Taking Stock 03

taking stock

Making: a to-do list.
Cooking: a lot this weekend! We have BBQ Chicken tonight, homemade pizza tomorrow night, and Honey Garlic Chicken with Stir-fry on Sunday.
Drinking: water! Tonight I will probably have a glass of wine… but all day it’s water.
Reading: Mockingjay (The third Hunger Games book)
Wanting: more time at home to get all my stuff done.
Playing: The Piano Guys station on Pandora.
Wishing: I could go home.
Enjoying: my recent Target purchases. I have gotten some really comfy dresses, perfect for transitioning into Fall.
Waiting: for five o’clock so I can go home and hang out with my family!
Liking: my meal plan, which is done through the end of the month. Booya.
Wondering: how I am going to make it through this work day. It has been so monotonous this week and I’m ready to do something fun.
Loving: my breakfasts. I took one morning and made baked oatmeal muffins and breakfast burritos… and I have breakfast for a month. All I have to do is defrost the night before!
Needing: more hours at home? Longer evenings?
Wearing: my favorite jeans, teal shirt, and yellow sweater. I love casual Fridays.
Knowing: that I am going to have a blast this weekend, but it is going to leave us all very sleep deprived!
Opening: the mail at work.
Giggling: at a story my parents told me… they had toilet paper in a tub in the back of the truck, but apparently the lid flew off. So there were rolls of toilet paper flying out of the back of the truck, and my dad was really confused at why the car behind him was dodging white balls. HA!
Feeling: really excited about spending a weekend with these 3 crazy boys. Also… feeling jealous that Josh gets to spend more time with Andrew today than I do!

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