Thinking Positively

Just 5 minutes after I published my last post, I was crying because I was so tired and felt so mentally blocked. Then I googled stuff about allergy medicine, and apparently only 10% of the population is affected by it like I have been. So that’s fun… or something.

Thankfully, I work with some awesome people who I can call and say “my brain isn’t working, can you double check my work?” And they DO. And they’re nice about it.

I have realized it’s really easy to focus on what I’m not doing.
-I’m not eating Paleo, which sounds awesome but is just not realistic… but I AM finding new creative sides and meals that are enjoyable AND nutritious!
-I’m not getting a long walk in every single day, but I AM getting steps in!
-I’m not able to wear what I want every day (between sweating, having to wear work clothes, and some clothes in my closet not fitting)… but I do have clothes that I LIKE, and I feel good about myself!
-I’m not doing my exercises every day… but I AM running a house, taking care of my family, and working hard!
-I’m not loosing weight as fast as I’d like… but I AM making healthy lifestyle changes!
-I’m also not giving myself much grace….

WHY WHY WHY is it so easy to beat myself up, and so hard to accept my husband’s encouragement?

I got home safely, and crashed for a good hour. Eye drops made my eyes feel better, but I was still super drowsy. We decided to go to Walmart and get what we forgot what I added to the grocery list, and patio furniture… no, it’s not fancy just the cheap plastic chairs, and I’m cool with that! I’m really excited about having company this weekend… and my newest venture in the kitchen, homemade fries. Since we’re grilling out, I wanted some fun sides and thought this would be a good time to try out the fries! Anyway so we went to Walmart, and picked up some Chick-fil-a. I was a pretty boring date due to my drug induced state… we ate and watched Parks and Rec, and I cried because it was the episode when Ann moved away. We played Carcassone on my Kindle (it was the free app of the day a couple of days ago, and it’s one of our favorite board games– but we don’t actually own it) and I blame the allergy medicine, but Josh won.

Thursday, the madness began. I finished my bracket around 11:30 am, and things were immediately off to a rocky start. I’m glad I decided to join the madness two years ago; this could be such a discouraging couple of weeks for us if Josh was totally into the games, and I was totally not. No, I am not the sports-loving wife all year, but I am thankful that we can share the madness. (Also thankful we have plans to sit on the back porch and eat cantaloupe and burgers.)

If you were wondering, yes the three of us got pizza (with a coupon AND a deal, so it was an extra large for 10 bucks) and watched basketball. My picks are going strong, though the games were reaaally tight. It is just… madness. 😉

This morning is cold and rainy, but the weekend promises fair weather and sunshine. We have Chicken Alfredo cooking away in the crock pot at home. I have never made this particular recipe (it’s not that healthy… it involves cream cheese and cream of chicken soup), but I’m hoping it’s delicious because it was SUPER easy.
Dear Josh,

I’m so excited about spending this weekend with you. It is almost like a dream, really. One of our favorite people is visiting, we have March Madness going on, a FANTASTIC menu, a trip to the Zoo, new outdoor furniture to enjoy, and hours on hours together. I love you. I’m so thankful we are able to open our home to our family and friends. I LOVE hosting people with you- we make such a great team.


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