The Lord is in control. He does everything for a reason, and nothing happens without His knowledge.
Right now I’m caught in the middle of extreme joy and extreme sadness. Maybe that doesn’t make sense, since the middle ground would be numbness…  and I don’t feel numb. I feel like I’m on a crazy ride of emotions, and I’d like to get off.

Our best friends, Phil and Elise, are expecting their first child very very soon. (Like… due on the 27th, soon!) This brings me SO much joy. I’ve prayed for them to get pregnant, I’ve prayed for Joseph to stay healthy, and I’ve prayed for my sweet friends as they prepare to welcome him into the world. We’ve celebrated him, we’ve washed his tiny little clothes, and I’ve made things for his room.

This week our other friends, probably our closest friends in Wake Forest, lost their first child before they found out if it was a boy or a girl. I’ve cried my eyes out, my heart has hurt for them, and I have completely used it as a way to talk to my coworkers about God.

God’s in control and He has a plan. Today, I’m thankful that we are in a community with these precious people and we get to provide meals for them. We get to do life with them. That’s such a cool thing. Something I’ve found so comforting is looking at all the things my mom has been through, including a miscarriage. She was the first person I talked to, seeking wisdom for how to best love our friends during this time. My mom is so good at ministering to others through common experiences- and they’re usually the hard ones. So, I’ve been praying that for our friends, especially for the ways God will use them to minister to others in the future.

We had dinner with them last night, and they processed a lot… in their processing I heard so much truth including the fact that things like this should make us long for Jesus to come back. I can’t imagine being pain-free. I can’t imagine not feeling sorrow. Yet, I believe that day is coming.


This weekend Josh and I are celebrating Christmas together. We’re going to get milkshakes tonight (Peppermint for me!) and drive around looking at Christmas lights… tomorrow morning we’re making breakfast, opening gifts, making soup, watching Christmas movies, and enjoying each other’s company. Sunday is our ONE YEAR anniversary. It has been one of the most joyful, challenging, emotional, difficult, wonderful years of my life. I’m glad I get to spend all my years with Josh.


Dear Josh,

I have been so blessed seeing you serve our friends. I’m so thankful for the way you have taken burdens off of them, the way you’ve prayed for them, and just been there- even though we didn’t say anything.
I’m thankful that you married me last year.
I’m thankful you choose to love me every day.
I’m thankful we’ve only begun our life together.

So excited to enjoy people’s skyrocketing power bills tonight (aka look at Christmas lights).
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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