Hobbies and Such

Someone at work asked me what my hobbies are… I wasn’t sure what to say.

The truth is, that my hobbies have changed a lot. I have considered many things my hobbies… blogging, sewing, photography, crafts, painting, baking, cooking, shopping, decorating, writing, reading, piano playing. Those things have changed. The passions have come and gone. The time for such hobbies has become limited. So, I’ve been thinking through the questions what do I do for fun… and what re-charges me?
I think the common denominator in all my hobbies is that they involve creating something. (Yes, even reading involves creating, because I am creating the book’s world in my mind.) I love to take old things and make them look new through crafting, or give them a new purpose. So what makes me feel new?
I know the “right” answer. The right answer is supposed to be spending time with God.

The truth is that I don’t live like that is the reality. Yes, it might make me feel new, but if I really lived like I believed it I would have better discipline in daily devotions.  This is something I’m trying to cultivate.

My knees have gotten much much better. Yes, I recognize now that I jumped in waaay too fast. I’ll be cutting back on the steps, building endurance, muscle, and common sense.

Side note: my husband is the sweetest. He has been taking such good care of me, while I’ve been so sore… and been ridiculously kind to me even when I’ve been snippy and grumpy. I woke him up in the middle of the night, while I was trying to get comfortable despite insane pain, and he wasn’t mad I woke him up. He wasn’t grumpy, he didn’t even seem sleepy. I turned and saw his sweet smile and got an “I love you.” 

Things at work are going well, and things are super busy. I did some AIA billing this morning and I knocked it OUT OF THE PARK. Nothing like some perfect billing to increase your self esteem!

Tonight is date night, and we’re going to Red Robin for the continued birthday celebration (it never ends!) of a free burger. Also, I very strategically planned meals this week, so that we were with friends on Monday, Growth Group on Tuesday, Date Night Wednesday, Chick-fil-a Thursday, and the guys are cooking on Friday. What’s that? A week of no cooking.
Actually kind of accidental.
But awesome.

What else is going on?
-Well, our landlord came and fixed our shower drain so you don’t have to take a shower and a bath at the same time. Now we can choose one or the other, and actually stick to that decision. Also, he fixed the bedroom doors so we can close our bedroom doors now… so umm that’s good.
-I have a love for breakfast food, and I think Saturday night breakfast for dinner might be our new thing. (At least I have written it on every Saturday… so maybe it will have to become a thing.)
-I really want to bake, but feel guilty for baking (and eating it) because of the fitness kick. Any suggestions?


Dear Josh,
I know this month is absolutely insane for you, due to class. I want to thank you for making time with me, and time with Aaron, a priority despite the many demands on you right now. I know there are going to be late nights, and I know Saturdays are going to be spent in studies (which is fine because Aaron and I have DOWNTON ABBEY plans!)… just be home in time for breakfast-for-dinner (because it IS a thing). Can’t wait until date night… I love you!

Love, Mrs Cornelissen

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