Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day.

Honestly, Valentines Day does not hold a lot of luster for me. I decided to break up with my high school boyfriend on Valentines Day (it was a long time coming)… we went to see Taken, and I realized he was the only reason I wasn’t going to school in Europe. It was just a bad day… and it was mostly because I didn’t want to do the whole going out to eat make a big fuss deal, and he didn’t listen to me.

Two days later, I was single and filling out an application for one of the best experiences of my life.

6 years later, I am married to the very best Valentine.

My husband has never made Valentine’s Day a huge deal, and I like that. He makes the point of being romantic when it’s not expected, and doing so all year. He is far more concerned with making me feel loved on a daily basis, than on one day per year. And, although it may not be the norm, I love it. Yes, it is important to communicate my expectations… but I’m also learning it is more beautiful to recognize the ways my husband loves me every day, making my coffee and lunches, calling me sweet names, and taking me to the kissing step where I can be the same height… I would rather have all that than one day a year when I get red roses and chocolate because he’s “supposed to” do that.
All that to say… we don’t really have Valentines plans. We are having breakfast together, and for dinner we’re getting pizza, and hanging out all together… not having to make dinner is like my gift to myself!


Date night: we had the best laid plans for Outback, and forgot the gift card at home. So we ended up going to Chili’s, which was fantastic. We got the 2 for $20 deal, and enjoyed some highly American-style Mexican-ish food. {AND CHIPS AND GUAC!!!} Then we went to Jo Ann fabrics, which Josh now realizes is a place I could easily spent my entire paycheck. He said “This store is like… well… probably the equivalent of a library for me.” I mean seriously… I think I wanted to buy every single kind of fabric I saw. (And Josh saw Star Wars fabric… so, now I know my children’s future.)
Now, a cool part of the story… I wanted to make this blanket SO bad… but I thought it was going to be a little more than I wanted to spend. (Which is totally not a big deal because I would much rather spend my money on a blanket for my friend than new tights.) BUT all the fabric was on sale, and even the fluffy filling was on sale! So I was not only within my budget, but came in under budget. It was like a sweet confirmation that yes, I am spending my money and my time well. (For any money leftover in the budget goes to those pesky loans!)

So, behold: the future quilt. I am just in love with it. The wheels are buttons! I got the blue plaid for the backing, although there were a ton of other tempting choices. This blanket won’t be quite as involved as my last one, so I’m even more confident about the result now. 🙂  The fabric is all washed and ready to go… so construction begins this weekend!


Last night was SO much fun. I picked my friend up on the way home from work, and we hung out talking and then met the rest of the girls for Mexican at my favorite place. The night wrapped up with a small glass of wine and the Property Brothers, since Josh and Aaron had guys night. Then I got a wonderful night of sleep, which was MUCH needed.

Naturally, Josh is spending most of Saturday in the library, and I will be cleaning and sewing. Living the dream! I might even make cookies, because: Valentine’s Day. I thought about going to the mall… but Valentine’s traffic. A day at home sounds like the best plan. 🙂


Dear Josh,

You are my every day Valentine. I love you, and I even love loving you! I’m looking forward to a quiet night in, and spending some time with you. The weeks are so long and I miss you! I am even looking forward to updating the budget tonight… is that silly? I feel super good about doing things for others, and also saving us some money while doing it.
I am looking forward to doing home things all weekend long. Cleaning, laundry, sewing, and snuggling. I’m so glad I share my home with you, and I get to be your wife.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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