5 Things

  1. I made a new casserole, Chicken Parmesan… accompanied by pasta, salad, and bread. It was so easy. I made the chicken by throwing it in the crock pot with water for a few hours… shredded it, and threw it in the casserole dish with the other ingredients. The cold weather hit us this weekend, and this was the perfect cold weather meal. We spend yesterday curled up watching movies, and then this meal warmed us from us the inside! You can find the casserole recipe here.
  2. Made some more homemade pizza for a spontaneous game night! You can find the pizza crust recipe here.
  3. Got my first Lilly dress in the mail. 🙂  One of my favorite bloggers was doing a “shop my closet” sale, and I got a Lilly dress from her at a price that fit my budget! You can see the dress here.
  4. Loving the sermon series our church is doing on the Psalms. You can listen to them here.
  5. I did all my Christmas shopping for Josh! Obviously no links, because he reads this thing…


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