Free Food

This morning started… later than it was supposed to. My phone was off (apparently). Our back-up alarms were turned off… and we slept like babies. (Until Aaron slammed a door because he was up super early because he woke himself up sneezing. Weird, yes. But if Aaron hadn’t sneezed, I might still be sleeping now, 4 hours later.)

Last night we used our free Chick-fil-a meal. It was so much fun, going out all together. We went home, and I was included in “nerd night.” We played Kingdom Builders, and I think the guys may have regretted including me. Then the guys watched their show, and I sat in bed and watched one of my shows. I don’t know how to communicate how much fun we had. It was so refreshing to come home to people I love, and wanted to spend time with me. It was so much fun to go out to eat, talk and laugh.

Today (in a little less than 2 hours) the boys are coming to pick me up and we’re going to a Chipotle opening (AKA FREE FOOD). We’re good at getting free food. It’s such a treat… I usually eat lunch by myself (which I totally don’t mind) but I love days like this.

This weekend has a long to-do list. Josh needs to spend most of Saturday in the library. I need to make salsa for our super-bowl party, clean the house, do laundry, hang stuff on the walls (umm maybe), finish the quilt, call my friend, and whatever else I forgot. Hopefully this Saturday is really productive. There are so many things I want to do, and so many things that need to be done. I usually do the things that NEED to be done.

I am so looking forward to this weekend: time by myself, time with the boys, time with friends.

Time to FINISH things.
Time to CLEAN things.
Time to MAKE things.
Time to REST.

Until then… I’ll be processing the mail, chasing payment, answering the phones, and being a general office superhero.


Dear Josh,
The weekend has arrived! Hey, thanks for getting that super fun game and letting me play even though I seem to kick your butt every time. It was so fun to be included in your nerd night, and to know that you guys wanted me there. So thanks for making me feel loved and included. Your brother is pretty cool, and I’m so glad he’s staying with us for a while.

PS have you planned out dinner tomorrow? Breakfast for dinner? I totally haven’t. I know, I know… it was my idea. Now help me.

Love, Mrs Cornelissen

5 thoughts on “Free Food

  1. I do miss Chick-Fil-A. Think it might catch on in England?
    Also, I can’t believe it’s almost time for the super bowl. I think it’s showing over here. Maybe I’ll catch a little of it–you know, ‘Murica, solidarity and all 😉

  2. It really is great having family
    Living with you! My husband’s cousin and her two kids ( teenagers) lived with us for two years! MOST of the time it was so fun bc i always had someone to hangout with. Watch movies and play games and whatever else we could get into. So enjoy your time with your relatives!

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