aaron got a job! Spent Halloween in Virginia and I went trick-or-treating for the first time with my sisters-in-law.

November started with the craft sale, where we made a lot of money! The next day, I threw a baby shower. I didn’t blog a ton, because we were in constant motion. I posted about my struggle with depression. We spent Thanksgiving with Josh’s family, and I contributed stuffing and Pumpkin Cheesecake.

December didn’t have a lot of posts… but we survived finals, had free steak and margaritas at my company Christmas party, went to Myrtle Beach for our 2 year anniversary, had Christmas in Columbia, and New Years with the Gilmores.


Dear Josh,

This year has been hard, but this year has also been full. I am so thankful for the way you have encouraged, loved, and served me this year and I’m excited to see what the Lord teaches us this coming year. Most of all, I’m thankful we have the most important thing in common: we love Jesus. Without Him, I don’t think we would have gotten through this year as a team. With Him, I think this year has made us a stronger team. I love you.


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