Our movie date on Friday night was awesome. We started it off with Moe’s, because no date night can go wrong when there is queso, and headed out to the drive in. The Groupon gave us two tickets, a bag of popcorn, and two drinks…. for $12. Yes, it was a pretty awesome deal. We snuggled into the back of the Explorer (we brought couch cushions and blankets because this wasn’t our first drive in), and LOVED Cinderella. However… it started late (aka 8pm) and ended super late (aka 10pm). We looked at each other after Cinderella ended, and both tried to figure out how to gauge if the other wanted to stay, and were SO RELIEVED to find out we both wanted to go home and crash. So that’s what we did.
Saturday morning came with a vengeance. I mean we didn’t stay up THAT late. But at 9am on Saturday when Josh woke me up because we had to go to a meeting a church, I felt so old. How could a one hour shift of my bedtime mess me up so bad?!?!

We stumbled headed to the meeting at church. I’m glad we went… but I was sleepy. (And honestly probably should have showered.) It rained ALL day, and that was sad because we had wanted to go to the zoo. But, since the zoo is almost two hours away, we didn’t want to risk it. We had leftovers for lunch (along with the season 1 finale of 24 and I was depressed) and then hit the taxes. Think what you may, but I enjoyed it. At the end I was very pleasantly surprised by our return, and our decision to put that into student loans.

Sunday, we got to have a game afternoon/evening with friends. It was so fun to have a little person running around our house, and get to share a meal with them. We finished the weekend with some West Wing. (We have missed it.)

Right now, we’re in the allergy haze. Actually, as I’m writing this I am concerned about my drive home (in like 3 hours). See I took some of Josh’s allergy medicine this morning AND woke up before 6am. I’m pretty sure this is an allergy medicine haze. I wondered if I can take a nap during lunch, but I was concerned I wouldn’t wake up so I didn’t risk it.

Tonight we’re going to Chick-fil-a for date night and getting some outside chairs for the back porch. We have big plans this weekend: grilling out, going to the Zoo, and hosting our friend, Luke! We haven’t seen him since the wedding (that I can remember), so a visit is long-overdue.

Meanwhile… we’re putting the finishing touches on our March Madness brackets. I have creamed Josh the past two years, so we’ll see how this year shakes out. If you don’t know, I’m REALLY NOT into sports. But I get the Madness. I am obsessed with the madness. Maybe it’s because I get to check things off a list? Because the grid makes sense to me? I don’t know but I LOVE IT, which makes my husband a very happy man. Many wives hate the Madness, but it’s something Josh and I get to enjoy together.


Dear Josh,

There is just a lot to be excited about… our tax return, fun dates, weekend plans, Luke coming, getting super adorable videos of Joseph, our upcoming Disney vacation, and MARCH MADNESS! I’m glad I got into the Madness with you… I was doubtful at first, but it’s been so much fun filling out the brackets, watching the games, and beating you every year (LOVE YOU!).
Super excited about our date tonight! Counting down the minutes…




3 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. Thank you for reminding me to take time and enjoy the little things in life. I tend to get so overwhelmed with chores these days BC baseball season is upon us and that absolutely runs my husband and little boys lives. I’ve got to figure out how to get things done around the house without them becoming so overwhelmed. Your posts always make me sit back and think of the little things I can look forward to.

    1. Oh yeah I understand being busy and having things take over your life (hello, seminary)! I’m so glad that I’m able to encourage you…one day at a time!!!!
      As far as Facebook, I’m emailing you! 🙂

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