Feel the Burn?

Oh, life. Always teaching me lessons. This weekend, life has reminded me that things take time.

Let me rewind.
Not to keep replaying the same song, but I got Mono this past Fall. Obviously it had a huge impact on our lives, including time off of work, medical bills, Josh having to pick up a ton of responsibility, and a super crappy immune system. I literally laid around… because I had no energy, and no strength. That was in October. Since October, I haven’t gotten back into an exercise routine. I have a desk job. I leave before the sun rises, and get home after it sets. I don’t work in a super fantastic area, and walking around the area is pretty much not an option. These things, combined with the cold weather, the move, and my brother in law moving in have resulted in basically no physical exercise.
Fast-forward to now.
I got a Fitbit with my Christmas money. I LOVE IT. I am so motivated to meet my goals, and this past week I hit 10,000 steps (and beyond) every single day. YAY ME! I felt so proud of myself, and I was completely stoked. Yes, my legs were a little sore, but I figured that was because I just wasn’t used to actually being off my butt.
THEN I rested on Sunday. I didn’t try to meet a step goal, I didn’t push myself.
Now my knees are burning. It hurts to walk, it hurts to stand. Like I am in so much pain, I am crying… all the time.
Life is reminding me that things take time. I have to be patient. I have to go slow. After all, I had MONO. Yes, I should be striving towards a more active lifestyle…. but it is completely unrealistic to push myself that hard. As I am following the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation), and depending on my next dose of Ibuprofen, I’m reminded that things take time. Henceforth, I have given myself a pat on the back for being so motivated, and lowered my daily step goal. I’ll be slowly ramping back up, as soon as I can stand without crying.
So that was the end of my weekend. The rest of the weekend included lots of time with the guys. Josh and I had a meeting at church on Saturday morning, and then went to our favorite Mexican joint for lunch/processing the meeting. We spent the afternoon hanging out together, and ended up making frozen pizza and watching 24. I think I have the boys hooked.
Sunday, we went to church, got lunch with friends (that was an adventure… it went from Panera to Chipotle to Mediterranean in just a matter of minutes), went to Kohls (I have a giftcard but I was not really in the shopping mood), stopped by TJ Maxx, and then on to the movie theater! We love Raleighwood, which is a cinema grill. Basically a place where you can eat a meal and watch a cheap movie. So we got popcorn and saw Big Hero 6! OH MY GOSH. If I had any tears left, I would have sobbed. And I totally get Sophie’s obsession because I want Bay Max to be my robotic best friend. That is all.
That brings us to Sunday night. I had a wonderful chat with my mom, and then went to make Pancakes and that’s when I couldn’t stand because my knees hurt so bad. So Aaron and Josh set me up on the couch (they are like the best ever) and Josh made the pancakes. We had dinner together at the table (something we make a priority every evening we’re all home together), and then watched more 24. Due to my early Monday morning meetings at work, I was in bed and sleeping by 9:30.
Yes, life has been challenging lately… but it has also been so much fun. It’s nice that Josh has someone to hang out with, and I don’t have to feel guilty about saying I need time for myself. It’s fun to teach someone new, and also learn from them. It’s fun to have a whole new perspective in our conversations. So, despite the growing pains, we’re having a blast.
Dear Josh,
Thanks for balancing the weekend between time with me and time with friends/Aaron. Thanks for serving me, having fun with me, and even making pancakes for me. I’m also thankful that you tell me when you’re proud of me… especially since you have had to say “I’m proud of you, now sit down so you don’t hurt yourself.” I’ve needed to hear both things.
I love you. Can’t wait to come home.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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