Taking Stock 02

taking stock

Making: Money, honey. Doing that work thing!
Cooking: Homemade mac and cheese with ham for dinner tonight.
Drinking: Currently? Water. Wanting to drink? Merlot.
Reading: Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, with my growth group.
Wanting: To spend all my money on shoes, but obviously that is impractical.
Playing: Joy William’s new album, Venus. Part of it is weird, part of it I instantly loved. I love the raw honesty in these songs (One Day I Will, Not Good Enough, What a Good Woman Does, Till Forever)… such deep emotions.
Wishing: I was at home, packing for a weekend of fun! (I will be doing this tonight instead of right now.)
Enjoying: A short work week! There are many “downsides” to working full time, but paid Holidays are not one of them.
Waiting: For 5pm! The long weekend! To snuggle my godson!
Liking: Seinfeld. It’s on Hulu now… Josh and I started last night, and I’m liking it. Give me a little bit before I decide if I love it, but right now I like it. I’ve seen some of the later episodes, when Kramer is even more crazy. Can’t wait until we get there! Also, we realized that we might be the last generation to get some of the things in this show… check books? No cell phones? A VIDEO store? Too funny. We felt some of these things watching through Friends, but Seinfeld felt like more of an intense throwback.
Wondering: How to make this day go by faster. Does work for you seem to drag on and on right before a long weekend or vacation? It sure does for me.
Loving: My Joshy. I have the best husband, you guys. Last night he slept on the couch (hated being away from him, but honestly loved sleeping through the night uninterrupted) because I am still trying to get fully better… he said that he didn’t mind because he could serve me even while he was sleeping.
Needing: Sleep. Seriously. I can’t remember the last time I slept all the way through the night, and it is seriously starting to do some damage. *eye twitches*
Wearing: A maxi dress I got for $12 and DIDN’T HAVE TO HEM, and my new wedge sandals I got last night… I am still breaking them in.
Knowing: That I have a wonderful support system. I am so thankful for the family I was born into, the friends God gave me, and the church family Josh and I have found. How precious they are to me.
Opening: Boxes at work. Gotta shelve those parts.
Giggling: At my bff’s dream. Apparently we were at Moe’s and I had a tray of salsa cups and threw them at people when they opened their mouths. I called them “salsa shots,” and told people to do “salsa shots, not vodka shots.” So, not only am I hilarious and awesome, I’m also a good influence. 
Feeling: Thankful. Thankful for friends and family, my wonderful husband, my love of cooking, my godson (!!!!), and my job.


What are you thankful for?

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