New Keys!

I have a crazy story for you. (It is not really crazy, it’s just a God story.)
12 days ago, we found out we had to move.
12 days ago, I cried my eyes out, and it was followed my anger.
The apartment we thought we were definitely getting fell through.
I cried my eyes out. I was angry.

Last week, while we waiting for an answer about the apartment, we saw a house for sale. We stopped and looked, and I dreamed about buying this house. But… it was for sale, and we didn’t want to buy.
Fast forward: Tuesday. We had several places on our list to check out. Josh said, “hey- that house on W Oak? It’s for Rent.” I -distinctly remembering looking it up online and dreaming about it- and then dismissing the dream- said (with irritation) “NO, it’s for SALE… and we don’t want to BUY a house.” Josh said, “Honey. I saw the For Rent sign. It’s for Rent!”
I…. said nothing because my jaw was hanging open.

Josh called on Tuesday evening, and we went to see the house on Wednesday evening. It is exactly what we wanted and needed. It is the location we wanted, it has the space/privacy we wanted, it even has the kitchen that I wanted. All in all, we are SO MUCH happier with this place… it blows the S Main Apartment out of the water.

Our new landlord, Joel, bought the house in the last week, and was painting it when we called on Tuesday. We were the first people to call, the first to see it, and we are signing the lease tonight. We couldn’t have felt more peace about the landlord- who is a cop, and everything he said felt so genuine and he feels so trustworthy and honest.

So, I was super upset that the apartment fell through… but while we were waiting for an answer, Joel was buying this house. And when we found out we needed a new place to live, Joel closed on it and put it up for rent.


Don’t even TRY to tell me that this is not a God thing. 

Anyway, tonight we are signing the lease, paying the deposit, and getting the keys! We’re hoping to be completely out of our current place on August 9th. I’m so excited to clean the new place and start moving in. 😀

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