‘Til I Return

This week has continued to crawl by. Work is fairly slow, and the minutes seem to pass even more slowly. I fully admit to googling pictures of Disney World and imagine I’m on a bus to the Magic Kingdom instead of sitting at my desk answering the phone.

I was worried we wouldn’t have enough food for dinners this week… but we had a lot of leftovers from Growth Group. NOW I’m wondering how we’re going to eat it all… but I live with two guys so I’m sure it will happen. Honestly, I have been worried about a lot of things this week that I just didn’t need to worry about.

Josh and I had planned to do date night tonight (Thurs), but some plans got cancelled and we were able to do it last night instead, which was SO refreshing. We went out to Chickfila, and sat IN the restaurant. I don’t remember the last time we did that, just the two of us at CFA. I wanted fries, but ordered a salad… and stole two fries from Josh. After dinner, we stopped Target to grab last-minute things for the trip, and my gracious husband let me explore the clearance racks. I found some ok things but nothing that I had to have, which is basically a new standard.

We got home in time to tune into American Idol. The top 4 performed, and I am just so torn. They are all so good… and I would like them all to win. Let’s go back to how amazing my husband is. Target Clearance and American Idol? I’m so thankful for him and the fact that he is content to snuggle up and watch my show with me. 🙂

Tonight I’m getting some things done for the trip- updating my playlists and doing laundry. Maybe I’ll do some thrifting on the way home from work! I finally earmarked some of my budget this month to do some thrifting. Honestly, it is so much easier to shop online since I’m working full-time, but I love thrifting… and if I don’t plan it, it won’t happen! I am HOPING to score some summer tops, a pencil skirt, and a cute dress, but I’m still reverting back to the standard above. If I don’t love it, if it doesn’t “do” anything for me, it’s not worth buying because I just won’t wear it. I feel like it took me way too long to learn this.

I’m trying to enjoy the calm before the storm- enjoying a calmer work week, a chance to thrift, paint my nails, and drink a margarita. I am so thankful for a week-long escape. It has been a long, challenging semester, and we’re tired. Walking 10 miles a day in the Florida sun may not sound “restful” but I really believe it will be refreshing. As soon as I get back, I have meetings to attend, bills to pay, billing documents to prepare… but for the next week, I’ll be at the happiest place on earth.

‘Til I return.


Dear Josh,

Thank you for shifting around your plans so we could do date night last night. I so needed that time with you, and I’m thankful that you heard me and met that need. What do you say we pack up the car and head to Florida first thing Saturday? I think we need some fun in the sun, what do ya say? Yes, glad we’re on the same page.
I hope you and Aaron enjoy your nerd night! I’ll be upstairs doing introvert things like laundry and watching The Mindy Project by myself. 🙂

See you tonight!


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