Another day almost went out without blogging… life is busy.

We are in the middle of finals and a move. We’re fighting the madness to keep date night, trying not to stress eat chips and salsa (we’re failing), and striving to have everything boxed up by Saturday.

This weekend was so good. Friday night we went to the Christmas party at Josh’s work, a mere 30 second walk away. I don’t remember what else we did… but I remember being tired.

Saturday we moved things over to the new house. I spent many hours there, organizing and measuring… and spent time with my friend! Saturday evening Josh and I went to the drive in movie and saw the third Hunger Games movie. It was SO fun. It was so good to hit the pause button and do something fun together.

Sunday we had child care at church (also– church was great. We haven’t been to OUR church since October…. yeah. SO good to be back.) and went home to devour a frozen pizza…. I was going to pack but I was exhausted and ended up taking a nap. After the nap, we packed some stuff up and took it to the house, and Josh worked on assembling a dresser. Rough going. We quit about half way through and went home for dinner.

Tonight holds lots of homework for Josh- home stretch!- and maybe a night off for me. It’s like I can’t just sit still…. people are coming to help us on Saturday and I DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALL BY MYSELF.


Dear Josh,

We’re in the thick of the insanity now! That means no cooking (bless you for loving leftovers), lots of stress, and more time in the library than spent with me. I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve accomplished this semester, and looking forward to life after the insanity.
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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