Spring Cleaning

Perhaps you have noticed some changes around the blog. I’m trying to make things more organized and visually appealing. The truth of the matter is that when I started it, only I could read it because it was on lock-down. Then, I decided (from the encouragement of my mom) to start blogging for real.

Honestly… I figured no one would read it.

BUT, obviously a few people are (20 on an average day, up to 75 on a good day… so there’s that). So, I decided it was time to do a little cleaning of the blog. It’s time to make things a little more organized, put a little more effort in the “About Me” section, as well as telling our story (see tabs above) because this blog is all about our story…. sometimes there are adventures, and sometimes life is mundane. My goal is to be real. My goal is that my marriage would bring Christ glory, and also be a source of encouragement. So, if you’re not married– I hope that I am able to offer just a glimpse of the joy, challenge, and beauty of marriage. If you are married, I hope that this is an encouragement… that you’re able to relate to our struggles, joys, and that you are inspired to invest in and strengthen your own marriage.

In my eyes, neither blogging nor marriage is for the faint of heart. It is hard to admit you’re wrong and ask for forgiveness when you’ve hurt your husband, to compromise, and to offer forgiveness. It is also hard to hit that publish button when I am blogging about the sinfulness of my heart, when I am writing about the things I’m struggling with, and when I have to say “we didn’t have a date because we had a fight instead.” I believe both (blogging and marriage) are completely worthwhile, and that is why I take the time for both.

The other day, I said I was re-evaluating things. Yes, part of that was evaluation was asking myself the question “why do I blog about mundane things?” and even “why do I blog at ALL?” Hopefully I’ve answered that question.


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