Off to Work We Go

This week has been busy.

Monday was completely dead at work. I had no email, Quickbooks, nothing.

Tuesday was insane. I don’t even remember what I was doing but I know I didn’t stop moving. Tuesday evening Josh and I took stuff over to the new place, and saw the “small” hole in our ceiling that they made in order to fix a problem with the plumbing for the washing machine hook up. (The hole is NOT small.) Now the washing machine is hooked up, but now we can’t open the dryer. Yeah. We’re getting the new dryer cord soon so that’s my weekend project. Anyway, after we moved stuff in (including the full bed up the stairs) we went to growth group and had the best soup ever.

Wednesday was another insane day at work. I was in a terrible horrible nasty mood when I got home, and required many apologies to my husband. We had our favorite meal for dinner, plus homemade salsa, and we doubled the recipe for dinner since this week is insane. I loaded a bunch of stuff into the car and took it to the house and Josh went to study Hebrew. I got an email from someone in the Growth Group at 4:30 (why were you even up?) and apparently hadn’t turned my phone to silent… so it buzzed and woke me up. Of course when I woke up, I realized it’s 4:30 and my husband isn’t in my bed. Did he even come home? So I went to the living room, and found my husband curled up in an orange blanket on the couch, with all the lights on, and his Hebrew flashcards pulled up on the laptop. I started turning off lights and he sat up and said “What are you doing?” To which I replied, “What are YOU doing?” He doesn’t remember laying down or curling up… haha oh Josh.

Thursday was full of grumbling and complaining in the office until I told the guys they were going to have to start paying per complaint…I labeled a jar and everything. There are a lot of changes going on, and change is always hard… but we don’t need to complain and be so unbearable. We all still have to come to work. 🙂  Thursday night we got pizza with friends, picked up moving boxes from other friends, then went to our house and assembled spice racks (me- it’s harder than you may think), and our bed-frame (Josh). Honestly, I complained more about the spice racks than he did the bed assembly.

Friday is here. I’m so glad we have a weekend… I’m ready to sleep past 6:30, do some stuff for fun (we’re doing the drive in tomorrow night, finally!), and make some progress on this move.

Tonight we have Josh’s work Christmas party at the library. Tomorrow I have cookies to bake, things to move, a kitchen to organize, and furniture to build. I’m excited.



Dear Josh,
We’re half-way through the insanity of finals/our move! A week from tomorrow, all our stuff will be moved in, and we won’t have to spend every evening apart. I’m really excited about our new place and love how we’re already making it ours.
Meanwhile, I’m excited to meet all the people you work with at the party tonight, and excited about our drive-in movie date tomorrow.
Thanks for spending last night with me, assembling furniture. You did such a good job. 🙂
Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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