Making the House a Home

Monday night, Josh cleaned out our apartment and met me at home. We put all the fridge things away and got dinner ready. After dinner, I did the dishes, laundry, and baked cookies at the same time (loving this dishwasher and in-house washer and dryer)! Josh worked on unpacking and made some great progress on the office part of the living room. PLUS he set up our Wifi. It’s exciting to see the house becoming ours. Yes, the kitchen is smaller, but I love it. I LOVE the openness of the downstairs. I love that I could throw dishes in the dishwasher and save Josh the time of hand-washing every single thing.

Tuesday, I felt like a rock star at work. I’m slowly taking on more responsibility for creating the billing that goes to our customers, and the customers are getting to know me. And the guys in the office have really started coming to me to brainstorm, or when they have questions. When we got home, Josh and I cleared out the living room, swept, shifted boxes, laid down the rug, vacuumed, and set out the coffee table. Progress! We have a number of rooms at least mostly set up (bathrooms, our bedroom, living room) and 2 in at least partially working order (dining room and kitchen) and one disaster room (extra bedroom upstairs, aka the dump). We went to Growth Group in the evening, and I got my exhausted self in bed as soon as I could.

Today, the work day started off with our weekly meeting. I’m in the middle of some billing confusion, and answering a lot of questions in the office. Honestly, I’m having fun. We’re implementing a lot of organizational processes in the office, and I’m loving it. Unpacking, though it is a challenge to figure out where to put things, is definitely more enjoyable to me than packing. Unpacking is exciting and… packing is sad. Packing means leaving, unpacking means a new beginning.

This morning I realized I only have 4 days left of work (from this point) until Christmas, because I’m leaving early on Tuesday. I am SO excited to spend Christmas with Josh’s family for the first time. I have heard so many stories, and it sounds so different from my family’s traditions.
Tonight Josh is having a game night with the guys, and I’m doing a cookie swap with the girls.

Dear Josh,

Yes, I’m stressed that our dining room is full of boxes and that you’re having people over tonight… but I’m so glad you want to. I’m thankful for our friends, and the fact that we don’t have to have a perfect house in order to have them over. Also, I’m so excited to celebrate our anniversary this weekend. (We should talk about that…. do we even have plans?)

I love you! I can’t wait to see you at 5:35.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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