Doing the Next Thing

These past few weeks have been… insane. Changes have happened at work, unexpected tragedies have occurred, and I can’t blog about it. My blog is devoted to being real about life. That is still my heartbeat, and that is still going to happen… but everything that has happened has deeply affected me and I can’t blog about it without hurting someone else. So, if you have asked yourself “Why in the world is Deborah posting about Disney stuff?” It’s not going to be like this forever. I do want to remember these aspects of  vacation, but this is not turning into a space where I am superficial. I’m not superficial, so if I feel like my blog has to be then it’s time to stop blogging.
I don’t think it’s time to stop blogging.
As my mom says, it’s time to do the next thing.


What have we been up to? Lots of stuff. We’ve been doing life, and enjoying it! Our air conditioning was finally fixed so that the upstairs gets cold air… I am REALLY happy about this. We are paying off loans like nobody’s business. We found out that a doe and a fawn like to frequent our back yard for food. 🙂 In the past few weeks, we have had friends give birth, friends make pregnancy announcements, and I have shot down more of Josh’s suggestions for our future children (since all his suggestions have to do with Steph Curry, his favorite basketball player, right now). We have ridden a roller-coaster of emotions together, and I think our marriage is only stronger because of the past few weeks. Other things include:
Working, obviously. I carry a significant load at work, and I still do not feel like I have caught up after being on vacation. That is super overwhelming… and leads me to ask myself if I ever feel caught up? I know that I have, for I have had periods of boredom at work. Agh. Good news, however, my computer has been improved so it doesn’t freeze (16 times a day), and I have gained many hours of working time, now that I don’t have to restart my computer constantly. AND I can have all my programs open now. These are good things!
Baking. By far, the best cookie on this planet is called a “Monster Cookie.” It’s a chocolate-chip oatmeal cookie (I add butterscotch chips), topped with M&Ms. Personally, I prefer to leave off the M&Ms because I feel like my heart is going to explode from all the sugar. I baked these cookies, as well as rolls, for our growth group.
Cooking. I made up my own pasta recipe, which I will be posting soon. I made mashed potatoes and Italian chicken for growth group. The Italian chicken cannot get easier… I’m telling you. I cut chicken breasts in half, and let them soak in some pinot grigio for a few days. I threw them into the crock pot with Italian Dressing (5-6 chicken breasts need one bottle of dressing… I made about 8 so I added some more dressing) for 8 lovely hours. The chicken was tender and DELICIOUS… they went SO well with the green beans, mashed potatoes, and rolls.
Playing the board game Ticket to Ride, and kicking Josh’s butt.
Watching Once Upon a Time with Josh. This is our new show, since we finished Parks and Rec, and I am loving it… but don’t talk to me about it. This is a show I am enjoying SO much that I will not allow it to be spoiled.
Wanting to go to the beach. I am absolutely sure that I would get sunburned, but I want to go to the beach all the same.
Planning on having an introvert night in tonight while the boys go to a guys night. I have a movie picked out, a margarita ready to go, and a face mask calling my name. Next week, I’m planning on finishing up my posts about Disney/Universal next week.
Looking for a new craft to start.

* * * * *

Dear Josh,
I am looking forward to so many things happening this weekend including hitting a yard sale or two tomorrow, having breakfast for dinner, going to church, and being together! I am VERY thankful for our home… it is my safe place, a place I love welcoming people into, and a place that I hate to leave. Thanks for helping me make our home what it is.


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