Disney Essentials

If you’re anything like me, you worry that you’re not going to pack the right thing. I’m always worried that I’ll forget my deodorant… and then I remind myself that Walmart is everywhere. But there are certain things you just shouldn’t go without! Here are a few of my Disney World Must-Haves.


1. Sunscreen
I have fairly oily skin on my face. My face wash, Cetaphil, helps a lot but I HATE putting thick goopy oily sunscreen on my face… and I bet now you will too now that I’ve described it that way. My favorite sunscreen for my face is Neutrogena Dry-Touch. We get spray on sunscreen for everything else.

2. Aloe
I did some research, and ended up buying Burt’s Bee’s After Sun Soother. The reviews claimed that this lotion took the sting and heat out of the burn, and even turned burns tan rather than peeling. As someone who has gotten hundreds of sunburns, I was totally skeptical but y’all… IT REALLY DID WORK. So, I’m a big big fan. Burt’s Bee’s scores again!

3. Comfortable Shoes.
Not just “I think I can wear these all week,” but I KNOW I CAN WEAR THESE ALL WEEK. For me, the shoes of choice were my Under Armor tennis shoes. My backup shoes of choice were my Rainbow flip-flops, which I carried in my bag most days in case I started hating the most comfortable tennis shoes I’ve ever owned. Disney will make you hate even the most comfortable shoes! 🙂

4. Basic Clothing Pieces.
No one (in their right mind) should go to Disney to win a fashion award… but obviously there are lines of fashion no one should cross, even though you are at Disney. Fanny packs, for example, oh friends just don’t do it… and it may be hotter than a pit of flaming lava, but wear clothes… unfortunately there were a lot of people who did not adhere to this basic requirement.
One of the most strategic things I did was pack a lot of basic tops, and bottoms that I could match based on the occasion. I had jean shorts, floral shorts, my “adventure” shorts, and a skirt. Basically, I was ready for anything… and if I had thought of it, it would have been easy to carry a skirt in my bag and change real fast before dinner instead of wearing shorts.

5. A bag that won’t kill your back.
I have always traveled with a cross-body type bag, but by day 2 my shoulders are killing me! Especially carrying a bulky camera, water bottle, etc. My mom, a true genius, got me a small backpack and it was a life (and back/shoulder) saver. After a few days I was used to carrying it around and it never bothered me!

6. A positive attitude.
No, this cannot be packed… but you could have two people pack the same things, have two different attitudes, and have two very different vacations. If you complain and talk about how tired you are and how much you want it to be over, you WILL be miserable. We tried to list things we were thankful for, or look around us when the blisters on our feet began throbbing or our knees starting aching… simple things like that do wonders for your attitude!

7. Clementines.
Random, yes… but we packed them for snacks on the way to Disney, and then ate one every morning before hitting the parks. As I will tell you when I write about food– we were so hungry for fruits and vegetables and I am so glad I brought these tasty little snacks!

8. A reusable water bottle.
I bought one with a lid that locks, so it wouldn’t leak all over my bag. Throughout the day, I would fill it and I was never without water.



1. Dresses.
For some reason, I thought I would wear them… but I did not. I felt stupid wearing them with tennis shoes, I was worried about getting in and out of rides with modesty, and they hung in the closet all week.

2. “Fancy” shirts.
I brought two shirts that were nicer than a day at the park really warranted… but I brought them in case we came back to change for a nice dinner. I never wore them, and my versatile shirts worked really well with my skirt for this purpose.

3. Hiking shoes with little padding.
These shoes killed me. I need a lot of padding in my shoes, and my Salomon shoes really killed me… and maybe part of that is because I hadn’t broken them in as much as I should have.

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