The Waiting Game

Not only did I catch up this weekend, I got WAY ahead. (Turns out I’m even ahead at work, which is weird and actually extremely boring.)

Friday night I stopped at the fabric store on the way home. Saturday morning, I persuaded my husband to go to Chickfila and Trader Joe’s with me. 🙂  When we got home, I kicked into HIGH gear. Between Saturday and Sunday, I made 2 pasta dishes, many salads, cooked bacon for sandwiches, trimmed a pack of chicken, made 2 batches of homemade salsa, baked brownies, homemade rolls, did the laundry, finished a baby blanket, made a toddler sized apron, cleaned out the fridge, changed the sheets on the bed, ran errands to get last minute vacation things, gave Josh a haircut, compiled a first aid kit, and started packing. Oh, and caught up on Grey’s Anatomy (priorities).


Currently, one of my favorite meals is cooking away in the crockpot for Growth Group tonight, which was also perfectly planned because we’re having Mexican food tonight… and it’s Cinco de Mayo. Score one for me and coincidental planning! 🙂

So, it seems I am prepared for vacation. Also it seems this week will never end, because now I’m actually ready and there is so little to do here. Tomorrow night I am planing on finishing up the last of the food prep (muffins), taking some clothes out of my suitcase (I’m just assuming I over-packed), updating music playlists, maybe doing laundry?, and enjoying some free time.

We’re leaving bright and early Saturday morning! I’m praying that it will be a pleasant trip, with three grown people in our little Elantra… yeah, I’ll keep praying. Meanwhile, I am sure a few Office episodes will be watched (we are re-watching from the beginning, and introducing Aaron to it), SO many hours of work will be logged, and bags will continue to be packed. This week, I feel like a kid from those old Disney World commercials… like this one.


Dear Josh,

Thanks for all your help and encouragement this weekend! I am so relieved that everything is done, and we can just pack up and enjoy our vacation. I’m so excited to spend date night in Belle’s castle, spend time with your family, and enjoy all our adventures.


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