Not What I Expected

Oh boy. This weekend was nothing like I expected. I expected to get a good night of sleep on Friday, wake up refreshed, have my energy back, and do something fun! Well… we did some fun stuff, but I still haven’t seen that energy.

I got home on Friday, and I was wiped. I mean… like totally wiped. I concluded it was a great night to use our Chick-fil-a calendar cards… so we did. I was still sneezing my head off, my head was pounding, and I had zero energy.

I thought, a good night of sleep… that’s what I need.

The plan was that Aaron was going to attend a class at church, from 8:30-noon. Josh and I had planned to get up and take him together, then make a robust breakfast at home (including roasted potatoes, eggs, and sausage in burritos). Best laid plans… I was up for a few hours in the night, just sneezing my head off. Ohh it was bad. Every time I sneezed, it felt like I had just sneezed my brain out. Needless to say, I woke up when I heard the car doors slamming, and the boys backing out of the driveway. That was 8:30. I think I slept more, and then began a morning of Nashville watching in bed. I ended up getting up and eating breakfast with Josh, though I told him (complete with my dazzling morning hair) that the big breakfast was clearly not happening.

We proceeded to watch Netflix, I continued to sneeze, and I was quite sure that nothing productive was going to happen. I was, indeed correct. We picked Aaron up, along with soup, and Red Box movies. That is basically a summary of the rest of the weekend… movies. We watched Captain America 2, Josh and I went to see Inside Out at the drive in, and we watched some of Interstellar. We were also very thankful for the 5pm church service. I loved that sleep-in time!

did manage to clean our room, and go through some boxes. I did manage to feed everyone. And I did manage to get multiple naps and over 8 hours of sleep a night. So, this weekend didn’t turn out like I thought… but I also think I needed the rest.

Tonight, we’re having pancakes because I didn’t cook this weekend, so we don’t have leftovers. Oh well.
And… no, I’m really not feeling better. Hopefully this short week isn’t too stressful, and the weekend comes quickly!



Dear Josh,

Thanks for taking care of me this weekend! It was a very tv-intensive weekend, which I don’t like to have all the time… but this restful weekend was so needed. I’m thankful for our room darkening curtains, broccoli and cheddar soup, and Chick-fil-a calendars. 🙂 Seriously though, I’m thankful for all the ways you helped me straighten up the house and get the clutter under control. Thanks for resting with me this weekend… and thanks for coming to have lunch with me today!

2 thoughts on “Not What I Expected

  1. Oh, I’m sorry! Is it bad allergies or do you think you came down with something? Well, I would’ve suggested lots of movies in bed, which is exactly what you guys did. 😉 Hope you are feeling better now! We saw Inside Out with Grey and I loved it!! So cute.

    1. I don’t think it was allergies… I think I was fighting something, but I’m feeling better now! Maybe a nasty cold?
      Good suggestion. 😉 Pixar movies are so impressive. I think they do such a good job of making the movies appeal to kids, but they always carry a deeper message and I’m like awww shoot. I’m glad you guys liked it too!

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