This week has been so busy, and several things have been resolved. I’m happy to be back to blogging… I have loved talking about Disney, but it helps me to write through things and count my blessings.

We have a weekly meeting every Monday morning. During the meeting this week, we had a company come and wash/detail clean the company fleet of vehicles. My boss graciously offered to include mine, and let me tell you it is so clean it’s like an OCD paradise. I told Josh I would MUCH rather have my car detailed than get a pedicure. (I’m not kidding.) Hooray for a clean car!

My work computer was worked on, and I can now do my job in about half the time and with half the frustration. Turns out I was operating with half the amount of RAM I needed… maybe that means something to you… I just know my computer works now. 🙂 Hooray for a computer that works!

Josh called the Geek Squad and found out they would charge us $200 to fix the laptop, and it was something Josh could do with a little bit of time. He sacrificed so much time to fix it, and I’m so thankful that he is gifted in that area… since I am severely lacking in the technological area. Hooray for saved money!

I got a raise, out of the blue! I was not expecting it, I did not ask for it, but they felt I deserved it. Over the last year at this job, I have gotten three raises and taken on an insane amount of responsibility. I was told that I am a crucial part of the team, appreciated, and loved. Working in an office full of men is fairly drama-free, but they are also pretty light on the “thank-yous” and appreciation. I needed that encouragement, just to know that they value me as part of the team, and recognize how much work I am putting in. And, I was humbled because that morning I was laying in bed whining “can I stay home today?” HOORAY FOR A RAISE AND FOR ENCOURAGEMENT!

PLUS we had dinner at PDQ for free (blogger perks!). It was soo good. We zipped through the drive through, brought it home and devoured it while we watched The West Wing, and then The Office. We watched the Valentines Day episode, and then the episode when Dwight gives a speech. I was almost on the floor I was laughing so hard!!! Hooray for free food. 🙂

I find it very tempting to focus on all the negatives… early meetings, long days, frustrating communication, uncertain future plans, limited time with my husband, shopping budgets that I must follow and soon it becomes difficult to view the positives.
I am able to serve my family by working. My job provides enough money to meet our needs and some of our wants (I can buy clothes but not ALL the clothes!), plus I am putting Josh through school (both in the present, and retroactively in the form of student loans). I don’t work because I want to, but this is a significant way I get to serve my family right now.
Maybe one day I will be a full time mommy, wanting to escape the chaos of my children. Maybe I will wish I could leave the office at 5pm every day. So right now, I will pray for clarity to see the blessings. it is easier to train myself to see blessings today, when the daily challenges do not involve projectile vomit or dirty diapers.

Unfortunately I feel my words are failing. I don’t know how to adequately describe what I am thinking and feeling… so I will simply say that I am seeking to be content in my circumstances. I’m trying not to look forward to the joys of motherhood I so long for, seeking joy in a season I have not yet reached. I’m trying to view my job as a blessing, as my husband does. I’m trying to adjust my attitude. I’m learning these adjustments don’t need to be massive… the adjustments may be in the form of small tweaks throughout the day. Like this blog post: it’s a tweak.


Dear Josh,

Thanks for helping me count my blessings, see my purpose, and see the cup half-full. I’m so excited about the encouragement I got at work, and for the new things I’m learning. I am excited about the visits we’re planning for the summer, the things we want to do, and the memories we’ll make. Throughout it all, let’s keep counting our blessings. I always start by thanking God for you… so glad I get to be your wife.


One thought on “Hooray!

  1. Chase is really good with computers too. Isn’t it so nice?? 😉

    I’ve been at both sides of the coin (maybe it’s just me) and the grass is always greener. If I have Grey all day, all I’m thinking about is the things I could/should be doing. If I’m working all day, I think about Grey and Chase and how much I want to be with them.

    It’s up to us to focus on the good in the every day! 🙂

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