The Snow Wedge

Oh snow… I thought we were friends. I have spent my life praying for and anticipating your arrival. I have cancelled plans for you. I have embraced movies about you (White Christmas, Frozen, etc). Have I not been your biggest fan?

[The correct answer is yes… yes, I have been.]

Then why, WHY, oh snow, have you tried to become a wedge? Not that I’m not happy you’re here… but could you please stop ruining date night with my husband?

Yesterday it snowed all day long. Without fail, and without rest. It was really bad on my way to work… the roads got icy so fast, and I (remember the Southern girl?) slid all over the road, encountered locked brakes for the first time, and almost got in about 3-10 accidents. (Definitely 3, maybe as many as 10.)

As a result of the snow/ice, Growth Group was cut short. We gathered for the meal, and dispersed. So… the Cornelissens enjoyed some wine (ok that was just me) and 24. The guys are seeing why I love Senator Palmer… he is the bomb.

When it snows, I hate being a grown up. I hate that snowflakes make me feel stressed… I think about the roads, the hours I’ll miss, the PTO I don’t have, the lack of my skill in cooking without electricity, and whether or not we have enough blankets in the case of a power outage. Yes, obviously I am struggling with worry, and also struggling with surrendering it.

So, we have looked at the budget, we have brainstormed things to eat, and now I will attempt to surrender my worry, and trust in Josh’s leadership of our family, and God’s provision and peace. If I don’t get 40 hours in at work, that’s ok.

Over the course of the night, we’re expecting somewhere between 4 and 12 inches. Obviously I’m not planning on working tomorrow… lots of opportunities to worry, but I will choose not to. Josh and I have been planning to go see the Gilmores this weekend, and that is still the plan… of course if it’s INSANE we’ll stay home, because we want to be safe… but we are also pretty desperate to see our best friends and meet our godson. 🙂 Life IS an adventure, isn’t it?


Dear Josh,

Thank you for coming to rescue me last night, and for talking me through the budget. I am bummed that we still can’t go out for our date, but I’m happy with Chickfila drive thru meal tonight… just as long as I get to spend time with you. 🙂
I have to admit, because I am usually hatin’ on it, I’m glad you have that Explorer. It has been such a blessing not to worry about getting places.
I love you. I’m glad Ethics is over, so you can spend time with me if we get snowed in! 😀

See you tonight for a mini-date.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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