This Past Weekend

This past weekend, we had a blast with my family.

This past weekend, we went to the drive in movie theater and saw Minions and Jurassic World.

This past weekend, we played a lot of board games.

This past weekend, I soaked up time with my mom- thrifting, cooking, talking, drinking margaritas.

This past weekend, we processed a lot of thoughts, feelings, decisions.

This past weekend, our plans were changed.

This past weekend, we were asked to move out.

Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense. It was a surprise to us, and it was handled very poorly by our landlords. The bottom line, is that they “offered” us the opportunity to terminate our lease and pursue a new housing option that would be more “suitable.”
Bottom line, we were asked to move out.
The only thing we know for sure is that our neighbors have complained about noise (stomping?!), and it has been bothering them since we moved in. Since we received a phone call from our landlord that ended with “It’s not a big deal, don’t worry about it,” which was followed up with an email less than an hour later asking us to leave, we’re done.
When it comes to conflict, we believe a direct approach is best: deal with it, work through it, and move on. Ignoring conflict does not make it go away. We truly wish that our neighbors had come over to tell us that they were being inconvenienced or disturbed, since we had no idea. We wish our landlords had respected us enough to give us an opportunity to address the issue. That all went down on Saturday night.

Obviously, we’re angry. We signed a lease through December. We feel wronged, we feel discriminated against (long story), and we could fight this. The truth is, no matter how much I loved this house, I now hate it. I hate living next to nasty neighbors, and I don’t want to give one more cent to this landlord than I have to.

Over the weekend, we left messages with several people concerning rental properties. On Monday night, we went to see one. On Tuesday morning, we dropped off the application. On Tuesday night, our potential landlord called and said she is checking out our references. As of right now, we’re fairly confident we’re going to get this place… but if not, I know there will be another.

So, that’s where we are. Honestly, this has been the stinkiest summer. I’m ready for a new season.

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