Keepin’ it Real

Date night was fantastic. We went out for some deep dish pizza, saw our friend Emily, and I don’t know if I stopped talking during the whole meal. I processed my raise/talk with my boss, the agony of the book club decision, all things Aaron, and trying to schedule visits with people we love (Joseph-yes, and Phil and Elise ūüėČ – I’m talking about you). I had a TON of words.

I decided to drop the book club. I committed to it thinking it was meeting close-by, and it wasn’t a huge inconvenience to my schedule. Being 5 minutes from work, but over 20 from my house, and starting an hour and half after I leave work made it ridiculous. I thought about going to the first meeting, and then deciding… but I know my personality. It would be even more difficult for me to drop out of I started. ¬†I am still planning on reading the book, but I can’t do the meetings. Instead, I do have an evening of time for me, and I will be protecting it.

After pizza… and free dough bites… and also french fries (sounds like date night is not so good for the healthy food choices), we went home and watched The West Wing (the episode was about PTSD and it was SO SO good) and an episode of Parks and Rec. I am so thankful for the way Josh has guarded date night, and it was so nice to have his undivided attention at dinner (since it was just us).

Last night, since I don’t have book club, I enjoyed¬†a quiet evening… home, worked¬†on a wall collage, caught¬†up on a show, worked toward my step goal. We enjoyed Cincinnati Chili that my mom put in the freezer, and I thanked God for guys that are happy eating leftovers all week. It’s not that I don’t want to make dinner every night, it’s that I just don’t have the emotional and physical energy to.

Since I’m on a streak of intense honesty, I must tell you that one of the things I’m trying to learn is what it means to love someone when you’re absolutely crushed by someone. What does it look¬†love to someone when they have hurt you deeply? (No, I am not just talking about what it means to love my husband when I am mad at him, but loving people-so it could be anyone- in the midst of conflict.)
My parents have not modeled this, but other have: disagreement means dissociation. No, life is not like a movie. You don’t leave when you’re angry, then come back and everything is fine. Life is full of conflict… so how do we deal with it, not only in a healthy manner, but in a Godly manner?
I don’t have answers yet… but I hope to learn.

This weekend holds some cleaning, as always, but not as intense as last weekend. It also holds making shepherds pie, ahead of time, for next week. [and I have lots of sewing time planned.] It includes solitary time, time as a family, and a¬†game night with dear friends. I love the weekends. I don’t live for them, but I love them. Meanwhile, I have bills to pay, packages to process, a deposit to make, and customers to serve. I am very glad it’s Friday.


Dear Josh,
I ¬†want to learn to love you better in the midst of anger, conflict, hurt, and miscommunication. I want to be able to love others, even when I’m disappointed in them, when they’ve hurt me, or when I don’t agree with them. You are so good at reminding me that we’re a team when I’m hurt and feel like you’re the enemy. You’re NOT the enemy. Love doesn’t stop when arguments are taking place, which you are so good at saying.¬†I guess nights like last night remind us we aren’t perfect and we still have a lot of room to grow together.
Right now, I’m struggling with the fact that I have to share you. I am sick of sharing you with school, and I’m sick of sharing you with Aaron. So, I request a brief budget date tonight. Just you, me, and that lovely budget of ours.
I love you… even when things are hard, and I don’t feel like loving you… I love you.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

2 thoughts on “Keepin’ it Real

  1. Your parents have raised an awesome daughter who is now a wife and practicing healthy relationship building (their relationship working and building experience and advice are words I regularly roll around in my head). Some of the things you write about are things I’m learning, too (relationships with people, in general, can be so tough and require so much effort). And, I think Grey’s and I have a dinner date (an unhealthy, but delicious, dinner…might I add).

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