Easter 2015

Our visit with Josh’s family was wonderful. I was able to get off work early on Friday, so we arrived in time for dinner! Josh’s grandparents took us out for Mexican food (the way to our hearts), and we were so encouraged by the conversation and time we were able to spend with them. Saturday morning, Josh and I had a breakfast date at Cracker Barrel (the nearest one to our house is about 50 minutes away), played Ticket to Ride, and hung out with family. We celebrated birthdays (my father in law’s and Aaron’s) and enjoyed the best lasagna to ever grace this earth. Seriously, my mother in law nails it every time. (I spent most of my life thinking I didn’t like lasagna UNTIL I had hers!!!)

I must say, my March Madness bracket was not right (I had Kentucky vs Duke, with Kentucky winning) and I’m so happy about it. GO DUKE! While most of the family watched basketball, I learned how to crochet and it is so much fun. Now I keep it at work and I’m practicing when things are super dead (like today) and over my lunch breaks. Maybe it will help me stay occupied on the long drive to Florida! Not only has Aunt Katie now blessed me with a sewing machine and crochet lessons, but may have gotten me addicted to Sally Hanson Miracle Gel nail polish. (But seriously it looks like I just did my nails this morning, and I did them on Sunday… this is unheard of.)

This is the dress I was so excited about finding!


I love visiting friends and family, and I love taking trips… but honestly, being away for a weekend always throws me a little. The weekends are when I breathe, get some things done around the house, and prepare for a new week. Skip the breathing, getting anything done, and preparing… and it leaves me kind of exhausted. Add in a sweet husband who snores like a freight train because of allergy congestion, and the result is a night of 4.5 hours of very interrupted sleep, and a very emotional day to follow. (That was Tuesday). Last night I found myself extra exhausted, and my husband graciously offered to sleep on the couch so I could rest. (The result was 8 hours and 10 minutes of blissfully uninterrupted sleep. Thank you, honey.)

The Disney count is ON. [31 days til Mickey’s House.] The shopping list has been made, the car trip food planned, and the fast passes reserved. Tonight we’re doing some shopping for things on the list- like shorts for me, and pricing things like sunscreen so we can budget for them next month. Tonight is also date night so we are hitting Red Robin.


Dear Josh,

I am thankful that we have such loving, caring family on both sides (especially when they love us through leftovers– I had potato casserole and ham for lunch). I’m also thankful that you take such good care of me…. which in this specific case meant sleeping on the couch so I could get some quality rest.
Can’t wait for our date tonight! It has been a long past couple of days, and I’m ready for some time with my honey.


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